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Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast (12-22-2014)

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http://billburr.com Bill rambles about Sony Leaks, autorotations and bulling his Christmas tree. Follow Bill @ http://twitter.com/billburr Bill's Special - http://billburr.com/merch Bill's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bill-Burr/438468655203 Podcast email: [email protected] All Things Comedy Podcast Network - http://allthingscomedy.com MMP Playlist - http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKOFxayaKJ0Ug1EErXxxhJxVmoDbksjh_
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Text Comments (27)
Lac2900 (2 years ago)
that "Drew from Marcy" shit was funny
cornercracker30 (3 years ago)
Greasy pork chop to the face… non stop freaking laughter I needed that, thanks Bill
dandic2342 (3 years ago)
2:29-2:43-That's DISNEY!  Ya dummy!
howiwatchvideos (3 years ago)
Just noticed one of my nuts is peeking out of my shorts.
Benji Sellsword (3 years ago)
Bill is slowly turning into an old gay man
Booby Jake (3 years ago)
I dig lesbian office chicks..
TheyCallMeSpin (3 years ago)
Your opinion completely missed the point of the joke there bub.
Booby Jake (3 years ago)
no man lol i can't state my opinion? and why would i dislike it 
TheyCallMeSpin (3 years ago)
you the one dummy who disliked? The joke was he was insulting her for turning him down.
Joshua Zapata (3 years ago)
Al Queda? lol . . . It's North Korea, Bill . . .  Oh geezus
Joshua Zapata I was thinking the same thing Bills the shit
lol I was thing the same thing Bills the shit
snow fiera (3 years ago)
+Henning Pantke  Bro get off the steroids your nerd rage is a trigger for me....please stop  )':
snow fiera (3 years ago)
Dude why are you making a scene you look ridiculous right now....
Joshua Zapata (3 years ago)
Neither, Bill mistakenly talks about the Sony hack and he keeps saying the US was caving to Al Queda's demands when it's North Korea that everyone thinks did the "cyber attacks."
Indy Solo (3 years ago)
Bill burr is freaking hilarious. Idk how someone can be consistently funny every week of every month/year.
Clara Austin (3 years ago)
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Tammy Morris (3 years ago)
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James D. Matyjasik (3 years ago)
Billy Red Face Riding Hood!
End Boss (3 years ago)
Holy shit! Has Bill found out he can't have kids?
ExpectPlay (3 years ago)
How I could be laughin' my ass off by minute 12 and by minute 30 be completely lost by the football talk. Hey, I'm not complaining! It's a great fuckin' podcast! How about balancing that shit with some UFC talk..
Fuch Goog (3 years ago)
+HostDisorder Bill doesn't give a shit. Neither do most other people.
HostDisorder (3 years ago)
For me the podcasts end when football talk begins. There is nothing I care less about on earth than Nfl.
JustAWasteOfTime (3 years ago)
If someone read my emails they would unveil angry letters to customer service. I don't write life crippling emails.
snow fiera (3 years ago)
send me an email [email protected]()com forward slash fuck
putsome basilonit (3 years ago)
Hahaha Bill listens to Eminem?

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