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A nice song in Persian by Negareh Khaloua the Tajik singer

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A nice song in Persian by Negareh Khaloua the Tajik singer
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parvina abdulhamidova (18 days ago)
Her name is Nigora and last name Kholova : Nigora Kholova
BILAL AJMAL (1 month ago)
I'm in love her accent, love from pakistan ❤❤
Raza Baloch (1 month ago)
December 2018
mohamud abdirisak (2 months ago)
persian speakers are over the world but the surprise thing is when i saw somali farsi or persian i think this is ignorant song if it is not pl correct me thanks guys love for persian people
ZEESHAN COMILLA (4 months ago)
نغمہ این گلستان است
Hamada Mohamed (4 months ago)
Great Love from Tunisia Arab north Africa
jalal abdulhossein (3 months ago)
Hamada Mohamed shokran khoya
Rushu Korkani (6 months ago)
Shahar Khali jagah Khali GALI Khali Ghar Khali.. aha kheeli ghamgheen
King Baba (7 months ago)
🇦🇫.IR.TJ ❤❤❤
Nasin Km (8 months ago)
بسیارعالی وبامفهوم
Alqubsetravels zhob (9 months ago)
Haris khan (9 months ago)
I am Architect from Pakistan I like Tajikistan and Iran songs
Tchinablue Khurvinus (9 months ago)
M R 1968 (10 months ago)
ghaamnak , daardawaar , souznak , aamma payani gaarm waa janbaakhsh . *baza ta baar daare HAFEZ saaraandazim , GOL biaafshanimo , MEY daar saghaar aandazim* inja bayaad , az aghaye *Amir Jan Sabouri* , baaraye in *AASARE MANDEGAR* , ghaadr dani kaard . ba arezouye *AFGHANESTAN* e , *ABAD , AZAD* waa *SHAD* sepas az khanume Negareh , ba ghodraate daarke bala , waa sedaye souznakaash . ( aalbatteh , daar in Taaranehye ghaamgin )
Kamran Ar (1 year ago)
Kamran Ar (1 year ago)
GAMER HD (1 year ago)
That’s an Afghan song not Persian
Farah zadeh (2 years ago)
I love this song , I can listen to it over and over ❤
Hamid Dashti (2 years ago)
عالی بود. nice song
Ahmad Noori (2 years ago)
Azhar Iqbal (2 years ago)
i m pakistani ican speak urdu and punjabi but nice song
ali ashdar (2 years ago)
mamnuun aste
Milad Mohammadi (2 years ago)
wunderschönes Lied und musik
Jan mati (2 years ago)
مقبول خواندی
Sonia Safa (2 years ago)
Nigorajon very nice song thanks good luck
Hamza Omarkhail (2 years ago)
I'm afghan I can speak fasy and poshto
shahni kia (3 years ago)
قلب خالی  . مغز  خالی  .  وجدان خالی  . شرف خالی . . روحانیون و مسئولین جمهوری اسلامی   این چنین هستند
Hamada Mohamed (4 months ago)
Thank you from translate: shahni kia
WorldMusicMasters (3 years ago)
I'm an Iranian, and can't tell you how much I love your accents, gorgeous music, gorgeous people. Wow. I love you people.
mercuryabz (1 year ago)
if you look at the map, tajikistan is way far from iran and literally is touching china on this link ,https://www.google.com/maps/@37.6673784,72.0694496,5z and still talking farsi , i believe all farsi speaking people had this accent in the past ,that is why we iranians love this accent
Tor Faizian (3 years ago)
Siad omr
azmat ali (3 years ago)
Ali Aziz (3 years ago)
Long Live Tajikistan & Iran
majid qahar (4 years ago)
Ilham Budi Abdillah (4 years ago)
Beautiful language. Is it Persian? Not Tajik?
parvina abdulhamidova (18 days ago)
Tajik and Persian are same language))
Lyuba Dobrovolskaya (11 months ago)
Ilham Budi Abdillah Only Tajik song?
HELMY ABDULLAH (3 years ago)
+Milad Azari Thank you for your very useful yet simple-to-understand explanation . Now I know . Beautiful language . No wonder you Persians were the once a world's superpower thousands of years ago . You bring light and civilization to the world !
Massoud Mazda (4 years ago)
Thank you Nigora for this lovely song. It is a dark song that takes me on a memory trip. I can't help reminisce about good old Iran under shah compared to what it is now, It says exactly how I feel. You should now sing a bright, joyful song giving hope that we might meet someday.
mike davari (4 years ago)
damet garm
Ishkashim (4 years ago)
The Persian Monarchist (4 years ago)
ahange besiyar zibayist
nice beat
Nader Ramini (5 years ago)
Negareh khoshgel! Doset daram. Khube sorud. Pirouz bashid. Amerikae junubi dorud tora doost darim. Behrouz va Julio.
Fardeen Masjidi (5 years ago)
The best vice
omid erfan (5 years ago)
The best song
Khan Shaukat (5 years ago)
I love this song
behzaddll (5 years ago)
This is originally an afghan song, search "Amir Jan Sabori - Shahr Khali ". its a really old song. I love when people sing songs from other persian countries. dorud bar khorasan va khorasaniha. :)
N. david Momtahen (5 years ago)
Great poem, great music and fantastic voice.
Juma BartangiBassid (5 years ago)
Wonderful tajik song and great talant, hope more coming soon. Greeting from United Kingdom
Farah Jahanbani (5 years ago)
You can post to Pars.com Video, Photo, Poem, Business Directory..etc . Pars.com is a community of Persian lovers ..Have fun ..Thanks!
mo tah (5 years ago)
Post your video on Pars.com to share - Home of Persians
Albundy (5 years ago)
خیلی زیبا و دلنشین بود. دمت گرم
Nasser G. Dezfuli (5 years ago)
One of the best song that I heard from my lovely country Tajikestan
tom ahmadi (5 years ago)
Sonaz Yinka (5 years ago)
Beseyar maqbul Janem, can't stop listening to this
Sonaz Yinka (5 years ago)
Beautiful song, beautiful voice <3
51saeid (5 years ago)
besyar ziba lots of love from iran
persian- -power (5 years ago)
yes, it does my friend.
Morsal Safi (5 years ago)
خیلی عالی
Simple Girl (6 years ago)
Нигорчон туда гап нест
Bami1964 (6 years ago)
The lyrics remind me of today's Iran. Death to Islam and Mullahs. Hope Iran is free soon
daz alax (7 years ago)
It is nice and of course ıt ıs Persıan for ignorants! only Tajık accent ıt ıs just lıke tellıng that Amerıcans or Australians do not speak Englısh!! or they do not sing in English!
ThePersBoy (7 years ago)
woooo what a voice she has, and so professioneel she sings!!
bukhoro5 (7 years ago)
@manmanguy MMMMMMMMM Whats the difference between Farsi and Persian?
saeed najafi (7 years ago)
Absolutly beautiful and nice song ,awesome job good luck everybody
saeed najafi (7 years ago)
Absolutly beautiful and nice sony ,awesome job good luck everybody
neylabak (7 years ago)
nice music ,lovely lyrics,voice and techniques of the singer is very professional,,,perfect combination
dana jaromi (8 years ago)
great wonderful of persian poems and culture VIVA persian language ,
Mehdi Chaharlang (8 years ago)
RElly nice thanks
ferrari afg (8 years ago)
nice song
Kami Haghshenas (8 years ago)
آهنگ قشنگی است و صدای خواننده هم خیلی خوب است .مرسی
Bel Der Chin (8 years ago)
afarin azizam, che ziba mikhooni, che ba ehsas...movafagh bashi :)
noallo690 (8 years ago)
خيلي جالب
Kami Bass (8 years ago)
she has a nice voice...nice music
zking64 (8 years ago)
ممنون از این موسیقی و خواندن بسیار زیبا واجرای کامل و تمام بسیار روح انگیز و جالب بود انشاالله موفق باشید
MasterTajik (8 years ago)
Negareh KhaloVa (Khal)

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