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Thomas Rhett - Beer With Jesus (Official Video)

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Get Thomas Rhett's new album "It Goes Like This" now: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Trigltp Amazon: http://smarturl.it/iglta Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/1frthh2 https://twitter.com/ThomasRhett https://www.facebook.com/thomasrhettmusic http://www.thomasrhett.com/ Thomas Rhett - Beer With Jesus (Official Video) ------------------------------------------- Lyrics: If I could have a beer with Jesus Heaven knows I'd sip it nice and slow I'd try to pick a place that ain't too crowded Or gladly go wherever he wants to go You can bet I'd order up a couple tall ones Tell the waitress put 'em on my tab I'd be sure to let him do the talkin' Careful when I got the chance to ask Tell me how'd you turn the other cheek To save a sorry soul like me? Do you hear the prayers I send? What happens when life ends? And when you think you're comin' back again? I'd tell everyone, but no one would believe it If I could have a beer with Jesus If I could have a beer with Jesus Yeah, I'd put my whole paycheck in that jukebox I'd fill it up with nothing but the good stuff Sit somewhere we couldn't see a clock And ask him how'd you turn the other cheek To save a sorry soul like me? Have you been there from the start? How'd you change a sinner's heart? And is heaven really just beyond the stars? I'd tell everyone, but no one would believe it If I could have a beer with Jesus He can probably only stay, for just a couple rounds But I hope and pray he's stayin' till we shut the whole place down Ask him how'd you turn the other cheek To save a sorry soul like me? What's on the other side? Is mom and daddy alright? And if it ain't no trouble tell them I said hi I'd tell everyone but no one would believe it If I could have a beer with Jesus I'd tell everyone but no one would believe it If I could have a beer with Jesus ------------------------------------------- Music video by Thomas Rhett performing Beer With Jesus. (C) 2012 The Valory Music Co., LLC #ThomasRhett #BeerWithJesus #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (2362)
Ethel Hoose (13 hours ago)
This was placed at my brother funereal service makes me think of him every time I hear it
Samantha Brown (10 days ago)
Christian or not, this song hits home for me!
Samantha Brown (10 days ago)
i have a kid in my class and he is mentally stupid. other kids in my class like to avoid him because he's "different". my teacher decided to stand up and he said "what if Jesus was to come to our class and he saw what we were doing. Jesus might have been a little upset. He has made all of us. why avoid God's creations. Beautiful or not.". So basically,be nice to all. never be mean to ANYONE pretty or not. Jesus might want to have a beer with you when your old enough.
Samantha Brown (10 days ago)
love that song Jesus might come to earth someday and you might be able to have a beer with Jesus.
Nathan Wesolowski (17 days ago)
Still am and will be for a looooong time after.
Brian Debaeke (22 days ago)
This is a great song you can have a beer with jesus have a beer with your neighbor!
Victor Spoils (23 days ago)
I was just singing along till he said "Is mom and daddy alright?" then I got all misty...
opal1920able (25 days ago)
I am driking keep on drinking beer, another round of beer. Here is to you Jesus.
Braxton The southerner (26 days ago)
I don’t like a lot of his music but this song is good
Ben Milli (30 days ago)
"I'd tell everyone, but no one would believe it" I guess you could say that they're............... . . . . . . "Doubting Thomas" Ha!!!
Winterprince O (30 days ago)
I found this song 8 months back and I never get tired of listening to it😢😢 This is masterpiece!
Bridget Torres (1 month ago)
YALL R ROTTEN, just Spoily rotten and we deserve it. ALL amen
Bridget Torres (1 month ago)
VEVO is awesome,,, Just sayin yallzz
Bridget Torres (1 month ago)
Bridget Torres (1 month ago)
Cinnamon balls any ones,,, that’s just for me and My SON ,,jj
Bridget Torres (1 month ago)
Catherine Myers (1 month ago)
This song is so deep, i seen him live doing this. It gets me when he says is mom and dad alright wonderful song
Jeremy Hilliker (1 month ago)
if the democrats get in the office all gun rights are gone there will be 1 government and it will be the end of the world vote republican. this is a great song for non believers because its true we all wonder how god forgives all of us sinners down here an dhow he put up with us all amen
Crystal Gasser (1 month ago)
I'm not religious but this is truly my favorite song.
Kyle Gale (1 month ago)
Crystal Gasser then maybe God is calling you to be more religious
Josue Ornelas (1 month ago)
By far the Best Thomas Rhett Song... 3 Chords and the truth,
jjtino19 (1 month ago)
The lyrics are kinda garbage on this.
Michael Gerving (1 month ago)
This song speaks to me
Shane Whitlow (1 month ago)
Jesus drank wine with His Disciples. Why would it be wrong to drink a beer with Jesus. I promise y’all that this is on my bucket list in heaven!!!
Peach (1 month ago)
CHRISTIAN SMITH (1 month ago)
he saved my life one time also its like if you blackout right before an accident it seems as if he is with you because i blackout once and i flipped the 4 wheeler i was on 4 times and didn't wake up till i was in the hospital and everyone told me that Jesus was with me because the 4 wheeler landed on me every time i rolled it.... Thank god for my life he has helped me a lot.... I would drink with Jesus any day
joseph bethley (1 month ago)
Love the song (is mom and daddy alright if it ain't no trouble tell them I said hi) love u dad miss u alot
Coryv Voughtc (1 month ago)
If i could have root beer with Jesus cuz I'm only 18
Jax Teller (1 month ago)
This is so beautiful. I shed a tear every time.
Allison Schmelzle (2 months ago)
...wow...that shook me a bit...really good
Samuel English (2 months ago)
This brings a tear too my eye
Edward Bitzaia (2 months ago)
Thank u bro , for this song , this song it's best
Rose Kurylyk (2 months ago)
I know what your talking about 6 yrs ago I almost died from a hit & run . Oh ever it was at least called 911 . I know that the firemen were only a couple blocks away. Every year I take them something. Because what the doctor said was that I'm very lucky to be alive. But in my heart I know that Jesus was the one who saved my life, for a reason I don't know yet. I'm so grateful that I get to see my son grow into a man.
Frodo Baggins (2 months ago)
Damn this is an old song . Still good though
Brook DeVries (2 months ago)
My KLCP would love this song!
Adam White (2 months ago)
The Lyrics are amazing love artists like this guy
Lisa Herrera (2 months ago)
Beautiful, no matter where you are at, GOD is with US. Look at it in the bigger perspective. He's just waiting on you!!
Zachary (2 months ago)
Only country people get it
Big Fudge (2 months ago)
he sounds a bit like Eric Church or is it just me
Very very nice!!👌💜🔥✊
Rob R (2 months ago)
after watching this video when it first came out, I said that "this kid is a huge country prospect, I could see him following in the footsteps of Eric Church" god I was wrong, now he's just pop.
Oliver and Ford boy (3 months ago)
People often think alcohol is a negative thing but Jesus drank his fair share of it it's not a sin if u do it in moderation
Sean dineen999 (3 months ago)
God bless this man. I do hope, should I be In Our Lord's presence, some sort of conversation would be permitted.
Marc Friend (3 months ago)
You're the one that I offer all my heart to see me
Rockd (3 months ago)
Perfect. Hope you do more like these. 👍
marisa macias (3 months ago)
Love! love!! love it!!!
Stupid Cat (3 months ago)
jesus was a wine drinker but still a great song ....hell yeah
Danielle Darnell-Lasher (3 months ago)
Amen... :) It'd be awesome, one day...
bhauger1 (3 months ago)
Can I fight with Jesus after we get drunk on our beers?
Jack Spratt (3 months ago)
I dont drink..but yeah. Hitting to close to home with..howd you turn the other cheek...
Nick Eats!! (3 months ago)
God Bless life is Good !!
Roger saucier (3 months ago)
Wow as theologically wrong as this song is...great tune.
Tracy Cordero (3 months ago)
Jesus I am a sinner saved by grace I hope you hear my daily prayers and see my brokenness Thank you for saving me from my sins and from myself until I see you I will continue to believe in you
Alice Wiggins (4 months ago)
Who here in 2018?
The KY Woodsman (4 months ago)
I believe He'd enjoy spending time with you my friend- "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." Mathew 11:28-29
Zachary Wilson (4 months ago)
He sounds just like Eric church in this song or am I the only one?
Melanie Renee (4 months ago)
Somewhere between the bar and church.
Kyle Smart (4 months ago)
Just saw him live in seattle on Saturday and he has grown and become one of the greats og this time. His music saved my life. And its just crazy to think how far along this man has come.
Marc Friend (4 months ago)
I'm OK that I'm listening your song's music
Brian Gambino (4 months ago)
I would love to have a beer with Jesus and say thank you for such a great life and we family you giving me and everything else in my life couldn't do it without you thank you
Eagles Guy (4 months ago)
Wish thomas rhett would go back to his country roots dont like his new hip hop country crap.
bubba pacha (5 months ago)
Id have a drink with JC.... But wed end up in jail by the end of the ight im afraid.
Sheryl Allen Larsen (5 months ago)
Mom do it to it.... Amen
Paul Wilkes (5 months ago)
This is the dumbest song ever written. Pop country is literally ruining the world by making people believe it’s ok to be stupid and shallow.
Ty Van Meeteren (4 months ago)
I don't think there's ANYTHING shallow with wanting to have a little drink and a good conversation with the Lord. In fact--compared to most "pop" country--this is beautifully written.
Toby Riggs (5 months ago)
thomas were you go we need the old you back
Kerri Simmons (5 months ago)
What's that mean if you have a with beer with Jesus
Charlene Martin (5 months ago)
Sitting here watching this video for the first time at my roll-top desk...My cat jumps up on top of the highest part...a snapshot of my 22 yr old murdered niece falls like a feather from an angel's wing and lands directly in front of me. "I'd tell everyone, but no one would believe it..."
Carey Dassinger (5 months ago)
If you don't GET this song.....
Deeceeba Bauer (5 months ago)
I hope dad is having a beer with Jesus miss you so much dad
James York (6 months ago)
Great song. I hate that Thomas Rhett turned into pop country shortly after this.
Neelu Mehra (6 months ago)
Amen to that
Neelu Mehra (6 months ago)
Dude you're awesome
Deanna Dukes (6 months ago)
the real massage is him telling Jesus want he has done wrong and ask for forgiveness and here Jesus say it's okay that is the real massage in this song I would like to tell Jesus want I have done wrong and ask for forgiveness that coming from my heart and soul thank you
Paul Flores (6 months ago)
I love famous people who have the guts to glorify Jesus' name and not just vaguely using the name God. As for the drinking, I can attest that Jesus never shamed me for drinking, however He took that desire away all on His own and told me "It wont be beneficial for the plan I have for you, son." I never quit, He just pulled the desire to get drunk, out of me by the roots.
Andrew Klismith (7 months ago)
Thomas Rhetts best
roy cano (7 months ago)
That mom and daddy part wrecks me every time I hear it
Applehead Lover (7 months ago)
Jesus wad at the wedding of canan and he did what #wherearethechristians
Sheryl Allen Larsen (7 months ago)
Thomas Rhett..please read last comment. the Sheryl Allen larsen family and friends Amen
Sheryl Allen Larsen (7 months ago)
one heck of an adult lullaby. the Sheryl Allen larsen family. Amen...forgiveness son
NxP (7 months ago)
Just one beer with him.. that's all I need.
Chef Spidey (7 months ago)
I k now Jesus would
•Lord Marcos• (7 months ago)
I really need a beer with jesus !! 2018!! Love this song!
Alex Duncan (7 months ago)
This is a amazing song when you look at it. For y'all saying it's bad. Drunkenness is a sin. Jesus drunk wine. It never say in the Bible to never drink. It says don't give into drunkenness. I don't know if Jesus would drink a beer with you or not. But look at the messages. Me and my buddies are all Christian's and I'm studying to be a preacher. Every now and then we'll get together for a drink and just talk. It's the message you need to look at not the fact he say beer
Eli Guerra (7 months ago)
Favorite song still, into 2018
Laine Isaacs (7 months ago)
The line "Is Mom and Daddy alright" kills me every single time I hear this song. Miss my loved ones. Thankful to know I'll see them again.
Jamie Bowlin (7 months ago)
Before he sold out
Ty Van Meeteren (4 months ago)
Typical senseless comment. He had the same record deal then as he does know and MOST of the songs he puts out know he's had written for years.
Tyler Smith (8 months ago)
You’ll probably never read this. But this is great. You went to country music disco. Cmon now. I wanna know how your dad feels about it
Egeeh Morad (8 months ago)
Very good
Curtis Conrad (8 months ago)
This is back when he actually sang country music it was the good old days
Jasmine Sanchez (8 months ago)
Love this song so much
25Bristol Evans (8 months ago)
2018? :)
Danth Ex (8 months ago)
This song is one of my all time favorites.
DragonSlayer 719 (8 months ago)
I am still listening to this in 2018 that is how much ai like this song
Sha Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Love this song and do wonder how he saved a siner like me
ŁÍ*Ę ÎȘ ÝÖŮŘŞ (8 months ago)
I always wish Thomas Rhett was the son of Alan Jackson...😀😀
flamesfan1417 (8 months ago)
Back when Thomas Rhett actually made country music. We could all use a little more Jesus with us today
heartsonfireao (8 months ago)
Dude sold out quick...this is still gold.
Keith Greene (8 months ago)
Love this song ❤️
audrie brown (8 months ago)
I love this song
Amber Kimbler (8 months ago)
So very true and amen and I am so very Pregnant 8 weeks pregnant today
Darius James (8 months ago)
wat only 6m old bull need 60m

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