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Hypertech's Max Energy install intstructions for Diesel Engine Trucks

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Watch how easy it is to reprogram your diesel engine with Hypertech's Max Energy Power Programmer for much more horepower and torque for heavy tow or hauling loads. See why Hypertech using 3 stages of tuning and other features!
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Andy Nevarez (3 years ago)
great product the only downside is if you have a track truck or an off road truck hypertech will not delete a dpf or egr so you must buy a different tuner for that. which is a shame since the hypertech max energy is a great tuner
DaughterDaddy09 (6 years ago)
I have the #52006 for a dodge 5.9 diesel. It does not give me the option of changing the tire size. What's up?
HypertechTuning (8 years ago)
@kylec4520 Check out our website for the dealer nearest you...thank you!
HypertechTuning (8 years ago)
@kylec4520 We don't offer the option to tune on the "fly". Therefore, yes, you will have to go through the original tuning method by making sure all of your electronics are turned off during the programming process. The difference in our tuning is that we are the only tuning on the market that allows you to tow or haul in the highest stage, while maintaining safe EGT's.
kylec4520 (8 years ago)
@HypertechTuning ok thanks a lot. Also, when i have a tune on the truck and say i want to go from level 3 back to 1 is it necessary to go through all the steps(remove fuzes for onstar, xm, shut the whole system down, etc.)? or can it be done on the fly? Also ive heard a lot of good about supechips cortex on the lmm duramax, why is hypertech better? Is it possible to go to a local distributor to pick one up, im in the suburbs of north-east philadelphia about 15 miles out?
HypertechTuning (8 years ago)
@kylec4520 The dealership can't void your warranty for installing ANY aftermarket part, unless that part caused the failure. Hypertech guarantees that our tuning will not cause any failure to your engine or drive train covered under warranty. Check out our website for further details, thanks!
kylec4520 (8 years ago)
i have a 2010 GMC 2500HD with the LMM duramax diesel and im looking for a good reliable moderate tuner thats not EFI Live and wont eat my truck or allison trans apart. So far i think Hypertech it the tuner for me but i have a question i would appreciate if it got answered. - when returned to factory settings to return to the dealer will this lead tracks that will void my warranty? any further recommendations? -Thanks

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