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Astronauts Answer 50 of the Most Googled Space Questions | WIRED

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NASA astronauts and One Strange Rock contributors Jeffrey Hoffman, Chris Hadfield, Jerry Linenger, Leland Melvin, Mae C. Jemison, Mike Massimino and Nicole Stott answer 50 of the most Googled questions about space. Does space ever end? Can birds fly in space? How much money do astronauts make?? ONE STRANGE ROCK premieres March 26, at 10/9c on National Geographic. Questions courtesy of Mondovo: https://www.mondovo.com/keywords/most-asked-space-questions-on-google How to become an astronaut: https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/postsecondary/features/F_Astronaut_Requirements.html Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Astronauts Answer 50 of the Most Googled Space Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (8468)
Strein86 (6 hours ago)
A _bachelor's_ degree is all they need?  I figured they would need a master's.
Chantal Ward (8 hours ago)
All these knowledgable brains together educating others, and having fun. Enriches my soul man.💗
Andrea Adkins (9 hours ago)
I would love to have just the 10% of the brains of just ONE OF THEM 😭
mayliss d (11 hours ago)
Daniela Torres (15 hours ago)
THEYRE SO COOL. i wish i was smart enough to be an astronaut :(
TaehyungsJams95 _ (20 hours ago)
How do women menstruate in space? They bleed yes but how do they handle with it
Justin Chehayeb (1 day ago)
So us humans live 100 years on earth but on space basically 200 years
Rhage73 (1 day ago)
49, they asked one of the questions twice
AzureSkull (1 day ago)
im suprised that there wasn't question "is earth flat?"
GoodFilmProductions (2 days ago)
wheres bob?
Recusant Reiver (2 days ago)
Priests of the Heliocentric religion.
Recusant Reiver (2 days ago)
Group of actornots doing their liar puppet routines to brainwash the masses.
Roverg Quisando (2 days ago)
Hahaha :D..... DO NOT ANSWER IN CHORUS !!!
Lauren Rod (2 days ago)
There is so much knowledge being thrown at me and I love it! Great video!
Tryna Play The Uke (3 days ago)
Mygash I feel like an idiot
wazz supp (3 days ago)
I want to be an astronaut and i will go to the sun!.. I will go there by night so i won't get burnt Wanna come with me??
Rahadimas Samiaji (3 days ago)
For question number 4 at 4:07 ... You are hoping Chris Hadfield to cover that song, aren't you? 😁
cuming-soda (4 days ago)
Why can't you go back to the moon 😂😂😂
Ellen Perez (4 days ago)
watch 1:02 at 0.5 speed
Hitcism (4 days ago)
You call these people astronauts, or even engineers of whatever sort? It's in their face, they are actors.
Dennis Burbank (4 days ago)
Paul Jon (4 days ago)
Shut the gun in vacum? Are you crayzy?
Jennylisches (4 days ago)
At minute 4:16 The guy in The back does The gang sign wtf
Katie Mould (4 days ago)
Loved this but was way too rushed!
-.- (4 days ago)
Aging is not about time.It's about the amount of interaction with enviromental factors
Salma Adzkiya Kaltsum (4 days ago)
They're really look like a smart people!
Andrew Tyberg (5 days ago)
It's kind of disturbing how many dumb questions are in there.
Jay LovelyTV (5 days ago)
Came for the alien questions......
Umer Mughal (6 days ago)
These are people faces like spacy situation totally fake
Georgi Yanev (6 days ago)
Question 51: Have you ever seen a UFO out there may be on one your spacewalks? MAYBE?!?!?! But if we did we still won't tell you cos we scared as fuc* out the MIB! xD
Jovan Ruzic (6 days ago)
Am I the only one triggered by them giving answers in the imperial measures and not the metric?
Bahadır BİLİR (6 days ago)
Saying high five and fist bumping OMG what an intelligent human beings.
Mim Hassan (6 days ago)
They’re like a family which is so cool and they all get along.💜💜
Francisco Jaramillo (6 days ago)
So many coments... did any flat top ask if Earth is flat???
faithismyskyfall (6 days ago)
we couldnt find enough concrete if we would want to build hedfields statue
Josuee Original (7 days ago)
"how to become a astronaut?" "Be lucky"
Smart science Guy (7 days ago)
4:37 but problem is tath u need to wait abaut 2 years so it can be in a closet position to the Earth
Smart science Guy (7 days ago)
I really like astronomy and I know answers to these questions but some of them are STUPID like does Mars has an atmosphere YES and I have an question for you does Moon have an atmosphere YES there is a very small layer of gases on Moon but wath atmosphere is but if some one tells u tath there Is no atmosphere on Moon they are 90% right it is sl small tath is almost not used in calculations
Tomahawk93 (7 days ago)
Mike Massimino visited my school, and he is good friends with one of my classmate's mothers
3:23 just look...
KCS Kristóf Cser (7 days ago)
3:28 Why is #96 written?
Amina Ahmed (7 days ago)
I'm a big fan of Chris hardfield
teamwork isnt with their side
The Shadowless (8 days ago)
These zoom ins after each question are the icing on the cake for this video 😂
Sofia Vm (8 days ago)
They have one of the toughest jobs and need to train for it for years, plus it strains their bodies and they only get paid that? I agree with them, that is so not enough!!
エイプリル (8 days ago)
Why is there no questions about aliens being real or not.
Torv anna123 (8 days ago)
Hahaha they all bond like classmates in school or batchmates haha
Den Mark Malicse (8 days ago)
Cool folks!
RANDOM _ (8 days ago)
You cannot shoot a gun in space, there is no oxygen to ignite the gun powder reaction
World Man (8 days ago)
Fires can't burn in the oxygen-free vacuum of space, but guns can shoot. Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer, a chemical that will trigger the explosion of gunpowder, and thus the firing of a bullet.
happy me (8 days ago)
Why so many mars questions??
Dakota Velazquez (8 days ago)
Lol this is a mess
Nipell 니펠 (8 days ago)
4:32 "6 to 9 Months" Any body remember Dreamworks Madagascar?
lufefe shete (8 days ago)
You can't actually shoot a gun in space
Namer Hurr (8 days ago)
I like the fact of the black guy giving a fist at the end. You don't need to appeal something you are not to be "smart" or look like it.
kritesh ghildiyal (8 days ago)
How to become astronaut "get lucky"
nycsp (8 days ago)
I never get tired !
Akshay S (8 days ago)
DarkKk 111 (9 days ago)
But I thought the earth was flat 😂😂
Khalid Kassim (9 days ago)
Never thought that astronauts would be so interesting and funny!
Гд-Ѵ (9 days ago)
#14 "in motion" is not the anwer for the question where. Earth orbit is the right answer
Гд-Ѵ (9 days ago)
#23 how do you know that no one has discovered Mars before the Babylonians ?
Jovan Calic (9 days ago)
This is better to watch without sound. Cause everyone is saying different stuff and right answer pops up.
Tallshipdreamer (9 days ago)
did you see their eyes?
Andrey Josephs (9 days ago)
Guys so smart they answer the questions before they hear them
Besart Hysaj (9 days ago)
why didn’t no ask is the earth round or flat 😂
BHCuber •-• (9 days ago)
Chris Hadfield is the best!!
Axl John Tadle (9 days ago)
3:04 when you're in a group discussion and that one guy argues on one small detail
Neko Kat (9 days ago)
Ummm......im not a flat earther but.....i think the mostly asked question about space or earth is "Is the earth flat?"😂😂😁😁😅😅
ilargitxo2 (10 days ago)
It was very interesting but too fast. I would have liked them to answer the questions with a complete explanation. Next time they should do less questions each time and allow them to answer them completely or almost completely.
Den PH (10 days ago)
How to be astronaur i want to be astronaut when i grow up pray for me pls thank you
Kenjie Mandeve (10 days ago)
Could we survive in an alien invasion?
oreo oero (10 days ago)
I'm waiting for the Q "Have you seen UFO in space?"
ᴇɴғᴜsɪᴏɴ (6 days ago)
I pray for those people who asked do birds fly in space.
banana monkey (1 day ago)
+marcus barton r/wooosh
marcus barton (2 days ago)
+banana monkey yikes
banana monkey (4 days ago)
why wouldn't they???
Sexy Beast (6 days ago)
you have such a stupid mentality..
R-Spec (10 days ago)
Gabriel Garcia (10 days ago)
Astro..Nots... xD
damien green (10 days ago)
Seeing those requirements to be a astronaut hurt because it seems so do able but at the same time i know ill never have the money or opportunities to do it
kyra is a witch (10 days ago)
sounds fake, ‘was the moon landing of 1969 faked?’ definitely is the number one searched question
Eta Carinae (10 days ago)
I want to be friends with them.
Kalpana Rajesh (10 days ago)
*NASA -Not All Spaceship Arrive*
Niraj Khadka (10 days ago)
Asian kids learnt these in 5th grade...even I can answer maximum of these..
Bibi Yannie (10 days ago)
Students competing for honors🤭🙄😂
Abhinay Deep (11 days ago)
A group of legends
EUGENE SAVIO (11 days ago)
Indian space research did a good job than u NASA
Comrade Dog (5 days ago)
They did not go to moon
My top 1 question. Is the Earth Flat??
fortnite noob (11 days ago)
Mae jemison is my hero
Livy Harmon (11 days ago)
The editing on the video gives me major anxiety. Where do I look! How many seconds to I have to read! If I’m reading I can’t hear what they’re saying! Ahhh!!
Jude Purssell (11 days ago)
this video is pointless they all speaking at the same time
AdanPubg- Gamer (11 days ago)
NASA austronauts earn about 30$ per hour
z3n pai (11 days ago)
Is earth flat?
z3n pai (11 days ago)
Is earth flat?
Ethan Reyes (11 days ago)
I thought astronauts got paid more I mean you are risking your life
Greg Dimas (11 days ago)
My question : What will Nasa do if Cyberton attack???
Dylan McGowan (11 days ago)
I love Leland. I read his book!
hulan cz (11 days ago)
4:14 the way he raised "TWO" sign lol
hulan cz (11 days ago)
"How to become an astronaut?" "Be lucky" 😂
hulan cz (11 days ago)
" When can you see mars?" "At night" lol
CHM TV (12 days ago)
3:18 how many money do astronauts make $100,000 a year How many money do pewdipie make... $100,000,000,000
Dianne Ann Carline (12 days ago)
can you put the answers longer 🙄
*this is hoax Earth is flat*
Tt inc. (12 days ago)
Not BB but God and Jesus

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