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DIY Glow In The Dark iPhone 6 Case

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BUY - http://bit.ly/2nOmk2z EXCESSORIZE ME. Merch/Shop - http://bit.ly/2vDwVzG SAVE 20% ON FIRST BESPOKE POST BOX, USE CODE: BOXME20 SUBSCRIBE TO BESPOKE POST HERE - http://bit.ly/2I1TBlQ ---------------------------------------------------- Here's a quick how-to/tutorial on how to create a DIY glow in the dark case for your iPhone 6. My inspiration came from the SlickWraps glow in the dark skins. You'll stand out from the crowd and you can do any design you like, or just spray the whole case (recommended for anyone who doesn't like to waste time). I use Rust-Oleum's glow in the dark spray paint, though I'm sure any brand will work. If you have the time, definitely prime it first as the glow works best on white surfaces. ---------------------------------------------------- GEAR LIST - http://bit.ly/2wphTQP ---------------------------------------------------- SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: http://bit.ly/2amNJPL ---------------------------------------------------- Website: http://www.excessorize.me Faceboook: https://www.facebook.com/excessorizeme Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/excessorizeme Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/excessorize.me ----------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (571)
Dolly com Biscoito (9 days ago)
Do this with the poco f1(bit in the Red color),pls?
David O'Connor (1 month ago)
Click bate how do you make sike gymking and siksilk ea7 page
hussain mahmud (1 month ago)
It looks good in the dark allright.. But ugly af in daylight
Ezana Abebe (1 month ago)
How smart!📱
kailas mb (2 months ago)
دريا جان (2 months ago)
ده ست خوش
Rafael Mendez (2 months ago)
ass job , good idea
Lixy Daison (4 months ago)
Get lost
Augusto Baiju (4 months ago)
Glow in the dark poo, sounds cool.
Zong Cokiesdance (5 months ago)
Great video! Love it! Any Chance to collaborate? I've sent you 2 E-mails.
Mohammad Imran (5 months ago)
Fuck off
"Sprays to body"
Breadcrumb (6 months ago)
Suvadip Pramanik (6 months ago)
Nice , but I want to know the element radium
silent killer (7 months ago)
Cumali ile Oyun zamazı (7 months ago)
Ananı sikim oruspu çocuğu sonda niye küfür ediyorsun🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🍑🍑🍑
Zied Craft (7 months ago)
Ilovesml123 (7 months ago)
I got a new keyboard!1!!!!!!!!!!!
ag034924 (8 months ago)
Can you review a case called mosafe for the iphone x
Carlos Darte Darte (8 months ago)
fuck you
Miguel Yanez (8 months ago)
Great video with an awesome idea. I saw someone I sub to showing off color changing plastic dip, then searched that. From there i thought of glow in the dark paint and what i could use it on. Spraying my phone case would be fun, thanks for the idea. I will try to make or get a stencil thing made for the spraying to be easier for me, or i might just spray the whole damn case
Dean Winchester (9 months ago)
Cut your hair!!!
KG Nation (9 months ago)
he looks older here than now
dhenz dennis (9 months ago)
Can i ask you Mr. ? what kind of material is that? can you give the name plsss mr.
danish siddique (9 months ago)
Falanie Mashburn (10 months ago)
the voiceover 😂😂😭😭😭
tootingbskaevolo (10 months ago)
*or you could just put the glowing skin underneath the case*
de NL squad (10 months ago)
Is this only for iphone 6?
Joe Bryant (10 months ago)
Joe Bryant (10 months ago)
Your Videos are awesome. I actually trust your drop test because you toss the shit like I do lol
lascha 2nd (10 months ago)
This Only Glow In 4 - 8 Hours. If Yes F*ck Me
Bruise Knee (10 months ago)
hey, yo those are cool sandals! do they make them for mens?
PAPI (10 months ago)
Can you pls link your case btw #instantSub
Hayden Carlos (10 months ago)
glow in the dark mother fuc-video ending
Hayden Carlos (10 months ago)
glow in the dark mother fuc-video ending
Nur Mj (11 months ago)
This is not amizing I also can do
ik ben een verscutte man (11 months ago)
Yago Pikachu (11 months ago)
BR ?
Coutinnur 7 (11 months ago)
He motherfuc**r at the end of video?
SuperPussyFinger (11 months ago)
Why would anyone want a giant Nike logo that glows in the dark?
EXCESSORIZE ME. (11 months ago)
Good question...
afiq havoc (11 months ago)
Mr GreedyFilms (11 months ago)
you bitch
Josh Herrera (11 months ago)
Could have done a better job honestly but that's just my opinion
EXCESSORIZE ME. (11 months ago)
+Josh Herrera Same.
Park Emma (11 months ago)
CARS SPOTTER QTR (11 months ago)
Why am I watching this
AB VLOGS (11 months ago)
Your voice is disturbing 😩😐
Logically Speaking (11 months ago)
Do iPhone X cases man cmon I need one
EXCESSORIZE ME. (11 months ago)
It hasn't even been sent out yet!
Logically Speaking (11 months ago)
Do iPhone X cases
Erik (11 months ago)
2:27 ??????
Mohamed El Habak (11 months ago)
Morher fucker
MpefortyEU (1 year ago)
Lmao the end motherfuc. ..
max ayad ali (1 year ago)
He says mother f 2:32
max ayad ali (1 year ago)
He says mother fu#$
Ferdynand lie (1 year ago)
everything for you (1 year ago)
Teri maki boasada
Asslaamu Alaikum cover men leg untill knee not allowed in islam. no salvation without islam Read Quran, ALLAH is talking with you, your creator.
wow I must try it
Daníel Þóroddsson (1 year ago)
He did a great job on this.
Henry Hermann (1 year ago)
Andas chinelas rolter?
Rabin Rao (1 year ago)
Hiiiiii.....!!! bro. 😃😃😃😃 LG Q6 back. cover style // plz
Manjula Paliath (1 year ago)
It's useless
Bruno bk (1 year ago)
mano vão todos vcs toma no cu vai fala português moi de fila da puta
play hard (1 year ago)
pora caralho
Jodawg Lewis (1 year ago)
Dude made me laugh for like an hour
EXCESSORIZE ME. (1 year ago)
Wow! That's a long time...
Basically Oreoz (1 year ago)
EpicRaay HD (1 year ago)
On the end i heard madefackers?
X Beingz (1 year ago)
bro,check this link https://youtu.be/9NFIuTOhzJI
EXCESSORIZE ME. (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Great video man!! Keep up the great content lol
tem como você fazer um com nome da Guettho é Guettho
Fullhappyness (1 year ago)
une nouvelle abo !!! peut tu t abonner à ma chaine stp ?
Alejandro Leitón (1 year ago)
So this is it when he didn't make those crazy intros🤔🤔
Harsh Shrivastav (1 year ago)
nice video
Araea Barber (1 year ago)
I wisb i had that
mr nobodybutyou (1 year ago)
nice shoes
SSF Channel (1 year ago)
aries (1 year ago)
you can hear the deep regret in his voice truly incredible
Denzil David (1 year ago)
can i get one spray please
Kirill T.A.D (1 year ago)
Andria The Sinner (1 year ago)
At the end "That's it glow in the dark mother fu- XD
kkk jjj (1 year ago)
منين اجيب هالبخاخ
ambhoy (1 year ago)
Glow in the dark MF 😂👍🏻
Louazna Mousli (1 year ago)
Newgamer Thailand (1 year ago)
xRamensoupx (1 year ago)
What are thooosee
jitender bachchani (1 year ago)
are you crazy
streetbass 786 (1 year ago)
what a load of shit
SOMALI GRUOP !! (1 year ago)
glow in the dark mother f what is that mean !!?
und3rgr0undfr34k (1 year ago)
ROFL! outro
glow in the dark mother f-----
REBECCA ROSS (1 year ago)
mether fucker
Kacper Majchrzak (1 year ago)
huj nie etui lepszy kondon
Aiman Ismail (1 year ago)
only iphone 6 or any phone case can do like this
Aiman Ismail (1 year ago)
EXCESSORIZE ME. ok thank you
EXCESSORIZE ME. (1 year ago)
It'll work for any case!
Roxy Ewing (1 year ago)
Can u do this with any phone case?
FigGuru29 (1 year ago)
That looks like shit man...
Mr Shark Gamer (1 year ago)
And those shoes look a grandma would wear those
Mr Shark Gamer (1 year ago)
What shoes are you wearing
ST Embassad0r (1 year ago)
glow in the dark mother fuckk
Bryan Wakonabo (1 year ago)
I'm going to make one now
Bryan Wakonabo (1 year ago)

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