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Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds Compared to EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds

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An in depth comparison between the Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds and the EastWest Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds.
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Walid Feghali (6 months ago)
Hey William! Nice comparison. Would like to ask what library you're using for those nice solo strings in the beginning? Or is that live? :) Thank you. W.
William McFadden (6 months ago)
Thanks Walid. Used Dimension Strings in the beginning.
Symphonic Workshop (8 months ago)
Your channel is great!! Liked, subscribed! Check out my channel and subscribe if you like! All the best to you!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yTZU1-NLubQLrY1GQmZVQ
William McFadden (8 months ago)
Hi Atilla, thank you. I did subscribe :)
Elias Skawronski Studio (10 months ago)
More correct — compare Spitfire Albion ONE and EW Hollywood Orchestra. Spitfire Woodwinds compare and EW Symphonic Orchestra Woodwinds
Rogier van Gemert (8 days ago)
Wait what? No no no.. Albion one is starter/instant gratification material... less detailed.. SF symphonic is more detailed, same for HW. (they are more alike, compared to albion)
Elias Skawronski Studio (10 months ago)
I mean EWHO more correct to compare with Albion ONE, not with Spitfire Symphonic — is it different products​ range
William McFadden (10 months ago)
Actually, it was a comparison between Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds and East West Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds to be more specific if you look at the GUI. I edited the title to clarify.
Walter The Musician (10 months ago)
Great video. I love to see libraries compared like this. I've just discovered your tutorials too. Neither library did well in this comparison. I only have the Hollywood Woodwinds. I don't use them, because they don't sound expressive played alone i.e. playing the Oboe, or the English Horn alone. I might occasionally use them in the future. East West sounds great in a mix, and there, you can't tell that they aren't real. There are plenty of Youtube videos where they sound just like in the movies. The East West Harry Potter video sold me on them. I was surprised that the older Hollywood Woodwinds sounded much better on the flutes and piccolo. The Spitfire sometimes sounded thin, and there seemed to be problems with the legato. The Spitfire strings in your other video sounded best. I'm sure they're both working on their next generation library. I wish you would turn the reverb down. I need to know how libraries sound without reverb added. If you can't remove reverb, than the library is unusable for many types of music.
William McFadden (10 months ago)
Thanks. Glad you liked the video.
MrJefferson94 (11 months ago)
Your videos are so much helpful! Thank you from France
William McFadden (11 months ago)
Thank you Mr. Jefferson! from California
Dancho Avramovski (11 months ago)
Wonderful and very helpful video William, So Thank you !
William McFadden (11 months ago)
You're very welcome Dancho! Glad you found it helpful.
Nicolo P (11 months ago)
"woodwind instruments of Berlin "?
William McFadden (11 months ago)
Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtkOtCqI1XE
Pesh (11 months ago)
Thank you very much for Sharing and putting the time into making these comparisons. You do an amazing job.
Pesh (11 months ago)
Its my absolute pleasure. Keep up the great work.
William McFadden (11 months ago)
Thank you very much Pesh for the feedback and encouragement.

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