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DIY Water Marble Phone Case & Tutorial! (iPhone 6s, 5s, 4s) + Blacklight

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In this tutorial I make 3 AWESOME blacklight reactive phone cases with water marble nail polish! They look super cool! You can do this with any phone case (Android, Apple, Samsung Galaxy S7, iphone 7, etc). This is mostly used for nail art but I thought I'd try something new! :) Also I was having way too much fun making cool patterns in the water with nail polish, haha. I hope you guys like it! *************************** How to make a unique water marble phone case: What you need: • You’ll need a bowl of water, toothpicks, Qtips, paper towels, nail polish remover, and nail polish. But be careful, not all nail polish works for this technique. The brands I used were Sally Hansen, China Glaze, Ice, and Salon Perfect. You need to have nail polish that spreads on top of the water. I would suggest bringing a cup of water to the store so you can test out the polishes to make sure they work before you buy them. • You’ll also need spray paint. White and clear. I used Rustoleum. • And of course, you need a phone case. It can be any color, it doesn’t matter. I bought mine for $5. Step 1: • First, you need to spray paint the case white. This is so that the colors show up and so that the nail polish sticks to the phone case. • This is what happens if you don’t spray paint it first. • Once you’re done painting, set it aside to let dry. • While it’s drying, you can get the rest of your stuff ready. • Fill a bowl with room temperate water. Make sure it’s big enough to fit your phone case. • Have toothpicks, Qtips, and nail polish remover next to the bowl. • Get out all the colors of nail polish you want to use, and unscrew the caps of all of them. Do this because you need to be able to use them quickly. Step 2: • Take a nail polish brush and get a good amount of nail polish on it, then put a drop onto the water. It should spread out into a big circle. • Then quickly do it again with the rest of the colors you want to use. You have to be fast because the nail polish will dry. Don’t do more than about 6 colors at once. Take a toothpick and drag it though the colors to make a design! There are many different ways you can do this. Experiment and see what you think looks cool! If you mess up or you don’t like how it turned out, that’s fine. Just use a Qtip or a piece of paper to clear away all of the nail polish, and then you can start over. • Once you have a design you like, continue dropping nail polish and making designs until you have filled up a big enough area to cover the whole phone case. It needs to be bigger than the case so that there is enough to cover the sides, too! Step 3: • When you’ve made a big enough area, you can dip the phone case. • Make sure it has been at least 30 minutes since you spray painted the case. You want to make sure that the paint isn’t wet, but it’s ok if it’s a little sticky. • Try to touch the part you painted as little as possible. Carefully drop the case onto your design. Then push it all the way down so that the design covers the sides of the case. • Now use a Qtip to clean up as much excess nail polish as you can. Make sure the edges of the design stick to the case. • Then, use 2 Qtips to carefully get the phone case out of the water. • Try not to touch the design! • Dip a Qtip into nail polish remover, then use it to clean up the edges. • Set down the case and let it dry. Step 4: • Once there is no more water on it, spray paint a layer of clear on top so that the nail polish will stay on. • Let it dry overnight, and then its finished! *************************** About My Channel! I’m a 3D printing pen expert. I love making creative 3D pen creations as well as reviewing the latest 3D printing products + I make videos on 3D pens / printing technology, hair dye, Chalk board cars, Spray Paint Art, How to/DIY, Reviews, and MORE! *************************** Check back on Saturday for my next video! Also, if you like my videos please SHARE them! *************************** FOLLOW ME: MY WEBSITE: http://officialrainbowgirl.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/theofficialrainbowgirl FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/theofficialrainbowgirl , SECRET Facebook Profile: https://goo.gl/HtUiaR TWITTER: https://twitter.com/offraingirl *************************** MUSIC I USED IN THIS VIDEO: Tobu - Infectious [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux8-EbW6DUI Follow Tobu: http://www.7obu.com http://www.youtube.com/tobuofficial http://www.soundcloud.com/7obu http://www.facebook.com/tobuofficial http://www.twitter.com/tobuofficial Music "Redhead" by Jahzzar Available on the Free Music Archive freemusicarchive.org/ Under CC BY license http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Deen 2000 (8 days ago)
Use what colour?
kidrobot (18 days ago)
this looks so easy but in reality its not...
Britney Jara (18 days ago)
Esmalte brilloso o el normal? , que tipo de funda es?
Siddhi Srivastava (19 days ago)
Didn't worked at all
العلي العلي (20 days ago)
What is the name of the dye
Kushani Dinuu (22 days ago)
Sooo beautiful 😘😘
Anak Malaysia (27 days ago)
How you made glow in the dark?
Haday Outsiders (29 days ago)
You a bitch
Curly Bug (29 days ago)
wait do you absolutely have to use spray paint or is there a substitute??? cause idk where spraypaint is buyable and can you do it without anything like spraypaint if you have a clear phone case?
James Shook (1 month ago)
I definitely doin that
Ya lo ise
Ajay Sankhla (1 month ago)
What is tha chemical
Doan Tinh (1 month ago)
Nc đó là j z
Raven Grey (1 month ago)
is it effective on Jelly case?
su sophie (1 month ago)
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Can I do it on silicone case?
Ridhi Chand (1 month ago)
is that a water ? please tell me.
Official Rainbow Girl (1 month ago)
Hareem Khawar (1 month ago)
sharoon ghouri (1 month ago)
Sk Sahil (1 month ago)
Which type of spray you used in this video
Official Rainbow Girl (1 month ago)
Rustoleum spray paint
12 34 (2 months ago)
HäSNä Æ (2 months ago)
Waaw 😍
Yt Gaming (2 months ago)
What did u use to sprinkle
Jamaica Canlas (2 months ago)
Ano po yung gamit ninyo jan ?
Agnes wijayanti (2 months ago)
Nicely done!
Saha Weh (2 months ago)
Pake apa itu?
Adnan Ginanjar (2 months ago)
the name paint ?
Baada Fawwaz (2 months ago)
Baada Fawwaz (2 months ago)
I like it
Gagan Deep (2 months ago)
Cool i want to do like this i like it wow hahaha
Sravanthi Sankar (2 months ago)
so its basically water and nail paints?? that's it??
Romeo Abina (2 months ago)
Ilham Jr (2 months ago)
Pake bahan apa
Aditya Pawar (3 months ago)
may i know the spray that you used at the end ?
Official Rainbow Girl (1 month ago)
Rustoleum spray paint
ÄL- åswñê (3 months ago)
ماهوه نوع الاوان
Muhammad alfi (3 months ago)
ituh pake cat apa pake apa
khushi Gopaul (3 months ago)
love uuuuuuuuuuiuiiu
Dadu Gaikwad (3 months ago)
Is there any way to remove it.
venkatesh venky (3 months ago)
Awesomeness! What exactly spray paint is? Is it Vanish spray? 👆❤😀
Pooja Naik (3 months ago)
it's nt a transparent so it's looking nice
Pooja Naik (3 months ago)
Easier to just draw on the case and let it dry I do it all the time done it for years
deepak dubey (3 months ago)
Jinal Jain (3 months ago)
Official Rainbow Girl (3 months ago)
Amanda Agustin (3 months ago)
Cat nya pake cat apaan
Muhammad Syauqi (3 months ago)
you im
Tapu Poguri (3 months ago)
Did u use hot water ???
Official Rainbow Girl (3 months ago)
Room temperature
SHIRIL (4 months ago)
Did u put ur head in that bowl [email protected]
Ivonne Guajardo (4 months ago)
i wonder if it comes off with the use, and if it can be made on clear plastic cases
Sumit Kasyap (4 months ago)
shubhangi upadhyay (4 months ago)
which nail paints is this?
faruk bunawar (4 months ago)
ali rehan (4 months ago)
Wow amazing
intan kusuma wardhani (4 months ago)
Abesh Umer (4 months ago)
Mam please tell me which water and which paint u use plz kindly its a humbl request
Vishnu SS (4 months ago)
what is the water and clear
Charlotte (4 months ago)
Does it work with silicon cases? Xx
manzar khan (4 months ago)
Ayan Khan (4 months ago)
Main Aisa banaya tha ye Ho Gaya fault Ocala nahi ja raha uske liye jane ke liye kuch karna chahiye kya
rosidin 75 (4 months ago)
Ngomong apa lo
Tati Sri Maulani (4 months ago)
Is this diy work if i use jelly case?
Majestic_ EXgirl (4 months ago)
Can we use acrylic paint instead of nail polish?
Rizal Azhari DMC (4 months ago)
Cat apa itu
manish jain (4 months ago)
Suggest Anything except nail Polish ....plz
barbie yk (5 months ago)
Cold water or warm???
Anita Ani (5 months ago)
Very very very bad experience of trying don't try this ever
v avinash (5 months ago)
Who this color mam
KRISHNADAS P.D (5 months ago)
This normal nail polish and water?
Gandhi Sugandi (5 months ago)
mbuh Ra Reti koe ngomong opo
Nicole Miranda (5 months ago)
Evan Zachary (5 months ago)
This was so cool.Thank you!😄
Cipudt 16 (5 months ago)
perfect sis.
Rocking hacks (5 months ago)
Instead of nail Polish if we put colour than its ok
Kanika Johnson (5 months ago)
I like the phone case it is so natural like a masterpiece of art in history I mite like you’re videos now and watch them forever .
Habibi Mustofa (5 months ago)
Koyo peli ranggenah
Achyuta Abhijeet (5 months ago)
Which colour r u using
Simran lambodari (5 months ago)
How do u remove it
ROXING BOY ROHIT (5 months ago)
What is a colourful thing
ROXING BOY ROHIT (5 months ago)
Fast reply
KISHORE AK (5 months ago)
Which type of nail polish is used
Minako341 (5 months ago)
That shit belongs in Coachella
Milagros Rodriguez (6 months ago)
También sumergió el pelo para que le quedará igual 🤔
Crishawn Rivers (6 months ago)
Cute 🌺❤️😍
ARIYAN KHAN DAB BROW (6 months ago)
how to make colour traning, proces clothes clour.
Zaina Gamer (6 months ago)
Is that water??
High Dee (6 months ago)
good job. please what is the name of the spray you used
sonu ali (6 months ago)
Who dislike ds video?
Jishe Moneks (6 months ago)
gloss clear, it has bad smell?
ahmad alfian` (6 months ago)
Rohaya Mohd Noor (6 months ago)
Mohamed Gamix (6 months ago)
please boiling water or not
Official Rainbow Girl (6 months ago)
No!! Use Regular water!
PRIYA HINGU (6 months ago)
Es solo agua y esmaltes
Althea Perla (6 months ago)
Is that really glow in the dark?
Gunjan art Kumar (6 months ago)
Colour name bta sakte hai maim
Ay sha Ebrahim (6 months ago)
did you use water?
Ella Dtoson (6 months ago)
OMG so many cool ideas now i want to do it to everything so AWESOME!!!
N Kulanthaivel (6 months ago)
Rizal Ardinata (6 months ago)
itu yang berwarna nama nya apa kak
Shova Begum (7 months ago)
your hare stail is tooo calour ful...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😖😖

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