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Opie & Anthony - Chip Does Buseyisms (4-29-2013)

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http://siriusxm.com/theopie&anthonychannel As the show wraps up Gary Busey visits the show for literally a few seconds and Chip does a few Buseyisms. (4/29/2013) Follow Opie @ http://twitter.com/opieradio Opie's YouTube - http://youtube.com/opieradio Follow Ant @ http://twitter.com/anthonycumia Follow Jim @ http://twitter.com/jimnorton Jim's Website - http://jimnorton.com More O&A Clips - http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKOFxayaKJ0XvDxGa1YzVyQ_oTQk3V_fM
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Text Comments (13)
Johnny Thomas (6 months ago)
gogoglowstik (1 year ago)
chip heckles Opie at about 6:00
Anfubvinch (1 year ago)
The first 90 seconds are legendary
s s (1 year ago)
"i can't see the cock anymore but he seems to be booing his balls"
hilltop slim614 (1 year ago)
Now we know what happened to Chippah's chin. Got too close to Busey's teeth. Tss Fawkin home run.
renewer (2 years ago)
This is so funny just seconds in.
Slip Amo (3 years ago)
this is fun
Hermunkle (3 years ago)
Can't Understand Normal Thinking
Useless2112 (3 years ago)
Matthew Herzog (3 years ago)
Cool Hip Instant Pissah
ryan hunt (5 years ago)
carrying underwear nah tomorr-uh
filler01 (5 years ago)
2:33 you can hear a "Roland-ism", i believe he says "something something Busey"
TopherBlairMusic (5 years ago)
Is it just me, or does Anthony sound a bit under the weather?

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