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Episode 2: How to import by sea from China to the US

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The current process is as of July 1st, 2017 because US customs do change important process regularly. In this episode, we go over importation step-by-step to the USA for sea shipping under EXW. We are going to use China as an example since most products are Made In China. Step 1: POA - Allow the freight forwarder to handle your cargo Step 2: Pick up in from the supplier Step 3: AMS - Automatic Manifest System - Must be completed 72 hours before vessel sail. If not, it cargo will not be loaded and importers increase their chance of inspection and fines. Step 4: ISF - Importer Security Filing "10+2" - Must be completed 24 hours before vessel sail. If not, importers increase their chance of inspection and fines up to $5000. We have yet to see this fine but US Customs has announce for many years. Step 5: Arrival Notice - Summary alert of imported cargo being import to the importer. Provide by the freight forwarder after the vessel sail. Step 6: Invoice and Packing list - Shipper gives it to the consignee/importer. Importer confirms it is correct and give them to the freight forward. Step 7: Customs clearance Final Step: Deliver the cargo to our warehouse for processing: inspect, storage, label and release to final destination. Major errors that importers make: - No "Made in _____" marking - Master Carton marking - FDA, DOT, USFWS, and Certificate for toy product. For product that needs to go through these agency, without them product cannot clear customs. Transit time from Shanghai or Shenzhen to Long Beach, CA by water FCL (Full container load): 14-16 days on the water, 3-5 days to unload off the vessel, 1 day to our warehouse for processing LCL ( Loose cargo load): 14-16 days on the water, 3-5 days to unload off the vessel, 3-5 days to unload from the container, 1 day to our warehouse for processing For more info or you need freight forwarding services, please e-mail: [email protected] Website: www.worldcraftlogistics.com
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UnitedTuners01 (1 month ago)
Awesome video! Very informative. I just emailed you
Rand Sollie (2 months ago)
Do you handle all of this for customers? I need to ship products from China and was told I need to ship by sea. I know it cost less, but is it enough of a savings to justify the time it takes? Can I still get it door to door even by sea?
WorldCraft Logistics TV (2 months ago)
you can request for a rate here http://www.worldcraftlogistics.com/request-a-rate/
Rand Sollie (2 months ago)
+WorldCraft Logistics TV I was already told by my manufacturer in China that the orders are getting too big for air freight. So I need to get ready for shipping by sea. I can't seem to find your contact information. How do I proceed? How do I hire you? What is my first step in getting everything ready for you to help me, so there are no surprises? Thanks for the quick reply.
WorldCraft Logistics TV (2 months ago)
Yes, we handle all these steps for our customer. 97% of the world cargo is moved by sea. The shipping cost by air doesn't justify to move any cargo but electronic and urgent shipment. Let me know if you have more questions
A T (5 months ago)
That was a really helpful video Jimmy. I'm looking forward to working with you and your staff.
Tens of DU (6 months ago)
If I want one small 2'x2' box sent to me from China do I have to do all this? I can't justify $700 fees on a $50 item.
WorldCraft Logistics TV (6 months ago)
if you have 1 box from china at 2 feet x 2 feet, just express air it. Ask your supplier to ship it for you. You don't need to use a freight forwarder until your cargo is 275+ KGS or 1.65+CBM
mike russo (7 months ago)
Excellent Video and resource!
Tyler Crawford (7 months ago)
Hi Jimmy, I emailed you
David (1 year ago)
Great video for FBA sellers trying to get started on Amazon. Keep up the great content !
Joshua Perry (1 year ago)
Great overview on this, very informative.

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