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Shame Review (funny movie review)

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The Schmoes venture behind closed doors with Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan in "Shame"...would the emotionally charged flick get inside the head of our heroes? Or would it leave them merely feeling...umm...inadequate?? Enjoy! More vids from Schmoes: http://www.youtube.com/schmoesknow Want to see where The Schmoes get some of their bad ass movie shirts? http://www.riptapparel.com http://schmoesknow.podbean.com/ ON ITUNES: ITUNES : http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-schmoes-know-podcast/id436643611
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Text Comments (115)
Jawahar Prasaanth (1 year ago)
guys you got this wrong this is a 4.8/5
one2gaming (3 years ago)
This movie is amazing. Such honest interactions within the movie, very powerful, possibly the greatest intro to any movie this generation imo.
George Ehret (3 years ago)
Sexual content in the Smurfs? Try Marley and Me which has like 2 or 3 sex scenes
MrHootiedean (5 years ago)
I wasn't looking to get sexually aroused but intellectually and the movie failed. There was no insight. I have friends who are sex addicts and drug addicts and there was rarely anything honest presented in this film.
MrHootiedean (5 years ago)
I saw this movie last night and don't understand how a movie with so much sex and nudity could be so unsexy and so un-insightful to sex addiction. Mark's never seen Showgirls? And he's a comedian? That movie will give him enough material for another cd.
TheGeektality (5 years ago)
Best of 2011!
maryporter703 (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you think michael fassbender is one of the greatest actor of the 2000s
Pedro Holanda (6 years ago)
I loved shame, I just review it! I think its a wonderful film, but it had the potential to be much better. The script is great and I got a chance to read it. Certainly a movie worth watching, because no matter what it will stir about some controversy and questions
Anthony Morales (6 years ago)
i just got back from seeing this tonight. its very good but Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbenders previous movie Hunger is much better but i still think Shame is one of the best movies of 2011
kieralinn (7 years ago)
@hurlman03 I know...even Clooney brought it up at the Golden Globes. I have to see this film now...lol.
Study Study (7 years ago)
i hated this movie. didnt care about the characters and thought some scenes went on for way to long. But it was shoot very nicely
Michael Hurley (7 years ago)
I need to see what all the hype is about regarding the Fass's schlong.
whenhecallsmekitten (7 years ago)
Seeing it Saturday! I'm so excited! Thanks Schmoes 3
Jason Sutton (7 years ago)
most of the movies coming out this time of year i have never heard of and this is one of them, plus they are all playing an hour out of town at the ritz movie theatre. looks like a late night cinemax movie,pee wee herman would love this film. great video as always.
Da Cashman (7 years ago)
What @finalfuryan said.
joaniemaloney (7 years ago)
Saw this at TIFF and I had to see it again when it was officially released. How fantastic was Michael Fassbender? I wish Carey Mulligan would get more buzz for this - she's taking on a really different role from what we're used to seeing from her. Oh, and the score? Awesome. I got chills.
Jakub Roman (7 years ago)
just saw this last night. i thought it was great. fassbender is incredible in it, same with mulligan...i didn't get what you meant when you said "i thought he was a mutant in x-men" when i first saw this review..after seeing the film, who would've though that fassbender is swinging at the knees..what an asshole
DJGOLFVR6 (7 years ago)
@schmoesknow i'd say pretty bad fucking ass poster :D
c122 h122 (7 years ago)
@schmoesknow review the other Steve Mcqueen movie hunger
@finalfuryan Thank you!
@moviefan978 Those humps
@Koelndan It shall be done
@Faustustopheles Let us know what you thought
@LiveYoungStudios Thank you, glad you enjoy the new set up!
@sveilleux91 Glad you guys dig it!
@AkaHugo1 Love those posters!
@JaneOmo123 Glad you dug the new setup thank you
@raptorrancher Guy was walking around with a tree
@ChrisStuckmann Makes the Xmen sequel that much more of a challenge for Professor X
@animegirl506 Iron Lady will be soon, have the screeners, need to watch.
@Braly5 Eventually you can watch it, the performances will live on
@DJGOLFVR6 Pretty bad ass poster
@MrOiManDudeGuy Nasty is the nice term for it, ha
@SpiderFan3 Yeah, this signing was WAY before Caesar was a thought
@FlyingFocs I did a lot actually. I think it is an hour too long but it is a fun movie
@MrCheeseman5656 Well if you do, let us know if you enjoyed it!
@crazygirl1502 I do indeed, he was an awesome dude. And glad the immature jokes were up your alley
@MafiaMovieMan Hope you enjoy it!
@TheBSKILL The performances were excellent
@Whpisi We would LOVE to, problem is scheduling. With the screenings and the movies.com show plus the newborn, hard to play the games and give accurate reviews. I don't want to half ass it
@ThatMovieNerdKevin Perhaps
@ahfdsk Awesome, glad you dig it
@n00aahh That's what we were shooting for, glad it came off that way
@hyola Then the guy would just be walking filth
@TheZlajazlo I'm sure it will be out on dvd soon
@BWGgy (Tips hat and bows)
@DaRunningMan BOOYA!
@becauseiamworthless Yeah, all breakout performances
@robjla1 Close enough
@carsandsports123 Thank you, changing it up for you guys
half dust, half deity (7 years ago)
@OfficialAnchorsplash or American Psycho to Bale.
Sam Hutchison (7 years ago)
hey Ellis, the new Van Halen song ,tattoo, sounds like their 1977 song down in flames it was never released on an album though
carsandsports123 (7 years ago)
nice background
Mack Brown (7 years ago)
This movie to Fassbender is basically Bronson to Tom Hardy (and X-Men to Fassbender is The Dark Knight Rises to Tom).
DaRunningMan (7 years ago)
I gotta tell ya, with all those puns Mark's throwing around it proves that has no SHAME. Oh! See what I did there? :-D
BWGgy (7 years ago)
OUch, Kristian, nice timing on that one lol 2:57
hyola (7 years ago)
Imagine if he added murder into that addiction mix.
Courtney Paige (7 years ago)
What's with the heavy breathing every time the preview for the movie comes on. Kind of creepy.
Whpisi (7 years ago)
Are you guys gonna review Video Games, like Jeremy does? I think it might up your subscribers, and i want to hear your opinions on cool games.
Bryan Hunter (7 years ago)
Carrie Mulligan is secretly a huge crush of mine. Glad to see you guys dug her performance. She's also good in "An Education" haven't seen her in "Drive" yet. Very excited to see this movie. I was interested in the subject matter. Seems like it had great performances.
Sharpe1502 (7 years ago)
Do you seriously have an Andy serkis autograph? I'm jealous. I do want to see this movie. I like Fassbender, he's a good actor, plus he's Irish and German, and that just makes him awesome. That plus the fact that he had the 3rd best line in 300 (in my opinion). Great review guys! Your immature jokes made me laugh.
Dean Searle (7 years ago)
Shouldn't Ellis be in front of the monkey poster?
MrCheeseman5656 (7 years ago)
Hahaha I really wanna see this!
FlyingFocs (7 years ago)
So, do you actually like King Kong? If so, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person on the face of the Earth.
Lucas Marder (7 years ago)
great review and liking the new backdrop. Ellis you heard the van halen track yet?
MrOiManDudeGuy (7 years ago)
it is NC17, I saw it today. awesome movie. although it is kinda nasty lol
DJGOLFVR6 (7 years ago)
me has the same joker poster :)
mayapapaya (7 years ago)
congratulations Ellis for growing up with movies! hahah just kidding! I am interested in this film because I like Fassbender. Khristian you were right about how 2011 was: okay story, great characters. when are you guys reviewing the Iron Lady? definitely very controversial movie especially for the British.
JaneOmo123 (7 years ago)
Really, really want to see this movie!!! Also, like the new setup, and penis jokes are always appreciated!!
aZaneDeYoungPicture (7 years ago)
Like the new setup. I have the same Dark Knight poster. Good review guys! Keep it up!
Faustustopheles (7 years ago)
I want to see this very much.
Dan Dringle (7 years ago)
Liking the background! You guys should try switching up the poster ever few episodes though.
moviefan978 (7 years ago)
Great review, I really need to see this movie dang mpaa.
Cabzilla Productions (7 years ago)
Unfortunately "Shame" is not playing any theater anywhere near me, which I am somewhat glad about because this seems like an a very awkward film to watch around people. I probably will eventually buy on DVD/Blu-Ray because even from the first trailer it looked like Fassbender was going to get an Oscar nomination for his performance and perhaps even Carey Mulligan.
Chrys .Loi (7 years ago)
Of course i'm watching Shame... Carey Mulligan is a beautiful actress and Fassbender is just .... Well... No words can describe his level of awesomness.... He's talented, he's amazingly hot and he's the only Mr. Rochester that i could enjoy besides Toby Stephens.
Marc Aquino (7 years ago)
Funniest review so far, guys! I like Fassbender, it stinks that I can't see this because it is NC-17. Oh well. At least I don't have to see his "Magneto".
Tebay71 (7 years ago)
@schmoesknow Great to hear! Keep up the good work with the reviews, YouReviewers Awards, and the podcasts! Love em all!
@Tebay71 Maybe the nicest guy on the planet
Cinematic Galaxy (7 years ago)
LOL @ Harloff's reaction at 3:41! And at the jokes! Anyway, I have yet to see a Fassbender film, a tbh I'm not sure this'll be the first one I watch. I may see it in time though, but not in theaters.
Tebay71 (7 years ago)
The only justification for that King Kong poster is the totally awesome Andy Serkis autograph. You're lucky, Kristian. Is he a good guy?
Jaywd3090 (7 years ago)
harloff, i will come down to the USA from the great white north just to steal that autographed poster. you are one lucky man.
Samuel Trejo (7 years ago)
How can you make a funny review of Shame? OK I tried not to laugh. But I will ask this, is it easier to look at a good looking guy go through this problem or not?
geostillo78 (7 years ago)
HAHAHAHA! See this is why i have you guys to take it for the team. That was far more than enough dick references for me to understand that they pulled a Dr. Manhatten on this one! Ill let my girl see it with her friends. Im good! LOL!
hunter12555 (7 years ago)
Like y'alls Backrounds
jungsbodyguard (7 years ago)
Not seen shame yet. Looks good, though. Have you guys seen Hunger, Steve Mcqueen's first film that also had Fassbender in it? That was really good. If this film is as good as that, I'm excited to see it.
Matty (7 years ago)
Great review. I like the new layout but nothing beats Rocky well maybe somthing Star Wars releated. Can I ask weither or not your local cinemas are making a big deal out of Phantom Meanace 3D?, becuase in my local theater they have about 5 of the same posters put up and a huge card Darth Maul stand.
Alerion Horizon (7 years ago)
Looks interesting
SeeItInIMAX (7 years ago)
I saw this a while back and really liked it. Fassbender was better here than in first class even though I loved him in that too.
heythisislauren (7 years ago)
I'm not a big fan of sexy time in movies, so i definitely steer clear of NC-17s. It probably is an incredible performance but eh, not worth it.
alittleolder (7 years ago)
I always suspected that Magneto was into really weird stuff
Logan Gray (7 years ago)
Thanks for reviewing! I really want to watch the movie now.
STRYDENT (7 years ago)
Wow! Dude pretty much does a porno with a coherent story and higher production value, shows his meat and gets all the props in the world? I'm gonna pass on this one.
DHBarehand (7 years ago)
I like the background, I want to see it the movie and yes it is NC17.
Fritz F. (7 years ago)
Hey do a review on the Prometheus Trailer!
Messofanego (7 years ago)
@marvelgeek24 Oh wow, really? I'm sure a lot of people have seen that, usually the industry tries to hide away the NC-17 movies. Last year was Blue Valentine.
maxonfire67 (7 years ago)
I miss the Rocky poster, the video quality never bothered me. Great review Guys!
@Crazycharliemma It is killing the quality of the vid, the lighting has been suffering
Charlie Shields (7 years ago)
@Tebay71 I know you are a fan Tebay

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