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Erykah Badu - Tyrone (Ain't My Style) (The Main Ingredient Remix)

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I decided to go WAAAAAAAAY back on this one. The sample is from The Main Ingredient's 1975 masterpiece, "That Ain't My Style". This is, of course, not the original instrumental. It was remixed and sampled (brilliantly), by a producer/mc by the name of Plekzagen a.k.a Plekzman as a track titled "Freundeskreis (Esperanto Cover)". And I thought Badu's "Tyrone" would sound really cool over this infectiously smooth groove...so I remixed it a little and tried to give it that real old skool LP recording sound. Hope you like! And check out Plekz channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PlekzMan Plekz BBM Pin: 29910799 P.S. Thank you @Plekzagen! And just go on wit yo mad talented self! ;) Download it at www.audiosavage.com Like AudioSavage on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AudioSavage/173446586091459 Follow @realAudioSavage on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/realAudioSavage
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Text Comments (28)
bamberwales (1 month ago)
Top freaking marks.
Giorgi Jakeli (1 year ago)
Aleksandra Bijeljac (2 years ago)
Jerome Kerney (2 years ago)
this is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
Jackie Cottrell (3 years ago)
Sorry, meant to say Imany's 'the Good the Bad and the Crazy' rather than 'You Don't Know'.
Jackie Cottrell (3 years ago)
This type of work is what makes youtube  truly great; you've spun 'The Badu', as i call her, back down the time tunnel and made her sound contemporary with the 1970's, which is justified as she is obviously heavily influenced by the music and culture of the late 60's up to the mid 70's. How on earth did you think of combining these two tracks? Genius! You are an original for sure!  LOVE IT! In the bargain I have discovered a new Artist, Main Ingredient. Thank you. PS, Imany's 'You Don't Know' would work on top of this track too.
Blinki18284 (5 years ago)
Butterfly12 (5 years ago)
I love it. It´s great.
Ulu Kaan (5 years ago)
Pofff REaly good Realy Perfect.....
John McAllister (5 years ago)
This... is... my... FAVORITE... remix of this damn song! You need to make sure that you talk to whoever you need to to get this damn song released on air, b/c this is the hottest rework of this song I have EVER heard.
rickey b butler (5 years ago)
You have reach true greatness with this mixs
rickey b butler (5 years ago)
You have reach greatness with mix
Mia Diana (6 years ago)
non mi piace......ridammi Erykah....!!!!! Suona male.
Anon Man (7 years ago)
This mash up has more views than the whole of my catalogue put together! Props to audiosavage for the work he put in on the track :) Let's get it to 100,000 views!
Anon Man (7 years ago)
Props once again to @audiosavage for giving me production credits. The mash up sounds nice brother!
leximarisa (7 years ago)
oh lol I didnt even notice it I was so wrapped up in the song lol thanks
audiosavage (7 years ago)
@leximarisa Check the info!
leximarisa (7 years ago)
can I download this somewhere? i need this everywhere i go!!!!
leximarisa (7 years ago)
If I wasnt high before listening to this I am now !!!! awesome !!!!!
Browneeentertainment (7 years ago)
nice mix, harmonize perfectly :)
Lauren Btt (7 years ago)
@llcoolpete1 lol are you fucked in the head
Dao Ferrell (7 years ago)
hey hey hey hey hey this make me chill out
mouseymcglynn (7 years ago)
This is awesome.
Joequeshia Walker (7 years ago)
Hell yes :)
Anon Man (7 years ago)
@PhreeSoul You can check it out on my channel. I'm the producer. It's in the Soul/Motown playlist under "Freundeskreis Esperanto Cover (Original by The Main Ingredient). They sampled it in 1999.
PhreeSoul (7 years ago)
Can you tell me where I can get the remix you used here (Ain't My Style) ? I would love to hear it without Erykah on it. Thank you in advance if you can tell me where to find it, or send it to me! <3
Dan O (7 years ago)
This is absolutely brilliant
muchumoja (8 years ago)
This is SO my style! Awesome tune!!! Keep 'em coming!!!

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