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Secrets and Lies - Trailer

1388 ratings | 644985 views
ABC's upcoming mystery series stars Juliette Lewis as a detective investigating a murder and Ryan Phillippe as the prime suspect.
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Text Comments (188)
yaknowtima ! (1 month ago)
Why can’t I watch it on MovieBoxPro 😕😭??
Looperized Gaming (7 months ago)
Hey im that kid in the show that died I'm not kidding
cashaiesha (8 months ago)
This show was amazing and the end was unbelievable
Susanna Sorito (10 months ago)
Qualcuno sa dirmi qual'è la canzone che si sente quando Ben viene torturato dal vicino di casa ? Grazie mille !
EvE X (1 year ago)
Série lixo... cara bundão e todo enrrolado age como se fosse mais culpado que o assassino, fala nada com nada e se recusa a cooperar dependendo do que é solicitado para ele. resumindo uma bosta...
Aliaa Kapoor (1 year ago)
I know abby is a Child but she kill him little tom!!
Bonnie Estabrooks (1 year ago)
The daughter did it.. There now you dont have to watch
MrYy45 (1 year ago)
So I want a spoiler to tell me if the guy killed the child or not in the movie so I don't waist my time watching it lol
Rafe (1 year ago)
Abby is a murder
my meaw (1 year ago)
Love this season fan from Thailand.
Connie Hammes (1 year ago)
Please bring back "Secrets and Lies." Love Juliette Lewis. This has the potential of being one of the best crime shows.
Wang Thao (1 year ago)
The female detective or whatever look creepy as f**k and his wife too
ceceoo3 (1 year ago)
How could such a fantastic show like this be canceled?! So disappointed! Give the shows more of a chance and stop with the 15 year long hiatuses!!!
Toast face (1 year ago)
just me came here because of sarah??? 1:45 :P
Helena Light (2 years ago)
The Australian version of this show is 1000x times better! Bloody Americans always trying to remake shows that they should just leave alone :/
Quimey Orellano (2 years ago)
How do I see the whole season?
Jennifer Rasmussen (2 years ago)
I finished this season in day. And i have to say, watching 25 minutes of the first episode i had my suspicion of who it could be. After episode 2 i knew exactly who it was, and of course it was true lol. This was wayyyy too easy. Can't wait to watch season 2 though
Glaucemar Vieira (2 years ago)
Eu amei essa primeira temporada ❤️❤️
Claire Lally (2 years ago)
This is a remake of an Australian TB series.
Constantinos (2 years ago)
BlueSnow Cat (2 years ago)
the youngest daughter did it I wonder what they did to her
What the hell spoiler alert I was going to watch it not anymore 😒
Patrick Gaddis (2 years ago)
Pinkpanda163 Minecraft Girl Watch Cornell confidential 14 Months Later and it reveals what happens to the daughter.
Goldberg Brian (2 years ago)
You know a spoiler alert would have been nice!
XGN Bloodlust (2 years ago)
gracie's life vlog They did nothing. She's just psychopathic mate
mattea (2 years ago)
This was so good,I watched the whole 1st season in one night!
ada's life (9 months ago)
Where did you wachted
Barry Big Balls (1 year ago)
Muna lii could have been in the weekend
Muna lii (1 year ago)
alexandra you must not have a job
Hordo M (2 years ago)
LOVE it....episode 3 season 1
JAESSEY (2 years ago)
Best series! xx<3
azurtlse (2 years ago)
j'ai adoré!!! Quels acteurs! et un super scénario, vivement la saison 2!!!
Maxime Schmitt (1 year ago)
La saison 2 est nulle comparée à la saison 1 et ce n'est pas les mêmes personnages, à part la détective.
Rick Bauer (2 years ago)
I just saw the Australian version of this and it was fantastic.
emmakathryn (2 years ago)
The Australian one is amazing. I kind of want to watch this one. I'm guessing it's the exact same storyline.
Marcus Hynes (2 years ago)
Ryan Phillippe is a brillant actor on screen - he does a good job of performing the role.Martin Henderson was the lead actor in the Australian Series.
Fraser david (2 years ago)
Australian version is a lot better
XGN Bloodlust (2 years ago)
Fraser david Is it the same story line?
pllxscream (3 years ago)
Omg eby is the killer
mani (2 years ago)
do a backflip off a cliff
David Parker (2 years ago)
spoiler alert 🤔
pllxscream (3 years ago)
+cilek kokusu the little girl
Drew Woods (3 years ago)
sara hopkins is in that movie
Jordan A. (2 years ago)
only reason I'm here tbh
dylan fry-stone (3 years ago)
Wait is that Sara Hopkins from vine at 1:46 OMGOMGOMGOMG
Marian (3 years ago)
when sezon 2 relase ?anyone know?
zoey irl (3 years ago)
Sara Hopkins the viner is in this💕 😆💕
KING Masters7 (3 years ago)
the grip did it
ait abderrahman laila (3 years ago)
Love this kind of series , Can't wait to watch season 2 !!!
Jessikah (3 years ago)
What network?
Reimos Ludba (3 years ago)
Doesn't matter if the wife gave permission. Most married couples own the house together - Unless there's a prenup or she bought it with her own money (Doubtful) then they need botht he husband's and the wife's permission before searching it,
Ally pink (3 years ago)
This is simply a copy of the original version which is actually Australian! Can't they come up with their own ideas?
Tasha Monique (3 years ago)
+Ally pink Nope
chloeannexo (3 years ago)
england london people have started to watch it
Simptix (3 years ago)
Wer ist wegen GossipGold hier? :D
pllxscream (2 years ago)
hworkdedication (3 years ago)
The daughter is crazy!!!
Dwayne De Vera (3 years ago)
Thumbs up if you saw Sara Hopkins! :3
Henry Munn (3 years ago)
I just saw the last episode last night, and i was shocked with who the real murderer was!! i wasn´t expecting that endindg at all... was a great show!!
Delorah Official (2 years ago)
+Enrique Munguía yes there is ,the trailer is here on youtube..it doesnt continue though, its a whole different storey lol , but it looks good, and thankss i didnt know that :)
Henry Munn (2 years ago)
+Delores Marie is there going to be a season 2?? can't wait!!! btw love ur name is the name of Whoopi Goldberg's character un Sister Act!!!
Delorah Official (2 years ago)
i just watched the last episode last night !! , i was shocked to... i hope in the 3rd season or so she puts her away ! lol , im now waiting for season 2
09Mrsubaru (3 years ago)
Don't read the comments. Spoilers all over it.
Marisa Agriela (1 year ago)
quisiera ver la serie completa en español gracias
Quimey Orellano (2 years ago)
How do I see the whole season?
feyfey7088 (2 years ago)
@mysterychemistry trust me you would've known the plot when you watch the very first episode. the show basically revolves around the fact that he didnt do it so this trailer doesn't spoil anything i kid you not the finale blew my mind one of the best series i must say. you should watch it :D
Goldberg Brian (2 years ago)
Too i didn't see this comment first :(
mysterychemistry (2 years ago)
+09Mrsubaru don't read the comments? you mean don't watch the trailer. now I know the whole plot. and that he didn't do it.
WhatEverUwant (3 years ago)
Strange how you could make a series with the same story but another ending as another series..
feyfey7088 (2 years ago)
so it doesn't have the same ending as the AUS version?
Shakazulu (4 years ago)
australian version had better and alot less stiff acting
Maddy Puffin (4 years ago)
This show is great! I'm hooked. And Ryan Phillippe is very easy on the eyes. He's aging very well ;-)
Maxime Schmitt (1 year ago)
Men age like wine; women age like milk.
Victor Hugo Ardila (4 years ago)
INDIANA EVANS!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING ACTRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALSO SO PRETTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gozner Peter (4 years ago)
So interes.. fell asleep.
AscensionStudiosCA (4 years ago)
Plot Twist:   The dog did it
Nash786 (4 years ago)
I think this is the first movie I've seen Juliet Lewis play a serious role cos she's always playing a dumb or stupid character. Let's see how she does.
robin9997 (4 years ago)
Hmm! Getting a bit tedious of seeing roughly the same thing! Broadchurch, Gracepoint, The Killing, this show, to name but a few!
DaTruth (4 years ago)
It feels like I've watched this before... nvm I know why. It has elements which are similar to Gone girl besides his wife isn't crazy
07h (4 years ago)
What a fucking terrible casting. What's with this guy? Are we supposed to buy the idea of this pumped juvenile midget that tries to sound as if he had a low pitched voice being a father of a teenage girl? ABC won't stop giving us crap. This screams "CANCEL ME ASAP", but for some reason producers cannot see it.
JayNxx (4 years ago)
I bet it's his little daughter!
nigel bernard (1 year ago)
it is but the father took the blame for it
Janay Ealey (1 year ago)
JayNxx It actually was!
Dontrell Durant (4 years ago)
+JayNxx  ti said the same thing. its just the way she's latching on to him.idk if she's tormenting him, but i think she killed his son.
Kris N (4 years ago)
Another ripped off from another country screenwriters work!! F***king american networks. Did they create anything interesting? Oh yeah unfunny comedies like Fresh of the boat :-/ They stole everything from everyone bunch of morons
Alexis Riley (2 years ago)
Lets ✮Go Play✮ Not 'stolen' but adapted for an American audience. Gracepoint is based on a British series called Broadchurch.
Christopher Johnson (3 years ago)
+Kris N everything they can do we do better ;)
The Joker (3 years ago)
+Kris N "Get lost" Okay? Ban me. Oh yeah... you can't lmao
Kris N (3 years ago)
+Carcass Get lost, Stupid Avril Lavigne fan!
The Joker (3 years ago)
+Kris N Please, stop. Your grammatical errors just invalidate your argument further.
Demi Janmaat (4 years ago)
Cruel intentions.... He lives !!
Stuart Little (4 years ago)
Haha...thought the same thing!
M (4 years ago)
The only reason I want this to succeed, is for it to take Revenge place. So sick of this dumb show agonising for two years...
J Marie (4 years ago)
Looks good but the day it came out was a Sunday at 9pm...how can it compete with the walking dead??
Mary Piggin (4 years ago)
Indiana Evans :)
Sandra Desira (4 years ago)
I'll give this a miss. If it's anything like our Aussie version of Secrets & Lies forget it!! A waste of time watching it!!
STILLDecibel (4 years ago)
It looks good!!Can't wait.
Brian Ivanov (4 years ago)
Indiana Evans :D :D :D its beautifull 
KaansRoom (4 years ago)
juliette lewis is so talented, should be in more shows.
Eli Cruz (4 years ago)
Who sing in the abc trailer?
Hodan ILMI AMIR (4 years ago)
i mean "Broadchurch" my bad !!!
Hodan ILMI AMIR (4 years ago)
looks like "broadchur"
Hodan ILMI AMIR (3 years ago)
It is indeed, but I loved both show : ) 
stipV (3 years ago)
+Hodan ILMI AMIR Broadchurch is much better
Belema Obunge (4 years ago)
if its based on one boy's death then i don't see this show having a second season
Looperized Gaming (7 months ago)
Hey I'm that boy
Maxime Schmitt (1 year ago)
Not the same characters in season 2, except the detective.
alexkhealy (3 years ago)
The second season has the same detective except she investigates a different crime
League Play (4 years ago)
spoiler alert !!!..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................eve is the killer
Jessica Waldron (2 years ago)
can you tell me why she did it or did it not say?
lilsabin (4 years ago)
who the fukc is eve ?
Fluuux (4 years ago)
its you guys fault for reading after the spoiler alert! hahahahahha
PhumbleGames (4 years ago)
what was the point of posting that?
La Vie En Rose (4 years ago)
Athena Martinez (4 years ago)
I want to see it I love Indiana Evans Second favorite singer
Chloe Verco (4 years ago)
This is the american version of the Australian show Secrets and Lies. It has exactly the same plot. It looks exactly the same.
Dylan Mckenzie (4 years ago)
This looks so much worse than the original
jlhabitan50 (4 years ago)
+ANDJELINA Jane the Virgin is alright for me. Chasing Life is also a remake and it's really good for what it is.
ANDJELINA (4 years ago)
+jlhabitan50 I loved Ugly Betty...I somehow feel they have tried to do the same thing with Jane the Virgin...but it so badly done :/ shame Ugly Betty stopped....would have been nice to find out more.
jlhabitan50 (4 years ago)
+ANDJELINA It's getting global so yeah. Next thing we see is another country adapting Ugly Betty and Boys Over Flowers. :D
ANDJELINA (4 years ago)
+jlhabitan50 haha Big Brother is actually a Dutch production but yeah....nothing is original anymore. The movie Loft is actually Belgian...but the Dutch made a new version then the Americans...I wonder who is next XD
jlhabitan50 (4 years ago)
Australia's Next Top Model, I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here AU, Big Brother AU, the list goes on and on.
Tiff Grace (4 years ago)
Why is everyone saying it's the American version of Broadchurch? The American version is called Gracepoint ....
boxercox (4 years ago)
Cool.. but a shame they didn't use Martin Henderson as he did such a great job in the Australian Miniseries that this is a remake of...
stipV (3 years ago)
+boxercox He's making The Red Road which is heaps better so I guess he's busy
Sidra Sosoa (4 years ago)
This man is aging really really well!!
Henry Munn (3 years ago)
+Sidra Sosoa i think you´re wrong, He is not aging at all!! he looks exactly the same since the 1990's.
Erik Mathisen (4 years ago)
This looked so bad compared with the Australian verison... And its not like broadchurch at all.
Sinead Beattie (4 years ago)
florinmarian tudor (4 years ago)
Indiana evans is too hot <3
Indiana Evans! Cannot wait!
Camila de morais (4 years ago)
Own Kadee <3
T. Tucker (4 years ago)
why did I bother to read the comments lol thanks to all who ruined it! I hope its not the same ending as the Australian show 
MrSethypants (4 years ago)
i really wanted to like this
p0plemousse (4 years ago)
Reminds me of a mix between Homeland and Heavy Rain.
skurinski (4 years ago)
They'l probably change the killer from the daugther to some1 else
Bryce Roberts (4 years ago)
*SPOILERS**SPOILERS* Does anybody know why did the daughter did it?
BlackNero31 (4 years ago)
the sexual tension
PlatinumState (4 years ago)
Seems like it should be a TV movie and not a series
The Joker (3 years ago)
+chuprine 13 episode seasons are better imo, just because you get all the info, they jump right to the point.
chuprine (4 years ago)
+Rock Wyly I actually like that in many series, but sometimes it's just too notorious than the ran out of good ideas and they continue doing it just for the ratings 
Rock Wyly (4 years ago)
+chuprine We do that too much.  I like tv shows for the character development and how even side characters can have interesting backstories.  Unlike movies where you have a very limited amount of time.  But I think here in the US we like to take a tv show and milk the cash cow for all its worth.  
chuprine (4 years ago)
Australian's version is just 6 episode long, but USA network will probably expand it enough for everyone to get tired with it
Eren Besiroglu (4 years ago)
Man what the hell ABC??? This was originally an Australian television show, which had its rights purchased by ABC.  The reason why it was some-what successful in Australia was because it was an interactive show where viewers could vote for who they thought committed the murder. ABC completely disregarding this crucial factor yet again, decided to go the boring, drone and cliched route and ultimately create a piece of crap.  The only sad thing is that there is an Australian actress in this show who is relatively new and doesn't deserve this bullshit. 
MrGramz09 (4 years ago)
This look annoying already
Pire Aí (4 years ago)
How many seasons can they pull off a plot like this, I mean, common, 1 season and canceled
feyfey7088 (2 years ago)
well there's a season 2 now and its not cancelled yet. guess you were wrong lol plus its new plot each season i guess with new cast except the detective
Da Boi Jigga (4 years ago)
carolinaSolid19 (4 years ago)
Sara Hopkins!
Dog Gone Films (4 years ago)
Us Aussies did it first :P
Matthew Rhodes (4 years ago)
This was shown in Australia first... THE DAUGHTER DID IT.
TheTrueGame Chippy (4 years ago)
Jaaaason! Jaason!
Beenou1001 (4 years ago)
Abc has some good new shows coming up
Joachim Lothrik (4 years ago)
Juliette Lewis, my love.
TheDKS1123 (4 years ago)
Australia first
Mark Cook (4 years ago)
Ooh I thought I'd heard of this! Haha #AussiePride :P
hopper11995 (4 years ago)
What the hell happened to the audio? Am I going crazy or is it the video? 
Freshmint_v2 (4 years ago)
Secrets & Lies = American Broadchurch.
stipV (3 years ago)
+Kill3r596 Broadchurch is soooo much better though
Julio Carranza (4 years ago)
No the American Broadchurch is Gracepoint

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