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Describing Donald Trump in English - How to Develop English Fluency and Speaking Confidence

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Describing Donald Trump in English - How to Develop English Fluency and Speaking Confidence Click here to get your free guide so you can start sounding more native! - http://www.bit.ly/2avkGhU If you can read, write and understand English quite well, but not speak fluently and confidently, there's just one simple reason why. Download your free copy of Speak English Naturally to discover the simple steps to fluency, see immediate improvement in your spoken English, start speaking English like native speakers and enjoy your conversations! In this video, I describe Donald Trump in everyday, conversational English as a beginning, intermediate and advanced English speaker to help you build fluency and speaking confidence, and sound more like a native English speaker. :) http://www.bit.ly/2avkGhU
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Text Comments (176)
George Sánchez (19 days ago)
Amazing I've never imagined someone describing Donald Trump like this.
bejaoui fourat (26 days ago)
i like all your videos . what's your facebook name ? i look forward to talk to you and become friends
Panayot Panayotov (1 month ago)
It's not just easy to learn with you, I'm feeling positive charged after every lesson, thank you! I'm recommending you to everyone who wants to learn English, sure that 99% also do that, and the rest 1% you have time to correct your self :P Wish you 1M subscribers for 2019! All people in the world should be able to communicate with each other, Drew - Connecting people!
Dali (4 months ago)
Ive talked about him TWICE with native and my friend before watching this video lol I wish Id watched it earlier, it must be fun to talk about his scowl and hair do haha But he's a good looking man
Kilda Saints (5 months ago)
Stupid description of my lovely President
caslanda aurelus (9 months ago)
Nice video, but you look like him Andrew ;)
janardhan rao (9 months ago)
I am taking classes online ,my cell number 9177626339
janardhan rao (9 months ago)
Hi sir,nice presentation sir,this is janardhan from india,i am maths faculty for SAT,ACT,GRE,GMAT
Nissar Bhat (10 months ago)
I need a partner for practicing, if any1 is interested plz whatsapp me 07780812936
Yeager Mcbipper (10 months ago)
So your idea of teaching English is to berate other people? As you stand there in a trashy t-shirt and $2 haircut? Then you have the gall to say you are the #1 source of English fluency? You're just another poor English teacher failure at life wannabe.
Inna Zhurav (11 months ago)
Thanks for the lesson! I`ve known some new words.
NUJMA JAHAN (1 year ago)
plx give english subtitles
rajiv gola (1 year ago)
Some picture looking like killed who some one
rajiv gola (1 year ago)
Super & right telling u to presednt USA
raffa ojeda (1 year ago)
I can help to descrtive but his personality features more than his physical features: in my own words there are only negative adjectives for trump
Oleg Jagga (1 year ago)
"Donald Trump: The pussy grabbing wall building climate change denying health care abolishing tax dodging shit spewing demagogue." (c) Jonathan Pie This is the most correct way to describe him I've seen so far.
Scedorf Morgan (1 year ago)
thank you for this description, please try to put a subtitle I thank it will be more useful for us <<< best regards
angie tencio (1 year ago)
lol love your videos make me laugh and learn at the same time:)
Priya Patnecha (1 year ago)
U r so negative, sorry but I don't like this.
Nikolas Torn (1 year ago)
Scowl comb over weird woven soft helmet booth tanning saloon/ hairdo, a piece on his hair, to be outed the art of the deal was ghost writed, half the royalties, patterned that scowl patented way of moving/expression
Евгений (1 year ago)
Help! I don't uderstand how translate this "interesting comb-over typically". Why is typically if he says "interesting"????? How can so strangely talk
rey gil (1 year ago)
Marouf Hamza (1 year ago)
Juan. Antonio (1 year ago)
D.T. has comb over, orange face, sad face,blond hair, white around his eyes. insteresting hair do, has a pice, his ghost writer could be a better candidate for president, has a frown.
Elona Peposhi (1 year ago)
Syed Danish (1 year ago)
I can easily understand you but still I wonder I can't get what is said in american mobies
Success (1 year ago)
Hello, Drew. Hey, I'm not sure if you are interested, but I would love to have personal tutoring sessions. Interested?
Asier Lancho Diego (1 year ago)
What have I just watched??? (>_<)
vikrant singh (1 year ago)
thanku sir I listion Daly and follow your instructions .i got confidanc
Peterminator (1 year ago)
vikrant singh thank you; daily; confidence
Morbid Approach (1 year ago)
I saw several of your movies. Great stuff for improving English and getting more fluently. Currently I'm better in reading than in understanding spoken English, but because I'm going to visit the US next year, I really need to improve. Well, your videos help very much. Thank you.
Emily Sánchez (1 year ago)
Bravoooooo!!!!! I love this video Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Mexico.
Blitzer Tanker (1 year ago)
Orange face lol
Black Horse (1 year ago)
The content is not important but your english is.damm good
Black Horse because he is a native speaker
Jefferson Diegues (1 year ago)
Brow, where R U from? I can understand U pretty well, but some other teachers I don't...
Klara Faltová (1 year ago)
I love you Drew X
Gany Valdes (1 year ago)
Come on bro he is better than a comunist killary clinton i will unsuscribet.......your comments are out of context
fuk of trump
Guilherme G (2 years ago)
I think the problem is that if we don´t have someone to correct us, we don´t know what is right and what is wrong. PS: sorry for my English, I'm learning
sdushdiu (2 years ago)
Sorry, but that is NOT a "definition" of Donald Trump, it was simply a Description. In English - on occasion - words mean things.
Rodrigues x (2 years ago)
man... kkkk you forget to mention that trump has a unique color: he is the firt orange human being. maybe he isn't a human being .
zhee thunderstroms (1 year ago)
Marcos Rodrigues hahaha
Zargham Shah (2 years ago)
Is someone here to finding boy to talk English with to improve their English I seeking too here's my imo number 03123456324,Thanks you all
Amer Amer (2 years ago)
Thank you for your efforts, i am from Egypt and i like all your videos
Misun Yi (2 years ago)
Trump has very warm smile on his face if you see other pictures on youtube . Andrew looks only picked up bad pictures of him. He needed to search more pictures but he didn't. It is a shame.
Misun Yi (2 years ago)
Trump looks very happy and funny. Merry Christmas
Michael Douglas Neves (2 years ago)
you're awesome and I love your videos they have helped me a lot. Thanks.
Mervat Magdy (2 years ago)
Melk Porto (2 years ago)
Now, I would describe him as Mr. President
Rajeswari Marisetti (2 years ago)
But you look very smart and handsome guy
Touchnhean Nhean (2 years ago)
Once again I really like how you explain and I understood every word you explained. That's why you the perfect teacher I'd like you to please make a video that explain some of those word from the 100 civics equation. There are so many word in that I don't know to meaning. Please....
رشاد الملجمي (11 months ago)
You sre funny
Touchnhean Nhean (2 years ago)
Idk if you have read my comment request for you to please explain some word from the 100 civics question for American citizenship
Tania Bond (2 years ago)
that was hilarious! I had a lot of fun, thanks a million
Desolated Person (2 years ago)
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Marcos Alves (2 years ago)
Isn Deca (2 years ago)
nice video :)
K roge (2 years ago)
is he the "miss universe"guy!!!oh gosh! he is...
cosmic clown (2 years ago)
a helmet on his head XD I think political is a good matter to learn english because everyone wants to show the point of view each one has.
Fernando Asuaje (2 years ago)
Hi, Andrew. I know you already did it with Donald Trump, but... Can you make a video about how to generally describe a person? They way you, native people, would do it. Thanks anyway, like ur videos. They're amazingly helpful!
Teorema posgrad (2 years ago)
good video
Anderson Pioner (2 years ago)
Excelent video for advanced learner. If you want to let it better you could put some text on it with the meaning of some words and expressions instead of speling it. That would be perfect!
Guto Reina (2 years ago)
OK, let's see what you got about Hillary. Thanks
As a mexican, my description would be really different!!!😜😜😜
angie tencio (1 year ago)
muro muroooooo jajaajjaja
Kawkab Althaibani (2 years ago)
I love it. But if you can spell out the new words or better put them on the screen. Also after you explain how to describe if you can repeat it with no interruption of expalinatio so we know how it sounds. Thanks again
Tư Minh Khánh (2 years ago)
I really ẹnjoy your videos and thank you very much!
paulo marcos trentin (2 years ago)
merry carefree (2 years ago)
I hate his becoming a president of United State, because he is not a united supporter, he is only a discriminative.
Please Read My Name (2 years ago)
intended to be kept secret. "confidential information" synonyms: private, personal
Please Read My Name (2 years ago)
intended to be kept secret. "confidential information" synonyms: private, personal
brian kristianto (2 years ago)
Hi, What's your name?
Md.Enamul Hoq (2 years ago)
I need a partner to improve my speaking english. My skype id: Md.Enamul Hoq
ernest zelenika (2 years ago)
hi i am Ernest from Croatia. this is my what's up number 00385994212929. call me. i need a partner too
George H. (2 years ago)
When i think of Donald duck i try to describe the small loan of a million dollars his father gave him.
Thao Duong (2 years ago)
thank you so much for all your videos.....
The Riddler (2 years ago)
Hi Drew, you are a great teacher, i love your videos! Can you make a video about giving directions? Or even how to describe your family or job... thanks a lot!
goran jegarac (2 years ago)
Hi Drew, excelent work as always! I have been thinking maybe you can describe some persons who we can give you by link for example. For fun and for teaching of course. "On line" students have to have interesting caracters from their TV station. I like the way you talk about haircut, patent face grimace... Awesome
humberto barrios (2 years ago)
bello drew, how much is It cost your clases??
joel miranda (2 years ago)
Alexi Danchev (2 years ago)
impressive presentation with a nice intelligent humor - I would recommend it to my friends.
pedro gutierrez (2 years ago)
thanks good video very nice greetings from chile ovalle city
aditom aditom (2 years ago)
So stupid description of Trump. If you chose this person, you can read some information about him before. People in Russia know more information about american candidates in president than american people) and its ridiculous!)))
Edwar Araujo (7 months ago)
i agree.
Adriana Mara Rá (1 year ago)
aditom aditom I think the focus of this class is learning how to speak in English and not about him. For this reason he doesn't describe him in a deep way.
cintia ruiz (2 years ago)
Your videos are always fantastic. Thank you very much for helping me to improve my vocabulary and my listening.
kate. (2 years ago)
nice video. thank u. :) but it would be better if you write some new words or expressions that you used in your lesson.
Janah Tamjis (2 years ago)
Tiv Jobs (2 years ago)
Thanks Sir :)
Hans M (2 years ago)
ez pizi en tu bici :v
Zeena Maki (2 years ago)
Hi everyone, this man scares me when he says BYE BYE.
Really great speech,and we don't want what is the subject,we want only how he is describing. Because we are learning English so please focus on topic only. Thank you lot.
lubis Lubis XII (2 years ago)
can you make a video about conversation in hotel (reservation, check in/out, handling complaint etc) please?
Thank You very much)
Boshra Alshikh (2 years ago)
I dislike him .... But you are great and it is a very useful video Thank you
de felsen (2 years ago)
lol u kinda dont like him ..describing him like evil coz he mentioned japan in some early speeches ..dont be like some mexicans that hate him coz from the wall ...before really knowing what he is all about .. today he is leading on the cnn poll ... same people that voted obama 2 times in row ...
Ernesto Meléndez (2 years ago)
Have you ever thought put subtitles on the videos because for learners it would be useful
Setha Setha (10 months ago)
I thinks so
Fubipa Mendoza (1 year ago)
Hit "Subtitles" button, boton right side of screen
Mateo Velastegui (2 years ago)
Actibe the subtitles, I always do that and are good on his videos
Ernesto Meléndez (2 years ago)
+Tanzira Ahamed of course that I understand the complete video but it'll be a good idea because most of the times the beginners learn easily reading and listening because anybody here was born with all the knowledge like you jajajaja jajajaja jajajaja
Tanzira Ahamed (2 years ago)
like he always said, you should start with his beginning videos. then you will be used to voice and that will be easier for you to catch what he says..
Ameer Abbas (2 years ago)
thank u
lawakumar achary (2 years ago)
sir , it's better to tell a lesson between a salesmen and a customer
detective conan (2 years ago)
Awesome video as expected.
Joa Pirata (2 years ago)
I have a problem pronouncing the middle 't' in patent as you say it. Is not the usual sound of the t, how do you pronounce it?
nada (2 years ago)
I think it's like you're saying 'd' instead of 't'
Evgeny P (2 years ago)
oh no! we do not make a great progress from tennis Ball to Donald Trump description, because the tennis Ball was more complicated and nicer then its opponents Trump and Boot (according to your description):) Sorry about Pen- I didn't see the video. What about Hillary? May be in next video we'll see her? Seriously, I really like your videos, Drew.
V8 monster (2 years ago)
awesome ... keep going
M. Haider (2 years ago)
Hi ... I really benefit from all of what i watch of videos u have introduced on youtube >> I was wondering whether there are any audio series of such a kind of lectures. it will be so good to have my earphones while im doing some activity other than learning such as doing my exercise in gym jogging, or any other activities.. if there is such athing i will be thankful for u if u guide me to it .. Many thanx bro.
Ayman (2 years ago)
I just discover your channel yesterday, and believe or not it's the first time that I decide to use Youtube subscribe button, Like button or even posting a comment, I think I'm going to watch all upcoming videos, and the once I already missed. You began a very interested series which is extracting conversational phrases from a Tv shows, would you do Johan Oliver Last Week To Night, it's really a very entertaining show, and being the host of the show is a British will be an opportunity to explain some phrases not so familiar in the US daily English....Thanks
Joy Premroj (2 years ago)
Thank you for your video
edilson lobo (2 years ago)
Awesome video Drew. Just for fun I'd describe some famous characters like a freak of nature (LOL) Here in Brazil there are a lot of them as well. On the flip side we couldn't deny that most of them are really a brain because they have been making a killing along their lives. Keep up with such interesting videos. One day I'll speak as good as you do. You can improvise a lot of gems that really have encouraged English learners to push themselves to reach high levels. Salute from Brazil.

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