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5 IPhone Cases for the Modern Gentleman

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1) http://www.otterbox.com/apple-iphone-6-cases/apple-iphone-6-cases,default,sc.html 2) http://www.bisonmade.com/products/iphone-6-wallet-in-jet/ 3) http://www.soffioitaly.com/site/en/#products/4 4) http://bellroy.com/wallets/elements-phone-pocket 5) http://www.spigen.com/brands/apple/iphone/iphone-6.html Website: http://teachingmensfashion.com/ Instagram: @teachingmensfashion Email: [email protected] Facebook: teaching men's fashion
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Text Comments (48)
Venicouse (14 days ago)
style doesn't matter for me
Ayar (1 year ago)
Please,i love u but improve ur edditing plz
TTT_109 (1 year ago)
Wheres the fifth case?
W A (1 year ago)
Can't u learn ur lines???? It's really annoying seeing u looking now at a script or computer
Aaron Reagan (1 year ago)
stop looking at the bottom, right hand of the screen. you don't need to read off cards to give a presentation. too distracting to even listen to you.
Russell Estridge (2 years ago)
the way you are rating things is mind blowing... not good
Corey Cuevas (2 years ago)
It's spigen not spiegen. I have one
I like how you call the bison case, bufallo half way in the video. nice one man
Stratocaster_1117 (3 years ago)
I absolutely think that everyone should check out tech21 cases. Particularly the grey/black ones. They look very modern and stylish and are extremely protective, yet thin and not bulky.
Michael H (3 years ago)
None of those cases are both stylish and functional
Khairul Hisham Jasni (3 years ago)
I must recommend the  iPhone 6 Midnight Blue Leather Case. It looks sleek and simple. Perfect for gents👍🏽
arvin tocino (3 years ago)
nice! sir where do you get your shirt your wearing?
clay smith (3 years ago)
must agree right accessories to power lunch!
Cameron Smith (3 years ago)
Good video. Have you tried out any of Sena's case? They make quality iPhone cases as well.
James Barrett (3 years ago)
For get about style and being fancy with ur phone case I'll stick with my life prof case all the time
What dumb fuck invented phone pouches...
Adam (3 years ago)
I hate phone cases, it's like you're holding a completely different shaped phone. Usually screen protectors do the trick. 
Charlie (3 years ago)
Overall good video, although it would be better to see more of the cases themselves instead of just you talking. We're here to look at the cases...
Monsieur mcfly (3 years ago)
Do a new hair tutorial man
Mechanicaldummy (3 years ago)
I went to check if I could purchase the soffit case but it sent me to a blank page when I tried to put it on my cart, not sure what happened
pgreen0001 (3 years ago)
I just want to first say I like what you guys are doing. I would suggest you should have included price. I use to use otterbox because for me protection is number one. A phone case is not a pair of cufflinks and while is nice if it looks good it means nothing if it doesn't protect the phone. There is this company called Supcase on Amazon that sell an iPhone 6 case with a built in screen protector for 16 dollars. I will tell you hands down it is better than any Otterbox case I have owned and for the price you can't beat it.  Again keep doing what your doing.    http://www.amazon.com/SUPCASE-Full-body-Holster-Protector-Black/dp/B00MOOF4D8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423698460&sr=8-1&keywords=unicorn+beetle
jIgsAw aRmeD (3 years ago)
I don't think this was one of your finer videos in terms of quality I only share this as a fan from your very early days and hope that you will take up on my feedback.
Mark (3 years ago)
Thanks for the review. However.....I'm typing this from my Pad & Quill iPad Air 2 case. A channel like yours, definitely needs to know about Pad & Quill. They make the best cases & satchels for iPads, iPhones, & iPods period. Not cheap, but beautiful hand made cases!
Adam Jehu (3 years ago)
I don't have an iphone haha. Im more of an android person :) Im getting the LG G3 Soon. Phenomenal phone. It was named phone of the year lol but I actually saw a few cases that looked like these so this video was actually helpful in getting ideas! Thanks!
Adam Jehu (3 years ago)
I love the new hairstyle man! Curious if you're going to make a video on it!
Dadee3 (3 years ago)
You were nit picking a bit in regards to the otterbox when u explained how u had to open the little thing in the bottom to charge the phone... that literally takes one second, bro. Lol!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
haha yes it does, I was just trying to be impartial and put out all the facts, but you're right it really doesn't affect it all that much. 
XviD (3 years ago)
Could you do a video about skinny ties and if you should wear them?
Sassy BLS (3 years ago)
Typical Apple fanboy 😂 Buying an iphone over android because of it's looks 😜
Daniel ilyabayev (3 years ago)
How are you gonna tell us viewers to not wear long sleeves or t shirts and to only wear button downs when you yourself isn't following up to ur own rule
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Have you seen my video on "why men shouldn't wear tshirts?" well if you watch that you will see I say to avoid them if you are not fit bc all a t shirt does is highlight your "imperfections" where as a dress shirt does. I also said that if you do decide to wear a tshirt go for a long sleeve or a henley. Cheers!
Adrian Garcia (3 years ago)
I have the Nodus access case, my god it's beautiful! Check it out!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
definitely will!
kyeYuri (3 years ago)
From an early subscriber of yours, I just want to say it's a bit disappointing that the video quality has not been sustained. From now on I suggest you make every video as perfect as it can be. Smooth transitions, editing out any mistakes you make and simply spending more time on making these videos than you already are. Watch it again, and if it's not near-perfect then please do not upload it otherwise it comes off as half-assed. Your content is great but I am just giving honest feedback.
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
I appreciate the feedback, we will try better next time. However we rerecorded this video about 3 times and towards the end I just about had it lol, nothing was coming out good that day. 
Ram Palanati (3 years ago)
Spigen neo hybrid not hydren, just got this case for my self the other day!! Also show more of the product itself rather than you talking. Good video though!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Thanks Ram! I will next time!
Aymanali Jumma (3 years ago)
can you make a video on casual hairstyles and haircuts for men?
Aymanali Jumma (3 years ago)
Awesome. Thanks!
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Definitely! We're working on some new content about hairstyles!
Ali Moosvi (3 years ago)
Just a few tips from a subscriber who has been there from the beginning.  - If you're going to use notes, place them in front of you so you maintain eye contact with the camera - Secondly, this video especially had too many cuts. Maintain a smooth and sold frame with fewer to no zoom-in's. Overall, I enjoy and respect the content you guys release. 
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Hey man thanks for the input! Actually we didn't use cards, I kept looking at the cases and thinking what I'm going to say next about it (hence all the cuts lol) but well definitely try to pick our game up! Lol
Craig Constantine (3 years ago)
Nice video as usual, but I'm a Samsung Galaxy fan. I have a note3 😖 which with or without a case is big and chunky. ... I wanna know more about the new drastic fade you got now.
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Will be making a video about hairstyles shortly!
keyboardmaster95 (3 years ago)
Protection:5 ; func: 4 ; style: 3. Overall: 3 lol
keyboardmaster95 (3 years ago)
+Teachingmensfashion I hear you man. Nice hair by the way
Teachingmensfashion (3 years ago)
Honestly hadn't realized till you pointed out lol. Doing math and trying to remember what you'll say next isn't easy haha
Guerra1301 (3 years ago)
not use iphone and not like, is a video showing cases for motorola moto x 2014.

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