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Star Wars - Main Titles (East West Hollywood Orchestra Demo)

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Demo of The Star Wars - Main Titles by John Williams using East West Hollywood Orchestra. Created Using Cubase 7.5
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oskararnarson (4 months ago)
Great job.
LOCKi - Lochie Gower (5 months ago)
How on earth did you get your trumpets to sound so realistic :O which instruments/articulations did you use?
Murtaza Rizvi (5 months ago)
couldnt the sequels just use this one? much better than the final version.
Murtaza Rizvi (5 months ago)
not really. actually BTS music of the sequels show a good orchestra but the mixing got it all wrong.
Andrew Barraclough (5 months ago)
Ah okay I get you. You miss the LSO doing the soundtracks then.
Murtaza Rizvi (5 months ago)
what i meant was the impact in this one. i know this isnt a recording but much better than the sequels rendition.
Andrew Barraclough (5 months ago)
You know this isn't a real recording right?
Jonathan Schobben (6 months ago)
One word: Wow, impressed! Even the mix almost sounds like the original!
Chris Gabaya (6 months ago)
Disney screwed the pooch by not using the LSO. Ughh Hollywood always destroying masterpieces.
Star Wars Legacy (8 months ago)
Love your star wars music!
Star Wars Legacy (8 months ago)
Hahaha. Can't wait! Love your music, sounds so authentic
Andrew Barraclough (8 months ago)
Watch this space... if you'll pardon the pun!
Star Wars Legacy (8 months ago)
Would love to hear some more variations of Kylo's theme from you

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