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Russian Army Girls.flv

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Kusova Amina (5 years ago)
Russian army - the best in the world
mhamdg (6 years ago)
i'm not russian and now cause of ur rule in syria i'm glade i'm not
Extreme Weapons (6 years ago)
I knew Russian woman were hot just look at Anne V but this is unbeliveable!
Sylie (6 years ago)
Beauty of the dead :3
mhamdg (6 years ago)
@alexey19976 مش فاهم عليك ,,شو بوجعك؟
Genkinston (6 years ago)
@mhamdg пошла ка нахуй , наших не касаться!!
maksim0112 (6 years ago)
@vanek34rybin кретин. Вот такие будто ты и кушать провокаторы конфликтов!
NEY Industries (6 years ago)
@mhamdg I'm russian , and i can say that lot of this photos is a shit , cause part of them is a photos of HQ employees , you'll never get to them , even if you'll want(also they are 30-40 years old and married) , another part is a staging photos , and even 1-3 is a real , but those girls has their own bases , so you'll never see them at your base territory .
imjustpassinthru (6 years ago)
Where do I enlist? Do you accept U.S Citizens?
anderci fsp (6 years ago)
1:06 el camara se pone las botas......
anderci fsp (6 years ago)
0:25 WTF??????
L'Angienus (6 years ago)
I love the music. What's the name of the song?
mhamdg (6 years ago)
i'm not russian but with all these babes i will be glad to join your army ;)
volikoto (6 years ago)
0:09 she is so beautiful!!!
poisonsnk (6 years ago)
Fuck I love Russian girls they are so pale and beautiful I want to merry one!! mamacitas
Thema inproblem (6 years ago)
Great video! What a bunch of total babes!! Beautiful women! Respect from Apache Junction, Arizona.
BasterNSK (6 years ago)
@ZeusDeusEx no more how you mom suck
Alvin Felony (6 years ago)
@a1b2c3z44 basically they're members of Russian Girls Band, Blestyashchie. Go check them out
suncityheat (6 years ago)
These girls made me get a chubby.
mechwurm (6 years ago)
too bad russian accents sound like shit...
Jay Jeong (6 years ago)
id love to be captured by them and "raped" yoohoo, russian gals, come to me, ill be waiting ;)
王星海 (6 years ago)
哇!性感的軍隊,我很喜歡 ^
badass447 (6 years ago)
OMG! They are like supermodels or something...
GodKing804 (6 years ago)
I dont think i could shoot them if they were running towards me :D
heinzwg (6 years ago)
What is that background music? I like it
gypseytoo (6 years ago)
I didnt say it wasnt a real russian human being I SAID they are proffesional models which do not engage in combat and again KILLING is not attractive only to sick evil people who wish to murder other human beings
@gypseytoo HAhaha!=) It.s real Russian girl!!!!!! Russia URAA!!!!!
高山泰弘 (6 years ago)
gypseytoo (7 years ago)
these are FAKE pictures of models real army women dont wear tons of makeup and striped shirts this is just propoganda Killing is NOT attractive
Ugudei T (7 years ago)
WTF from 1:10?
REALCEBVEN (7 years ago)
ajay1ification (7 years ago)
russian girls are soo beautifull.........
I have seen some shit (7 years ago)
Thats why Russia will win.
Trevor Reed (7 years ago)
please invade the united states
MECKAJIb (7 years ago)
@a1b2c3z44 its true man, 0:52 - right - the famous slut )))
Pino K. K. (7 years ago)
0:44 1:12 aren't real army girls. models
Alejandro K (7 years ago)
yo soy de la capital de guatemala y vivo en los usa pork estoy sacando mi titulo de arquitecto pero cuando voy a guate tengo que admitir que las chavas de guate son tambien hermosas y muy carinosas!!!!
Chucho Chucho (7 years ago)
@pisodemarcia En el minuto 1:10 te apuesto que huele a pierna si te metes en medio de esas yeguas, de que parte sos vos, QUE VIVA COATEPEQUE PISADOS Y ARRIBA MI GENTE LOS INDIOS DE LA MONTANA QUE SON LA GENTE BUENA RIATA!
Alejandro K (7 years ago)
I like russian girls and I'm from Guatemala!!!
Drasko Pajic (7 years ago)
Naj lepse zene SVETA !!! RUSSIA No.1 !!!

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