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Tajik of China singing about tajik girl

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Wakhani song
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Qingxian Wang (21 days ago)
Beautiful people! Beautiful song! I love Tajik people.
Elena Uchuvatova (3 months ago)
Памириц нитачик нпутай кошгар
Elena Uchuvatova умница им Китайцы Таджикам именуют а Таджикам Перс именуют ,сейчас помнили
Ммс Мтс (2 months ago)
Они не памиирцы❎, они ваханские народы,к ваханскому этносу они относятся
Maryam Ebrahimi (4 months ago)
I am overjoyed that my mother tongue (Parsi) is spoken by this beautiful people love from Afghanistan
massoud parwani (4 months ago)
Yes but these tajiks don't speak parsi but sarikoli. It's a different language
nazanin n (7 months ago)
ملت تاجیکم😍
Просто супер. Бошен доимо.
Шафик Ахмад (1 year ago)
Шафик Ахмад (1 year ago)
Bacha58 (2 years ago)
Long live people of Pars
they tajiks
azeez kammadam (3 years ago)
the music is 100%same to india and so many urdu words included the lyrics.
azeez kammadam (3 years ago)
+persopolis yes that is true. in urdu almost 50% persian. ilike to learn persian language also.it have a lot of classic poems.ok dear thank you very much for your inf. Are tijk. my fb .azeezkammadam.id [email protected] you once again
Persi (3 years ago)
Urdu is a sub language of Persian so It,s not that they have used urdu word but ur urdu is 50% persian.

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