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This is What Fashion Nova Looks Like In Real Life | ELLE

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Fashion Nova has become a fan favorite, thanks to celebs like Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Lala. It’s one of the most popular fashion brands today, and with its affordable prices, is sure to stay on top for a while. But will your body look as good in Fashion Nova gear as the clothing looks on the ‘gram? Our fashion features director, Nikki Ogunnaike, is going to find out. Watch as she tries on 7 outfits from Fashion Nova. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE
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ELLE (1 year ago)
Watch episode two, where Nikki tests out BooHoo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il7j-ulHE7g. And let us know what brand you think Nikki should try next!
Zsa Zsa Umbra (1 month ago)
How tall is Nikki?
Jax Maloney (11 months ago)
www.chicwish.com chicwish please
Now on the website is also says that most of their models wear a size small so....😒 There ya have it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ You also have to keep in your mind that you and the model are two different individuals with TWO different body shapes but I totally get it. When I see an outfit I'm completely sold on the outfit itself not necessarily the person wearing it....🤔 well, maybe a little. kind of... 👀 😂😂but not completely!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenyetta Ready (12 days ago)
everything looked on amazing on her.
Mindy Celine Lora (20 days ago)
You can also go to similar stores in miami that carry the same quality clothes for cheap off of miami international airport. Like moda express and orange 🍊 fashion. This is a brand that went sky rocket off of cardi bs word.
Rawan A. (28 days ago)
of course clothes will look different in real life, clothe looks different on different body shapes. i won't judge an outfit unless i wear it. whatever you choose, then you choose outfits with colors that works well with your skin tone and that complement you body shape. watching this video wouldn't make any difference to consumers like me, when you purchase something online, you'll be excited to wear it, pose in it, and make it look beautiful on you. you don't just hope it will look on you how it looks on the model. when you see an outfit you like, you picture it on yourself not the model. now that what happens in REAL LIFE !!!
Earth Healing (28 days ago)
Hey! Use my referral link to get 30% OFF at Fashion Nova😍🙌➡️https://share.fashionnova.com/x/I9z7Xy
brighteyez251 (1 month ago)
Ugly ass clothes
Angela West (1 month ago)
They photoshop their model's waist and hips tho
Being Human (1 month ago)
Is caparinhas caipirinhas?
Treiii Mami (1 month ago)
Fashion nova is definitely a hit or miss for us women in the real world that’s not plastic.🙄
Danielle Cooks (2 months ago)
Please review Shein or Romwe!!!! Thanks.
Octavio Borrego (2 months ago)
I thought Caipirinhas were from Brazil gurl lol
2:34. U welcome 😘
Maria Torres (2 months ago)
Fashion nova specifically tell you on the site what size the models is wearing and to use her body type as reference. They have models for different body types and plus sizes too. As a shopper you should know what looks good on your body type and what doesn't. Now the quality is not as good as a retail store but the prices are also better than retail stores so basically you get what you pay for.
Briana Bass (2 months ago)
Extremely helpful video and you are not annoying at all to listen to. Thank you for posting this and helping us all out.
Cesy Cakes (2 months ago)
Are the true to their size?
q q (2 months ago)
"If I were going to say, Cuba to have caipirinhas'' caipirinha is a brazilian drink tho lol but ok (?)
Smell OfHelium (2 months ago)
The only things that look decent is their going out tops but after 1 wear and a wash its over. Most of their clothes to me to me look skankish or Fordham Road Bon-Bini-ish. Maybe its my age(87) but most of the clothes are too revealing to me.
Grace Mbakop (3 months ago)
Listen I given too many chances to Fashion Nova and is a NO NO... The material is cheap, the structure is poor and the sewing let's not even go there 🤦🤦🤦
Scrambled Egg (3 months ago)
Fashion nova looks better on fake bodies
Alexa Turner (3 months ago)
You are not like the model Thats why its differant what do you expect !!
meow (3 months ago)
Why is it crazy that people searched for fashion nova more than Dior?? People can afford fashion nova.
trecia629 (3 months ago)
Love your videos...
Oasisfullfilled (4 months ago)
But people have to stop thinking that when they buy it they will look like the model🙄You have to be realistic and know your body. Im a curvy women with natural hips and butts. I know what looks good on me. I think people have this illusion they will instantly look like the model. You are setting yourself up for failure. Km happy Fashion Nova started to show other body types to really give a look and as you can see it doesnt look good on all body types. Im 36 and I can spot an outfit from a mile away and know it will look good on my curves. I know what dress looks good on me and jeans.
Autum Hudson (4 months ago)
The " foxy love velvet set" looked a little like pajamas
Shannon Acia (4 months ago)
Honestly, I think all the outfits looked great on you.
T. Washington (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure Caipirinha's are a Brazilian drink but go ahead to Cuba girl and get yours!
Can we talk about how beautiful this woman is ✨💖
Curtis Ryan (4 months ago)
Please tell me about my order from #22063644 Oct 12, 2018 paid unfulfilled $424.02 USD
Cennarys Song (4 months ago)
You're a beautiful lady, lovely body. Thanks for sharing what this looks like on your real body.
Tintswalo Pikanisi (4 months ago)
What sizes did you order?
Disney Lps (4 months ago)
Their return policy is horrible!!! They accidentally charged me for two of the same coats, which alone is $130 ON SALE. Now I'm stuck with two coats that are HORRIBLE quality, color is unlike the photo, AND it doesn't fit (size small). Emailed them for customer support but I'm so disappointed. I think I'm done with fashion Nova.
Michelle Cofield (4 months ago)
Your commentary comes off as negative but this is your opinion. Actually all the clothes looked great on you except the velvety robe looking outfit but I think because The way it was made. I ordered several items from fashionova and received them in a timely manner. They fit perfect and the material didn't look cheap.
Dior Diorrrs (4 months ago)
Your body looks nothing like the models so nope you wont look exactly the same. Duhh common sense.
Nightcore Starlight (4 months ago)
CUBAAA yasss
one two (4 months ago)
It’s not crazy to search fashion nova more cuz it’s cheaper. Also it’s usually for girls who are thick af. My girl was thick and look so sexy in fashion nova
Hey ReeBee (4 months ago)
I think that second outfit looked like pajamas
tdawg T (4 months ago)
They jeans smell like they are dipped in gas and oil and varnish! Do foul I couldn’t wear them
Carolina Morais (4 months ago)
Please make more of these
Princess Beauty (4 months ago)
Loving the look girl Hi guys I have just started my YouTube channel, I would like your support. Thanks.
Lala Dabrat (5 months ago)
It’s really how you wear it
jali276 (5 months ago)
From the thumbnail pic, I was like what is Leandria Johnson doing on here.....my bad
30seconds 2impact (5 months ago)
Naw. I rather go to Queens mall. jc pennys where I can still get a fabulous pair of Levis or Lee for a good price and a great fit.
Letícia MB (5 months ago)
2:06 looks like a pijama
Debra Arizona (5 months ago)
I dont like cute Jean's with fake pockets..I think you might have to make a few minor adjustments with some out fits.However let's face it we are not all built the same. Fashion Nova's outfits are fashionable,and reasonable,and I really like them. Thanks for sharing.
The Modern Glitch (5 months ago)
The sad thing is that all these clothes were most likely made in a sweatshop in India or something. I'd be really interested in a video called "This is What Fashion Nova Looks Like In Real Life : Who Makes The Clothes"
Dayami Ulloa (5 months ago)
Are you Mixed with black and spanish?
Taniyah Wiliams (5 months ago)
People are just cheap that’s all🤷🏽‍♀️ you buy what you pay for sooo for the once saying is cheap go to good well they clothing will be good for you.
S. Finney (5 months ago)
Y'all should do a video of Fashion Nova Curve, to be more inclusive. #BOPO 😉
Felisha Sweet (5 months ago)
Every article of clothing I've purchased from Fashion Nova fits me perfectly. It all depends on the body type. I am 5'4 and 138 pounds. BeBe lost a customer when I discovered Fashion Nova. They are my addiction.
Vickie Brinson (5 months ago)
How do you get your purchase to go through? I've tried four times already but my order will not submit. There's no errors that shows me what's wrong. The screen just sits there. What search engine are you using? I've tried Google Chrome, Yahoo and Firefox and NO luck.
Honey Love (5 months ago)
Sometimes I run into the issues where the outfits doesn't fit right. Always check percentage of spandex. Otherwise they're my Best friend's.
Magdalena G. (5 months ago)
in everything you look sooooooo beautiful *.*, Im gonna shop now
Lisa Hughes (6 months ago)
I love these websites but why dont the company take the time to make sure the items look like the website...
Aleksandrina Hristova (6 months ago)
The blue dress looks really pretty on you 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Trunks (6 months ago)
Hallo Ellenbogen
Carlos Lourenco (6 months ago)
Jamille McClendon (6 months ago)
Love this vid! I purchased something similar to the wine velvet suit, needless to say i returned it...we have a store location in LA....thank god...i can return stuff
Misha Dunn (6 months ago)
Thanks my Hebrew sista
S.Volcy (7 months ago)
48 dollars for jeans df
orangeries R (7 months ago)
Im worried i ordered a size 11 in jeans from fashion nova...im a size 12/14 uk this host gets a size 6 but looks around the same size as me 😣😣
TROLL GOD (7 months ago)
lol that red suit looks like pajamas 😭😂😭
Jacqueline Falls (7 months ago)
I love your Vanity
London MD (7 months ago)
Stop calling the Kardashians celebrities they are nothing more than reality TV personalities. Contributed nothing to society. Bunch of insecure women and drama who can watch them? I don't get it.
London MD (7 months ago)
Fashion Nova clothing is really trashy looking so are the " models" wearing it.
Tiffany Lovelace (7 months ago)
You're right! When you visit the site you want everything! BUT...whoever is sewing these clothes are not cutting the patterns correctly..sometimes you order and what you saw on the site is not what you get..AND to top it off their return policy sucks for their customers...you have to pay return shipping in case there is a problem...which actually opens the door to back and forth shipping and the customer suffers...so if you buy something and it doesn't fit you pay to return it...then possibly place a new order...what if there is a problem? You have to pay to return that too...PLUS...their customer service is extremely poor...A WASTE OF TIME AND YOUR MONEY!
eveningbreeze (7 months ago)
How is it crazy that more people were searching for Fashionova over Chanel? Most people cant afford Chanel.
stephanie baez (8 months ago)
Clothes are of low quality Customer service line at least 15 min to reach agent Customer service line drops Shipping is not honored No return or exchange even on damage items
Tallie Sevyn Webb (8 months ago)
that red set looks like a pajama set. return it. Everything is nice.
Canti Nandaba (8 months ago)
That stripe dress/skirt was made for you.
Aaron Ariel Weatherly (8 months ago)
All of their sizing is weird but their jeans especially. I wear a size 8 in almost every brand and know my measurements but still ordered a size up, instead of fitting me they fit my boyfriend who would wear a women's size 2
Yeahaboutthat Though (8 months ago)
The red suit looks like pajamas.
Bbygirl (9 months ago)
Why does she keep saying it fits a girl with hips like is she saying girls wit no hips will look bad in all these clothing, bitch bye 👋
Sadie LeDayne (9 months ago)
For the poke a dot top it is because she haf high waisted jeans on
mnoel16 (9 months ago)
Fashionnova rips off their customers
Terrell Plateros (9 months ago)
I Like it !! good Vid .
Terra Harper (9 months ago)
What size do u wear in real life and fashion nova?
Catscan! (9 months ago)
Oh my Gosh! The quality of these cloths are questionable! Does not look good.
Julie Kavanagh (10 months ago)
My only issue with the blue dress was how exposed the seam on the back of the skirt was. I get that its a high-low so that can happen but ffs that made it look so cheap. There are ways that they could've covered that seam to make it look way less obvious even with the high low, but with the way it stuck out every time the side of the skirt lifted up even a little was just not great. I do really like the cut of the front, though I think it would've looked better with a different type of pattern to the seams on the top.
Mattan777 (10 months ago)
Why do you only have the comment section available on certain videos?
Mane Stage (10 months ago)
The first thing I noticed was the raggedy thread on the first pair of jeans she tried. Super turn off. Screams cheap.
Sister Ches (10 months ago)
This woman thinks she has a nice shape😜🤣
amber stayfly (10 months ago)
Cheap bad customer services
Nina Nani (10 months ago)
I love how she points out the positive AND negative points💯💯
DJ Johnson (10 months ago)
I think they have them tailored before they wear them
Tareia Williams (10 months ago)
but can you sit down in the jeans...that's the real test. LOL.
Lee Anne Hopkins (11 months ago)
Fashion is where you find it. Being realistic about the quality and manufacturing of any article of clothing might go a long way. Don't get your hopes up that your $29 blouse will last for 5 years. 😉
SavannahSky (11 months ago)
Sad truth good quality means lots of money so I'll stick to my more reliable yet expensive stores.
ruth narvaez (11 months ago)
It would be cool to try shoes too
Horror Pill (11 months ago)
I'm sorry, but Fashion Nova clothes doesn't look good on her. The clothes looked washed against her skin in comparison to the picture model. I've seen other IRL segments and the clothes looked great on her. This one however, is pretty bad.
kheath580 (11 months ago)
fashion nova is cheap trashy garbage
Dorothy R (11 months ago)
But she doesn't have to undress infront of us all in the "World Wide Web". Welcome to the new world of Civilization.
super sweetie (11 months ago)
Fashion Nova has so many must-haves. Check out their newest arrivals and get 30% off your first order!! You’re welcome ✨ 💕 https://share.fashionnova.com/x/DwgryD
Lauren Brandy (11 months ago)
This brand is just absolute trash 🤢
mcgeenuttzful (11 months ago)
You can buy all this type of clothes at the swatmeat for under $10 #realtalk.
Laurina Tsvacenko (11 months ago)
I honestly hate FASHION NOVA, because I know that they photoshop both the clothes and their models, so everything looks perfect, but in reality they scam people. Also, they hire celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, to promote the site's clothes on their Instagram accounts, because they know how much their followers love them and -for this reason- they will buy whatever they get paid to promote, while these celebrities, also, photoshop themselves and their photos. That's why I do not buy whatever gets promoted LITERALLY everywhere. There is always some kind scam behind alli of this.
Melody Erin (11 months ago)
I love fake pockets on the front if they are real in the back lol
Delila Rich (11 months ago)
I LOVE this series! Please keep it up!
Raisa Shams (11 months ago)
drink every time she says "fashion nova"
Raisa Shams (11 months ago)
the red thing looks like some xmas robes that santa might wear. why does anyone think that's fashionable?

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