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Review iron man Mark.42 Case

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iron man mark 42 case Can be purchased here : http://lifestyle.brando.com/iPhone-5-5s-MARVEL-Iron-Man-Mark-XLII-42-Protective-Case-with-LED-Light-Reflector-Limited-Edition-_p09508c1768d137.html
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Text Comments (88)
TAMER TORUN (1 month ago)
Where is camera?
pinstrps (4 months ago)
I hate videos done by mimes
appa amma (10 months ago)
S. Praveen
Akshay Chaturvedi (11 months ago)
mehmet töremiş (1 year ago)
What about camera
Bini Jayaprakash (1 year ago)
for which iPhone
저거 카메라 어떻개 찍음
Joylon Madtha (1 year ago)
please end your life you son of a bitch
Syukrizal Rosli (1 year ago)
why he silent
IllyGun (1 year ago)
Syukrizal Rosli he forgot to un mute him self before doing the video hahaha lol
dj dj (1 year ago)
what about camera
Svenn Yvetsky (1 year ago)
doesnt look like iron man at all it looks like a lobster tail
王嘉 (1 year ago)
Dana Blanco (1 year ago)
i want one
SHADOW (2 years ago)
That's got to be the ugliest phone case iv ever seen and mate ur shit at doing videos on YouTube, take your plastic little shitty case and walk away
Tony Florez (2 years ago)
Raja Singh (2 years ago)
hahaha it's fucking funny case man
거즈패이 (2 years ago)
돈만많은 그지새끼
jagajeeth kumar (2 years ago)
:-D so funny video lol
즈우김 (3 years ago)
와 지리네
Joe Aleshire (3 years ago)
David Lee (3 years ago)
that is I phone 5 case?
David Lee (3 years ago)
that is I phone 5 case?
Jaden Johnson (3 years ago)
You suck
Ian Valentino (3 years ago)
Sorry but I'll go with the bat mobile 😁
sali go (3 years ago)
이거 어디서 사요??알려주시면 바로삼
ᆞBJ멩이 (2 years ago)
YouTube이모텝 (3 years ago)
YOUTUBE애플 (3 years ago)
Ha Nguyen Hai (3 years ago)
케인 (3 years ago)
조립식 케이스나?
DarkAngel (3 years ago)
And where is the camera genius ?
Yeah, genius.
PopularAggression (3 years ago)
+DarkAngel theres a tab that pops up like a shoulder plate. swivels out of the way to reveal the lens and flash
DarkAngel (3 years ago)
Trump2O16 (3 years ago)
camila medrado (3 years ago)
yes quamon sts go
남남종호 (3 years ago)
저거 어디서팔아요?
7오버제로 (3 years ago)
승환이 (3 years ago)
짱가 (3 years ago)
Mona Liza-Official (3 years ago)
admit it...you just bought a bullshit
Georgett Smith (3 years ago)
his phone is fake
Priyal Dhuri (2 years ago)
yeah i saw goo phone too
mysterio __ (3 years ago)
you r right . its a goophone or something
Cobby (3 years ago)
+Georgett Smith how?
Frascona (3 years ago)
No its not lol
Bj곰보 (3 years ago)
Rosy Lata (3 years ago)
Copyright issues
Anime Badazz (3 years ago)
You didn't do a good job making this video you didn't say anything or tell us what it was or even say if you were going to make more videos in the future!?!?!😴😲😩
UnspeakableGame2 YT (5 months ago)
Maybe cuz he/she wants to be quite
Raymond George (3 years ago)
nice... but super lame product!!
TheFoxClanTV (3 years ago)
Looks cool. bad protection and how the hell do you hold that giant lump on the back?
Devin Bane (3 years ago)
I like one
Stan Mendler (3 years ago)
i guess the mouse ate your though
piotr grygier (3 years ago)
piotr grygier (3 years ago)
KizzoKnight (4 years ago)
you forgot something.. its acctualy can open its right chest to open camera
IAR-The Burger Dude (4 years ago)
+Muhd Akif oh i'm sorry i forgot thx dude
Theloft Armor (4 years ago)
IAR-The Burger Dude (4 years ago)
+armloft avengers ขออภัยครับที่ตอบช้า http://www.toys2mail.com/product.detail_0_th_5636055 ตามนี้เลยครับ^^
iam sinesinesine (4 years ago)
MissJenna15 (4 years ago)
This is a really shitty review cuz he didn't talk
PXG (3 years ago)
+Victor Rocha how the fuck did u have no idea when it's in thetitle?
Karl Betcher (4 years ago)
i'm not trying to expect more, just pointing out that that is thai at the top, not trying to be rude.
Chocolate Egg (4 years ago)
+MissJenna15 dude give him a break, he is Thai and like my friends most normal thai people can not speak English that well because if he did it in Thai you guys would be like "Roses are red Violets are blue; the title is english and the video should too"
Victor Rocha (4 years ago)
+Karl Boettcher oh, lol I had no idea
Karl Betcher (4 years ago)
+Victor Rocha actually it is a review, the first three characters of the title are "reveiws" in thai(I am not thai, I was just curious and looked it up on translate.com)
Where can I buy it
Mattias Schreinert (4 years ago)
Mrinal Devgan (4 years ago)
From where you buy
Mattias Schreinert (4 years ago)
cruptkript (4 years ago)
IAR-The Burger Dude (4 years ago)
+EXACREED http://www.toys2mail.com/product.detail_0_th_5636055 ตามนี้เลยครับ^^ พอดีไม่ค่อยได้เข้ามาเล่นนะคับลืม pass
Justin Chan (4 years ago)
coolest case ever
MissJenna15 (4 years ago)
You haven't seen anything yet
Shelvin Varghese (5 years ago)
Where can i buy this?
IAR-The Burger Dude (4 years ago)
+Shelvin Varghese http://lifestyle.brando.com/iPhone-5-5s-MARVEL-Iron-Man-Mark-XLII-42-Protective-Case-with-LED-Light-Reflector-Limited-Edition-_p09508c1768d137.html
PotatoTan09 (5 years ago)
Where did u get it?
Mattias Schreinert (4 years ago)
Jerome Jimeno (5 years ago)
Are you mute?
ULTRA TV (5 years ago)
When you're filming stop shaking your object/subject around so much, it's not real showcasing if not presented preventively
Djfresh102 (5 years ago)
is there a s4 version 
Ethan Chacko (5 years ago)
where did you buy
IAR-The Burger Dude (4 years ago)
+Ethan Chacko http://lifestyle.brando.com/iPhone-5-5s-MARVEL-Iron-Man-Mark-XLII-42-Protective-Case-with-LED-Light-Reflector-Limited-Edition-_p09508c1768d137.html
Bhavik Sardar (5 years ago)
so cool

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