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Israel Army Girls (IDF girls soldiers)

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Israeli soldiers, men and women, training in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).
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Text Comments (94)
222 222 (4 days ago)
l love israel's
I fuckkkk idf girl Israel bastard 🐖 cowards From india
sharoon bhatti (1 month ago)
God bless you Israel ilove Israel
Kosmos Br (2 months ago)
They are always smiling....charming
John Bagyan (2 years ago)
So that everyone may know, im here for the comment (esp the neg) and not the sexy girls. Eeer,,,, they really are beautiful. Be safe girls for the sake of your mothers.
said lolo (2 years ago)
army of bitch YES
Matt Moon (2 years ago)
Fuck Palistine, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria & Iraq.
Oliver Morland (3 years ago)
The most gender balanced army in the world!
Oliver Morland (2 years ago)
+Ahmetcan Töre I live in Europe, I don't think that Europeens hate me. And I don't Palestinians are my enemies either. We just have a clash of interest.
Oliver Morland (2 years ago)
+Ahmetcan Töre How do you mean?
Oliver Morland (2 years ago)
+Ahmetcan Töre yes
Syed Abbasi (3 years ago)
حالا اين داف ها كى حمله ميكنن ،زهى خيال باطل
MrTron (3 years ago)
I'd rather go into battle with any of these Israeli IDF girls than some Arab "soldier."
Cammac8 (3 years ago)
Too bad they're all going to end up a bunch of brainwashed, hate-filled cunts
Arman Arman (3 years ago)
+Cammac8 Maybe, but beautiful female breast increases the chance that a Jewish girl got shot in the heart
Don Salvador (3 years ago)
Patrick The Apostate (3 years ago)
+Jeff William lol
Don Salvador (3 years ago)
Uh Watch out we got a badass over here!
Don Salvador (3 years ago)
TREMENDOUS! (3 years ago)
meh not impressed
Johnas Dela Cruz (3 years ago)
reason why they want to conquer israel
Pete Simon (3 years ago)
+Madara Uchiha - Allah the moon-god taught the muslims to kill israeli civilian! Allah is evil-god or satan and false god!
Pete Simon (2 years ago)
Hmmm! meaningless!
Pete Simon (2 years ago)
Angel Gabriel said "I have not brought from God (Allah)". But the Quran has false revelation, historical or biblical error and misquoted verse!
Pete Simon (2 years ago)
Moses, David and Solomon were not Muslims! Liar!
Pete Simon (2 years ago)
Hmm! Allah is false god because Allah did not deliver a message to Muhammad! Muhammad was a false prophet!
Pete Simon (2 years ago)
+ace hardy - fuck you, too! hehehe!
anna volkman (3 years ago)
nice one i love israel! and im german. The real racists are those who hate israel
trog lodyte (3 years ago)
Normal video content but fucking creepy pervy rape backing music.
Usman Haji (3 years ago)
Fuck Israel
Nayef Ali Asiri (3 years ago)
Whores Jews of Israel will fall soon to come to Jerusalem, the Islamic state to slaughter Jews descendants of apes and pigs
William Rodriguez (3 years ago)
If they survive the battlefield they still won't survive the flames of hell. Fuck IsraHell! Fuck Zionists!! Fake ass AshkeNAZI KHAZARS have no share of Abraham's bloodline! It's a fucking lie! Go back to Poland Germany Russia Ukraine Hungary Austria....fight for your real lands...last time I checked Hitler and Nazi Germany are long gone! You aint foolin no one here!
Mohamed Besher (3 years ago)
حد خد بالو وشاف بنات الجولان بجيش الدفاع
salah benlembarek (3 years ago)
palastine <3
Evillain (3 years ago)
bunch of unorganized jahoodi fucks
by step in world (3 years ago)
متى يكون هذا اللحم الابيض الجميل جواري وسبايا للمسلمين
medo sadk (4 years ago)
fuck isreal
Radioman909 (4 years ago)
I thought the girls had to cut their hair like the men?
Terron (4 years ago)
Go Israel from kurdistan
Joseph Alwin (4 years ago)
Indian Military Women
jhalz M (4 years ago)
Oh! Now, i see. So, dis is wat they are doing in israel. They are exploiting women to join military to commit mass murder and for the furtherance of their evil agenda and terroristic activities. And they are using these women as amusement and for fun in the military camps. Lol.
jerolvilladolid (4 years ago)
987inuyasha (3 years ago)
Arabs are not humans so, who cares?
jerolvilladolid (4 years ago)
ndrthrdr1 (3 years ago)
+Microsoftnextgeneretionconsoles xbox Israelis are land thieves.  That's not defense.  That's criminal.
If someone atack a person Ofcourse you must watch your back. He or she fights back. Its self defends. And in the army you defend your homeland. So they must dont cry if they are gone die. If everyone leave alone noting bad hapenend
Weed Man (4 years ago)
JayLuv (4 years ago)
Allahu Ackbar! Die you filthy Jewish scum!
Redogy (3 years ago)
+dohtem99 Anyone who mocks a specific group of people, and gives them that mocking identity,is a racist. So go fuck yourself.
dohtem99 (3 years ago)
+REDO EGY islam is not a race u dumb fuck so stfu
JayLuv (3 years ago)
Exactly my friend, I was just merely testing to see what type of responses ensue. Nothing else, Peace. 
David Bett (3 years ago)
+Madara Uchiha I bet you just want to get a reaction. So you can have a helluva time reading the replies. Ackbar is spelt Akbar. And By all means God is sure great and HE is no murderer
Remington Steel (3 years ago)
+REDO EGY haha you fagot, he was muslim, did the whole ramadan thing.
promo (4 years ago)
fuck off fuck israel fuck jews
Adeel khan (4 years ago)
Abba  YAHWEH  ES  YAHSHUA  Bless  you  all   ISREAL
Adeel khan (4 years ago)
i love  ISREAL
bane son (4 years ago)
ugly looking whores
jay Drown (4 years ago)
I want a Jewish girlfriend so bad!!!!* Their so Hott
Chakes Delymeir (4 years ago)
HA HA :D ALL you Suck My Dıck !. You BİTCHES.  What the fuck do them: D
Y888yGamer (4 years ago)
Israel Go to Hell,
hasmin32 (4 years ago)
fuck you israel.......go to the helllll.........
Kalas Hnikov (4 years ago)
im egyption and thes girls will fuck in the ass deeb hhhhh where is your men bitches hitlar will back and burn you big asses 
farceadentus (4 years ago)
All I saw was a bunch of sorry brainwashed kids.
Well in Israël the law say that every person must join the army if you turn 18 (i think). And soldiers fight ofcourse. Even if you are a hot girl and your a healty. you must join the army 😏. Everyone who can train too schoot or fight. Join the army, i have no fighting skills so Im no war Hero so i probely run away if they coming. Or try too defend myself. If hot girls coming too get me. I can say that i like it.😳But i wil not. 😔(War is no game) But the real skiled force in Israël are the Israël commando.s i know that they are the real elite
Bora Bora (4 years ago)
No war, Just love
affma nut (4 years ago)
Jew is nazi
Cherny Igor (4 years ago)
who says smelly Turk you are all morons. and you still teach us how to live
Cherny Igor (4 years ago)
you a Nazi smelly Arab
Nabila Rajabi (4 years ago)
yup training to kill innocent lives in palestine sure go ahead 
wan ozz (4 years ago)
JAY G (4 years ago)
This World Hates God & It's Army. They rather Worship Someone they see "Humans" that makes mistakes & dies.
C4kamikaze (4 years ago)
Usually, women in arm is the last defensive option. They will be stationed on bases or promoted as a snipers. Anyway, muslims does not take prisoners which is like a demons that they will slaughter all the good ones. Self-destruction is the only remaining option. Get close to them.. and BOOM!!!
armaan thakur (4 years ago)
I love Israel n Israeli people from Kasol ........
mujdatozc (4 years ago)
Very beautiful and armed 😍
It's not a good idea to send these women into battle. Just imagine the POW rape & torture that would happen during a WW3 type scenario. 
juan anvarez (4 years ago)
Well, the most beautiful of them may be raped, but everyone else will just kill-shot in the left breast, there is where the heart is the best thing for them. Warriors of Islam should not take prisoners, and that these bitches can know? In order to be Zionists of all Muslim prisoners returned home enough to save the lives of several of them, all the others can be cut into small pieces and send to Israel corpses
zahir khan (4 years ago)
i like israeli girl  .  
GAMERcLUP (4 years ago)
uhuhuhuhuh :D :Dxd very strong DS:DASAD:aD:ASD this easy . :)
libertyeconomics (4 years ago)
I love IDF girls.
Annalee Sellars (4 years ago)
redrust3 (4 years ago)
Neil Diamond song. Jew from New York City.
andVelnor Solver (4 years ago)
sweet and strong
Booze129 (5 years ago)
great video
sabir aleskerov (5 years ago)
I love Israel
Vincent Vannier (5 years ago)
500 millions arabs vs 6 millions israeli jews (+circassian + druzes)
Iranianoilbourse (5 years ago)
I would say damn they are idiots haha....
Kyle (5 years ago)
Damn they're hot, GO ISRAEL
billsf (5 years ago)
Ok, this version is WAY better than your other hip-hop soundtrack version of your video! - As a matter of fact, I really think you oughta take the other down, so people come to this video, instead...Those girls/women are really beautiful; especially when they're ready to go kick some butt! (But now it's driving me crazy who sings that song at the 1 min. mark! I can't for the life of me, remember who sings that.) Well done, for sure!
Hi Gab I love you (5 years ago)
I want the US gov to station me in Israel now
Bilbo Baggins (5 years ago)
For this, you have to pray to Allah Bless you, the Turks
Dɛɛ Solano (5 years ago)
lip gloss, nail polish, and fatigues...i'm really afraid now -v-
boethel (5 years ago)
I seen my future ex-wife.

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