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3D Video Tour of Priyanka Chopra's InStyle Cover Shoot | Cover Stars | InStyle

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Text Comments (12)
Ahmad Sultan (23 days ago)
Folback yaa
kuhu kumari (1 year ago)
So beautiful
saiIor DOM (1 year ago)
Loved this photoshoot Priyanka never ceases to amaze me
shajjad alam (2 years ago)
Priyanka is the best
Sandeep Maan (2 years ago)
its 360° dumbs
mrscwhite18 (3 years ago)
Amazing how this was filmed love it
Fiza Khan (3 years ago)
love Priyanka
prashray bajpai (3 years ago)
love u pc
Ann Nax (3 years ago)
3D...I can't see Priyanka Chopra properly
Ann Nax (2 years ago)
+Vaishali Gehlot actually u have to move your phone around like 360°
Vaishali Gehlot (3 years ago)
Tyrion Stark (3 years ago)
god only know how much i love her and this shoot <3

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