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Cheap Clothing vs Expensive Clothing

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Text Comments (1893)
Metal Videos (7 days ago)
98 dollars for a pants and a shirt? damn what a waste of money lol.
Morph Verse (23 days ago)
There is definitely some scamming going on with some of the brands..
Just go to a thrift store
Rap Game (1 month ago)
Why does he get so nervous and quite when u go into the stores ?
El Chris (1 month ago)
He buys the most basic shit
Herr Daly (1 month ago)
Josh V (1 month ago)
If it's too tight after a wash, use colder water or hang dry..
Lel Lel (1 month ago)
Travelling to the Grand Bazaar today to buy myself some fake copies. No problem. Fuck this guy, he gay af
Jack H (1 month ago)
What do you mean paying 800 dollars for a plain white Gucci shirt is too much???
Poppy Gloria (1 month ago)
Gucci: socks only thing under100
Simon (1 month ago)
Hugo Boss is actually a lot cheaper in Germany, basic shirts are only about 25€ and suit pants about 120€. (about 20 dollars and 100 dollars)
Heroviusss (2 months ago)
idc if the clothes are cheap or expensive, on my opinion brands don’t matter at all. If you think it matters, ur rlly wasting money/time and that’s being stupid. Pants are pants, shirts are shirts. (And etc) brands doesn’t have to do with anything
James SAP (2 months ago)
Right now I’m wearing a shirt that was reduced from 40 dollars.... To 2 dollars. It’s body glove too! Thanks grandma, thanks
brooke smith (2 months ago)
That’s why when you go shopping buy a size up
Naagpal kagla videos (2 months ago)
I wear my Yellow T-shirt for 2 years and I am happy like hell ......
Jovan James (3 months ago)
Cotton On for shirts, American Eagle for jeans, and H&M for suits (assuming you wont wear the suits a lot). Just buy a bunch of cheaper clothes...the more you buy is the less you’ll wear each piece so it’ll last longer
Luke Games (3 months ago)
all these poor kids that cant afford brands say blablabla shut up if youre jealous my outfit is always 1500+
Dsn13 jcsn (3 months ago)
People who buy expensive clothes feel good about doing so, it's a self esteem boost
Richard Contreras (3 months ago)
If you pay $15 for a haircut you should probably only be shopping at forever 21 anyways 😂
sablestable (3 months ago)
When i buy clothes from a budget store, i always buy a size bigger than i need and after a wash it fits perfectly
Idrees Saleem (3 months ago)
Thank you for emphasising quality over quantity! I always buy fewer garments, which are multi-use, timeless and high quality. Better for my wardrobe, wallet and the environment!
alan brown (3 months ago)
Check out boohooman pretty sweet clothes for cheap
Amigo Rigo (4 months ago)
* gets tight clothes * "Its too tight" 1:25
Big Dogg (4 months ago)
You should of tried Citi Trends
Triparadox Clifford (4 months ago)
I wonder why people like skinny jeans. For me, they are completely in the bottom list of 'comfortable' aspect. Like, you cannot put your phone in the pocket, or even your wallet. It's just so annoying, considering the fact that men often do not bring a handbag like women do.
MartenFerret (4 months ago)
I suppose T-shirts are something this man/his audience can relate to, but such an item isn't good for comparison (if you're inspecting for quality). To really compare, look at sport coats/suits. Such items are composed of many pieces and the skill/competence (or lack thereof) of their construction shows.
MartenFerret (4 months ago)
To me, Boss is the LOW end of high-end... Quality begins at Zegna (and a shirt there starts around $300).
ICEMANZIDANE (4 months ago)
This is the typical misunderstanding "more expensive = better quality". This is completely wrong. You are just paying for the very big (over 90%) profit margin of the brand. My 800 Euros Hugo Boss suite ""cracked" (is it called cracked?) just after a few wears. My 400 Euros Hugo Boss Coat literally lost one button the first try i used it. Just search for quality products, it has absolutely nothing to do with the brand. You can find quality products for 10 or 100 bucks doesnt matter.
Paul Rice (4 months ago)
Most Americans would love ❤️ something like that, economics want allow such a thing, Americans are to caught up into paying bills and taking care of their family’s. Are Goverment (Democrats and Republicans) spends to much time and effort destroying the Americans economic standard of living by allowing to many cheap products to flood are market forcing innovative entrepreneurs to abandon their ideas because Americans as a whole just can’t afford to buy their new innovative ideas. This is an example of an employee who went to the mall to buy a nice shirt 👔 for himself and found that all of the shirts 👚 were to expensive for his budget and he thought 💭 he was making a pretty good living. A man 👨 who owns his own house 🏡 two cars 🚗 that were paid for, but could not afford to buy a nice shirt 👕 from a local mall. What the hell! He said to himself what are these shirts 👔 made of gold? I don’t think 🤔 so, they are made for people who either lives with their parents, or they have absolutely stupid money 💰. I said just wait until their on sale because most of those shirts 👔 are marked up to about 800%. They will either put them on sell or go out of business. I have stupid money 💰, but I want pay that kind of money 💵 for a shirt 👕 like that, or maybe I am just to cheap or to smart to piss my money 💵 away trying to impress stupid people.
praveen joshi (5 months ago)
I own a HUGO BOSS t-shirt and i can say the quality is good but it's not worth it. It was priced at ₹6500 ($99) i got that t-shirt for ₹800 from factory outlet.
FANTAZEMK (5 months ago)
one or two hahahahahah mybe 100 handred xd
Ariana Klassen-Glanzer (6 months ago)
I haven't historically given a crap about fashion, but I used to work at a thrift store, was sorting the racks and and found this blouse that seemed really well made, with a nice fabric and looked like it was just my size. I took a picture of it so I could find it when my shift was over (about 2 hours). By then, it was already gone. Then I looked at the photo and realized it was Calvin Klein. So even a fashion doofus like me can tell the difference.
Isabel Lascano (6 months ago)
Try going to Ross or DD's, it is both significantly less, but if you look hard enough, you can find some of the best clothing there.
rishikesh jadhav (6 months ago)
Yankee can never be worst than that on Cap !
D1nDan (6 months ago)
That voice crack an forever 21
tino sanchez (6 months ago)
Don’t campare Hugo boss whit forever 21
Business is Life (6 months ago)
😂😂😂Jose must not know how to wash
Callandor (6 months ago)
Quality based on price has mostly disappeared now. Why? Made in China = poor quality regardless of price. Sri Lanka or India or even Bangladesh, better quality.
Sharing Lungs (6 months ago)
I have clothes from various price points and I can’t determine if price means anything. Some of my cheap clothing doesn’t shrink, or have any holes in them. They come out the wash like the day I bought it. While some of my more expensive items will shrink and develop holes. On average it seems the more expensive stuff doesn’t shrink like none of my Hugo Boss has shrunk even if I wouldn’t mind a little. It would seem when I pay more I’m paying for different style and cut. So I wouldn’t buy a plain coloured tshirt from an expensive brand when I could get equal quality for far less.
zxwm Abcdef (6 months ago)
Hugo Boss is not out the roof on cost. I would call it a mid level store.
zxwm Abcdef (6 months ago)
Cheap stores are a national security risk they are funding China. China would love to buy new weapons and then use them on us.
Klek Music Official (7 months ago)
I come from middle class family from Slovenia, and we usually buy 5€-10€ t-shirt, 20€-30€ jeans, and 20€-30€ sweaters
Martell Tha Cool (7 months ago)
Nearly all clothes are made in China lol
Marc Hansel Thomas (7 months ago)
Plot Twist : He didn't buy any of them, he is filming in the dressing room.
John Covington (7 months ago)
It looks beautiful were you live
mma time (7 months ago)
Ladies and gentlemen the first guy with a yeast infection
Dragon ZXE (7 months ago)
I would just get H&M premium quality T-shirt
Austin Ramos (7 months ago)
6:13 Forever 21 is made in the Philippines?
Austin Ramos (7 months ago)
6:13 "I thinks it's made in the Philippines". Labas mga Pinoy!!!
Rubber Fish (7 months ago)
why does it sound like he’s constantly yelling omg
alksjdfg G (8 months ago)
Oh god between all videos I watched this is without ads salute my man
speedtypingprzck (8 months ago)
Are lacoste polo shirts good like the plain ones
Bandit (8 months ago)
where'd you get that sweet bomber jacket and what white shoes are those
Izaiah Bauza (9 months ago)
You should make a video on tattoos?
Miguel Jose Arias (9 months ago)
"off the back"
El Torito (9 months ago)
0:47 voice crack
Mr. Cuttystabby (9 months ago)
Never buy clothes that fit exactly at the store. They're going to shrink.
Benny C (9 months ago)
Most of my shirts are $9 shirts. Some are even $3. They last for 2+ years no problem. Maybe you’re just not washing them right. Fyi, I wash them every time I wear them and I probably wear at least once every 2 weeks or so.
Free MGTOW (10 months ago)
The Music sucks
buzz ramos (10 months ago)
Que marca son esos tenis blancos?
zxwm Abcdef (10 months ago)
I thought hugo boss was kind of a lower end brand like Macys
guitarthief (10 months ago)
economics principle, i like it
Will Savage (10 months ago)
In the uk we do boss tees for £25
Invasion Of Tea (10 months ago)
You’re lucky! All the h+m’s and forever 21’s never have any new and different choices for men.
Joshua N (10 months ago)
Good video bro
heroin rat (10 months ago)
Expensive clothing makes an impact in real life, in real life you can TELL when people are wearing expensive clothing and you can literally feel it's presence. Through a pixelalized screen it looks no different.
ichtoza vuzovsky (10 months ago)
Why you wear those jeans so tight, don't you feel the discomfort in the genitalia area?
ichtoza vuzovsky (10 months ago)
I like H&M, best value!
ichtoza vuzovsky (10 months ago)
Me likey forever 21
Sorcerer Vaati64 (11 months ago)
Plus they are all plain looking. I only spend money on fancy looking elegant clothes
Kecske131 (11 months ago)
Hack: if u buy cheap thsirts and ur worried about shrinking just buy a size up, wash it and bang, u got a good fit.
LegendBTV (11 months ago)
Wow some of those stores my mall doesn't even have
Trt (11 months ago)
I advise y'all to buy from www.juupe.net instead. All tops(shirts) are under $25 plus all is made of extreme high quality. The most amazing thing is they offer free shipping.
kingmiller1982 (11 months ago)
I'm all for spending for quality but I'd never spend over $100 for a damn tee shirt. Screw that.
speedtypingprzck (11 months ago)
H and M is cheap in the philippines lol its like $5 for a plain t shirt lol
bandito dorrito (11 months ago)
sanjaya gusje (11 months ago)
The expensive actualy worth . The quality is 👌🔥👌🔥
The Pianist (11 months ago)
may i know what song is that
Daniella scholar (11 months ago)
You can also airdry your clothes ;p
mzk123ify (11 months ago)
um...then go up a size???????
JW ice way (11 months ago)
but u never get a cheap jacket that looks like versace jacket this only works with one colored t-shirts or pants
Anthony Pipia (11 months ago)
Where do you get your jackets?
Mariana Ortez (11 months ago)
sale 81%
pdude1911 (11 months ago)
Great video, terrible music... greets from The Netherlands.
BENNI (11 months ago)
1:40 hahah nope ^^
Luis Torres (11 months ago)
Once time I bought a Lacoste tshirt for $30 but, it is so good quality that I will buy again of Lacoste Tshirt. The same with watches, I bought G shock and I am with it about 7 months and still working as the first day.
Nathanhiel Matthew Lazaro (11 months ago)
make a thrift shop haul video!!
Amazion S (11 months ago)
Ashy elbows
The Uber Successful (1 year ago)
can you do something like a macys or a bloomingdales vs individual stores?
Angus Allen (1 year ago)
909 hypebeasts dislike. Suckers...
Hello Again ! (1 year ago)
Average Quantity + Cheap clothes every 2 month shopping = always new looking + money saving High quality + less quantity = few times you look new + high cost Which one is better for you ?
Fernando Orihuela (1 year ago)
Hugo boss is known for ripping off. Honestly any brand has products that are made better than others. Pay attention to the stitching, the fabric and the dyes. Read the labels to realize what care goes into the item
Luminous SweetB (1 year ago)
As long as its cheap then I'm good😐
Jackson Gapp (1 year ago)
What jacket is that at 1:38 ??? please? been looking for one just like it
Leandro Marino (1 year ago)
like si eres de habla ispana
Nosfonader87 (1 year ago)
Shopping hack: use a 100$ to spend several shirts and pants instead of a single article of clothing
wowerman (1 year ago)
Just buy T shirt with one size up.Also nowadays I noticed jeans quality is so poor proving point of buying cheaper pants.I wear jeans 4 months and they get holes in crouch.Jeans is most overpriced item now.
Strylover (1 year ago)
Good video dude. Your shopping videos are the reason I subscribed to your channel. You are really good at them.
C.J. Dyas (1 year ago)
I got 3 Hugo Boss dress shirts from the thrift store for $5. If you’re tight on cash, thrifting is our friend.
Nimay Jain (1 year ago)
What the heck is that background song
Cade Johnson (1 year ago)
I don't pay more for clothing unless it's got one or more of the following characteristics: 1) Made in America. 2) Higher-quality materials (100% wool instead of poly blend, etc). 3) It's a style that I can't find elsewhere that I just have to have. Brand names alone mean almost nothing to me. Most brand clothing is made in the same factory by the same machines and the same workers as a 5 dollar shirt from the bargain bin, regardless of price. Shop smart. Don't pay the snob tax.

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