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Top Ten Best Refrigerator Brands In The World

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Top Ten Best Refrigerator Brands In The World 10. Haier 9. Sharp 8. Hitachi 7. Electrolux 6. Panasonic 5. Godrej 4. Videocon 3. LG 2. Whirlpool 1. Samsung Thanks for watching! :)
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akoni uy (8 days ago)
national is not nentioned, but ours last for 23 years. it just died the other day. now we bereaved for losing it. . huhuhu. . merry christmass. .
Tomek wròbel (9 days ago)
Maby in America not the world. Where on the list is Mile Neff Liebherr Amica Bosh Gorneje?After bad experience with Whirlpool I wouldn't touch it with a birch pole
M D 001 (16 days ago)
Can somebody else suggest me which refrigerator is best I bought Panasonic ..is best
Appliance Educator (22 days ago)
This is great, thank you!
bara park (1 month ago)
The refrigerator is LG to buy
Sherilyn Antonio (2 months ago)
We just bought sharp(the old model because it is cheaper😅) hopefully it'll last up to my grandchildren😆 kidding aside, I bought the old model because as I heard old models are the best, not in terms of technology but in terms of durability😉
357M view (2 months ago)
Sub zero!
Senol W (2 months ago)
Samsung on the top of the list????? You must be joking .They are worthless. They break down frequently.
Lam F (2 months ago)
What authority do you have to state these are the top ten fridges. Dumb!
Abhishek Swarup (4 months ago)
R. A.Majeed (5 months ago)
ڈالینس نمبر 1 ھے۔😁
shoaib khan (5 months ago)
Whirlpool is best
Melinda Carambas (5 months ago)
How about io mabe? Any comment? Pls.
Jorge Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Whirlpool on the 2 position? Good because I have one of those simple Side by Side without any electronics on the controls Just turn knobbs Maybe that's why it lasted so many Years Knock on wood !
Mrs Big (6 months ago)
I Love Samsung The best of the best
Mrs Big (2 months ago)
+Michelle Tsuchiya no problem we are just sharing experiences🤔 I like new Technologies even I dont have any Problem . I Plan to have jenn-air or Subzero but in Switzerland I dont know where to ger this or I will order in USA . Miele is Swiss very Good Products also
Michelle Tsuchiya (2 months ago)
Mrs Big but if you’re happy with it , that’s good! It’s just that the brand is not popular amongst repair men etc. because it’s not long lasting apparently.
Mrs Big (4 months ago)
Ooh I See
Michelle Tsuchiya (4 months ago)
Grace Barry Samsung is pure garbage according to repair and salesmen everywhere.
Dennis Lien (6 months ago)
Beko has come into the US and I have been impressed with quality and features, top brand in europe, and now I know why
David Guerreiro (8 months ago)
What about Bosch?
wayne khamala (5 months ago)
David Guerreiro I saw this video and I thought the same
Endless possibilities (8 months ago)
Think I will go with whirlpool
Waseem Sarwar (9 months ago)
Eski price kiya h
Mohit Lumaar (9 months ago)
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Lumaar (9 months ago)
Mohit Kumar
MARGARET Dekenipp (10 months ago)
Whirlpool. Have one for 23 years still going strong no problems at all
Lanovick Grueso (10 months ago)
This line up should also factor in 'After Sales, Availability of Parts and cost of Labor', more particularly after the limited warranty expires.
sammy (8 months ago)
Yeah you are right ,I have a sumsung and only need the door switch replacement ,I call the company upand was told no parts sales to customer only to their own outsource vender ..Bullshit brand
DutchJoki (1 year ago)
Subzero is still the best.
Doe John (1 year ago)
Favorite Top List (1 year ago)
*not bad*
Ibrahim Conteh (11 months ago)
Bought my first LG door-in-door refrigerator only lasted for 2yrs. Manufacturers warranty is over and now they want me to paid $2000.00 to fix it.
godwin eze (1 year ago)
Just bought an LG ref. Let me see what it offers me.
jomar valmores (1 year ago)
White Westinghouse is one of the best, ours still working for almost 23 years...
Sue Barker (6 months ago)
That is because it is an old refrigerator. The new ones are all bad. They are built with flaws so you have to buy a new one!
JaceesMom (1 year ago)
Have no idea why LG made it so high on this list.  I bought one and have had nothing, but trouble with it from the start along with terrible customer service.  Paid a lot of money for it and wish I had never bought it.
Prudencio Paulino (4 months ago)
We bought one 6yrs ago and no problem, so what's the complain?get the top at the line,problem solved.
slyder800 (9 months ago)
LG is a shitty brand, bad customer service and their units last only a few days after warranty ends. A big DON'T BUY! brand.
Dexter Torillo (11 months ago)
JaceesMom good to know, I'll cross that off. Cheers
Oupa Seane (1 year ago)
Yea horrible brand indeed.
grettagrids (1 year ago)
yea FUCK LG.. SHIT brand.
Steve Yeater (1 year ago)
I have a Kenmore bought in 1991 that has been running non stop and never a hiccup.
Sue Barker (6 months ago)
Same deal. The old refrigerators work the best, not the new ones!
Mr Pool Player (1 year ago)
Don't buy a GE Profile. GE says it will last about 17 years... my $2500.00 reefer died in 7 years. No More GE stuff...
Daniel Roig (1 year ago)
grettagrids: Thanks that's good to know.
grettagrids (1 year ago)
Whirlpool really IS a good brand.. Always had luck with em.
Daniel Roig (1 year ago)
grettagrids: That's what I had. A rebranded LG as a Kenmore Elite made by LG. The compressor lasted three years. I had to chuck it because the warranty does not cover labor which is over $500. Glad to see Sears kick the bucket. Sears got rid of their good line which was Whirlpool. I just bought a Whirlpool (KitchenAid) US made. I will know in a few years. Initial quality and support has been good. It was missing one of the rubber liners and they mailed one right away other than that was excellent out of the box.
grettagrids (1 year ago)
LG is even worse.. try 13 months.
Jack Russell (1 year ago)
Agreed we had a GE Side By Side which cost me $3200 Australian dollars, and the brute died after 6 years, 12 months after the warranty expired. Have an LG top freezer for the last 8 years and hasn’t missed a beat. I don’t know why Samsung are no.1 on here, the repairman who tried to fix the GE beast said he loves Samsung as he gets so much repeat business from them. They also were involved in a massive scandal here in Australia, due to numerous washing machines catching fire.
garfield serion (1 year ago)
GE fridge are d best
Shirley Williams (5 months ago)
My GE side by side that I've had for 6 years is not making ice nor dispensing water again. Waiting for parts. 3rd time I've had to have it serviced.
50hellkat2 (1 year ago)
Electrolux fridge....maybe vacuum cleaner.
Senol W (2 months ago)
We have two Electrolux refrigrators. They have been excellent. They have very low power consumption.
Lal Rinawma Lal Rinawma (7 months ago)
50hellkat2 hindi son

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