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EastWest Hollywood Strings Overview

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Prithvi Raj (2 months ago)
sounds dope my man
Sushil Pendhari (2 months ago)
No words for the end music, hatts off to the creator....
Aaron Barber (6 months ago)
That music theory in that composition tho. Top notch. 👌
mouthpiece200 (8 months ago)
I think the music at the end has me sold.
Christopher Har V (10 months ago)
Very helpful.. and impressive! Amazing composition on that end piece. If I try to run anything from the Long Powerful System folder will I fry my 2016 macbook pro? I'm assuming the definition "very powerful CPU" excludes just about any laptop.
Augie Rivera (10 months ago)
I've got 24:41-25:16 stuck in my head. The score is absolutely wonderful. I literally subscribed to Composer Cloud Plus after listening to this. Thank you!
metasjodiendo (1 year ago)
that ending, just wow... Where can I learn to use this amazing tool?
Chris Meyers (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for these! I've been having such a hard time trying to figure out how to get my EW libraries to sound as good as everyone else that uses them.. it seems when I write with any of the libraries, they seem lifeless and kinda static. I saw this in the documentation- was hoping someone could elaborate or provide an example or tutorial on how to execute this effectively. Thanks! The next stage is crucial and highly subjective. EWQLSO responds to two different volume controllers: CC7 (volume) and CC11 (expression). It is highly recommended you record a CC7 message at the beginning of every track. Spend some time to set the initial volume of every track at a level in natural balance with the rest of the orchestra. This is tricky and will never be perfect, but the more time you spend the less hair you’ll lose later. If you will be using Hollywood Strings exclusively, the balance of section is easier than if you’re bringing in other, non-string instruments. If, for example, you’re using the winds and percussion of EWQLSO, then start by playing the timpani, horns, and big string ensemble really loud and at the same time; that will give you a reference of what the loudest passages will be like. Together, they should be at least 3 db below 0. Then adjust the other instruments to blend with these loudest instruments. It’s recommended you not use MIDI volume (CC7) for any other purpose than this initial volume setting. Use CC11 to change volume and breathe life into your compositions. This way, CC7 acts as a limiter and keeps everything from getting out of whack. Also, you can easily change the prominence of an entire track in the mix by adjusting this single CC7 level at the start of the track.
George Daniel (1 year ago)
Amazing score at the end. Didn't see that coming...
Dr EvO (1 year ago)
amazing score at the end. Bravo
ingsoc64 (1 year ago)
The music at the end of the overview is incredible! It's had to believe it was all done without an orchestra playing it. Are there any detailed tutorials available for this and the other EastWest products?
ANTTU24 (1 year ago)
Why are you uploading these all the time?

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