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Best Wallets for Men - Wallet Every Man Must Have

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Best Wallets for Men - Wallet Every Man Must Have Links: Ekster Wallets: The next Generation Wallet https://goo.gl/XBCkc6 MICRO - The MOST beautiful minimalist wallet https://goo.gl/tD2MiK New Wallet - wallet + protective phone case + tracking tech https://goo.gl/HgLymN Wingtip Wallet - World's First Pocket Square Wallet https://goo.gl/ovujGq The Clique: The Most Beautifully Engineered Wallet https://goo.gl/hdu0RM TRIBE 3.0 - The Sexiest Minimalist Wallet https://goo.gl/I2htHA Don't forget to subscribe our channel
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Text Comments (5)
Caleb H. Anderson (2 years ago)
every video I watch has to do with a kickstarter . for fucks sake...
Marcin (2 years ago)
where I can buy micro wallet
Wow HD Technology (2 years ago)
you can go to the official website by clicking the link in description and read its all features and buy from there.
MEMEMEET (2 years ago)
5:25 if my life was this smooth...
JoshuaRuedas (2 years ago)
+indivisual This is a must have wallet https://plus.google.com/110643578901711483916/posts/Xtf46PThy3L

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