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Mike Posner - 2010 Red Carpet Interview (American Music Awards)

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Music video by Mike Posner performing 2010 Red Carpet Interview (American Music Awards). © Dick Clark Productions
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Text Comments (23)
vote pedro (2 years ago)
did he take a pill before this interview went on?
Neal Small (5 months ago)
He looks like Mac Miller
MaDneSs1sT (6 years ago)
0:10 The Girl On Right Staring LOL
Abigail Gamboa (6 years ago)
Mike is a mama's boy lol i love it
Guillermo Bosque (7 years ago)
jeremycau10 (7 years ago)
@BerrymanPerson So right lol
nerual021187 (7 years ago)
@nerual021187 P.s. He's a cornball.
nerual021187 (7 years ago)
@nerual021187 Was it supposed to be a joke??
nerual021187 (7 years ago)
Isn't it "My mother and I"? Not "I and my mother"? And sadly, they were talking about his education...
Mongoz08 (7 years ago)
@BerrymanPerson SPEAK THE TRUTH
So Cal (7 years ago)
Gotta peep the Goldhands Bow Chicka Wow Wow remix. It's fire!
ohmygodimhere (7 years ago)
Wahh he looks so good in a suit :)
George williams (7 years ago)
@pthizzy12 for some ads
jdcool038 (7 years ago)
i think andre 3000 and mike would be cool!
MrMs8ismail (7 years ago)
Drunk ?
chaosinesco (8 years ago)
id smoke before the awards too
Zhivargo L. (8 years ago)
OMG I wanna study that too!!!!!!!!! Whooooaaa.. i almost lost my jaw..
OCTAVIO JACOBO (8 years ago)
hahahahah he looks blown lol XD
Jackson Xia (8 years ago)
@BerrymanPerson anyone deserves the award more than JFB
Kc Mai (8 years ago)
mike posner i think you deserved that award instead of justin bieber
Vincent Lima (8 years ago)
@kevin2180gtaiv omg he does look like him :D
kevin2180gtaiv (8 years ago)
Looks like seananners
caroltranggo11 (8 years ago)
i saw this live :) and why the hell its only has 0 views???

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