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Qlik Data Catalyst Product Tour - The Catalog

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This series of videos introduces you to the various modules available in the Qlik Data Catalyst Enterprise Data Management platform. Videos will be released here in the Qlik Community: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Data-Catalyst/ct-p/qlik-data-catalyst Prepare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZ-JmyX6AwI The Data Catalyst Catalog is an interactive Marketplace Dashboard that provides immediate insight and actions on entities across your data ecosystem. Here you can see all the data entities that are part of the Qlik Data Catalyst catalog. Every tile represents a different entity or table of data. These entities were either onboarded into the catalog from an enterprise data source, or even created directly through a Qlik Data Catalyst data preparation job.
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Text Comments (4)
Tomáš Velecký (5 months ago)
Is it possible to retrieve datasets in Data Catalogue via JDBC or REST API?
Qlik (5 months ago)
Hi Tomas - yes it is. more information will be available in our new section in the Qlik Community so please stay tuned. - Mike
Sn0pY96 (5 months ago)
How we can install on an existing Qlik Sense?
Michael Tarallo (5 months ago)
Hi there - Qlik Data Catalyst self service install information is coming. Stay tuned to the Qlik Community and Qlik.com to learn more. Please feel free to connect with me in the community @mto and on twitter @mtarallo.

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