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Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Centre Terminal Port Tour & Embarkation

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Take a tour of the Singapore Marina Bay Cruise Centre during an embarkation process of a cruise ship (in this case the Majestic Princess) and see what that was like. This was different than other cruises we have taken that originated within the USA, mainly because immigration was involved. It made the process more lengthy. Also make sure you have the Singapore Immigration Card provided at the Changi airport if you flew in like we did. In our case we had to wait about an hour and a half before boarding (we arrived about 11:00 AM and did not board until 1:30 PM). Also be prepared for the fact that the cruise line will collect your passport after passing Singapore immigration. The Marina Bay Cruise Port terminal itself was modern with nice facilities and good view of the waters & the cruise ship docked next to it. Even though this was a Princess Cruise, we noticed that the terminal had a sign welcoming Royal Caribbean guests :-).
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steve read (6 months ago)
Looks like a lot of people there at 11 am .. was there enough to keep you occupied for 2 1/2 hours? Weather does not look very bright .. what date did your cruise start?
TravelTouristVideos (6 months ago)
It was- though we probably should have try to arrive there even earlier to be in an earlier boarding group. There wasn't really anything to do there other than wait to go through Singapore immigration and then board the ship. iPhone and iPad helped passed the time for us :-). This was early just last month, though I hear that Singapore weather is pretty much the same the whole year round (hot and humid).

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