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My Jean Size In 5 Different Clothing Stores

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Text Comments (744)
Sarrah Miller (13 days ago)
That's why I always wear leggings 😂
What Ever (21 days ago)
This points out the worst thing about shopping, the motherfucking sizing. For jeans I can be anywhere from a 2 to a 7.
Indian Princess (1 month ago)
u should’ve gone to urban outfitters!!!!
BaoYen AJ (1 month ago)
It is awesome there's one store that does your perfect sizing Chloe. Lucky 😭 I haven't bought jeans since I was 14. None even remotely fit me. Jean sizes are terrible
For Christmas (2 months ago)
What a pretty young lady!
For Christmas (2 months ago)
"Size between 36 and 38 would fit me best, but it does not exist!" My sentiments exactly!
ImAGingerIHasASoul (2 months ago)
I think it might be an idea to reshoot the video once you actually measure yourself and make sure you know what us size you are and how many inches your waist is. How can you expect to measure inconsistencies within sizing and measurements if you arent sure of your measurements to begin with.
Troy Nice (3 months ago)
Has she just never heard of belts?
Marisa0308 (6 months ago)
No way she's larger than a size 4. Like umm what. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sierra Newberry (6 months ago)
I hate jean shopping because I am also a bunch of different sizes!!😡 Example: at old navy I’m size medium (7-8) And at Walmart I’m size small (5-6) and it’s so stressful trying to find the right size
Katherine Diaz (7 months ago)
I just spent an hour and a half trying to find jeans. I gave up and started shopping in mens jeans. Trying to find long jeans is already impossible in stores for some reason, then add the fact that I range anywhere between 12-16. Designers make their clothes for 6 foot women on the runway but heaven forbid that is your height in real life because you will never find anything. I just got 34x34 jeans in men and they still fit rather snug in some places. At least I have real pockets now.
River Lake (7 months ago)
My waist is a size 4 but I have to buy 8 or 10 fit the jean to sit my thighs and be long enough. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t wear a belt
Anna Smith (7 months ago)
Just because the jeans are a bit loose doesn't necessarily mean they don`t fit. Women like to think they`re too big to make themselves think they`re thinner they are.
Beeboo!AtTheDisco (7 months ago)
Bro I'm fat.. smh
Idc (7 months ago)
If F21 jeans are too big on you then you are definitely wearing the wrong size lol girl you not an 8. Your waist is probably 26in
lostcountofmyfandoms (7 months ago)
lmfao y'all women complain about having different sizes. meanwhile 75% of the time i leave the store with nothing because the brands the store put out that week were too big for me, even in their smallest size :)
Ashlee (7 months ago)
she's definitely not a size 8 or even 6
Julie (7 months ago)
yes zara is definitely much smaller than everyone else
Julie (7 months ago)
ugh jean shopping is hard enough why must they do this???
Naeemah Muhammad (7 months ago)
She looks way smaller that a 6
cupcakemaster512 (7 months ago)
My jaw dropped when she said express sizes run large.... smh
encanta411 (7 months ago)
Just to give you an idea how jean sizing is bogus. I recently gained a bit of weight and my old jeans are a tad tight, as expected. I'm generally a size 31 in jeans, and I very recently went shopping for new jeans, and I thought because I gained some weight I had to size up...WRONG! All the 32s were enormous on me! The new jeans were still a 31! Mind you I'm not loyal to just one brand, but even the same brand but a different cut is a world of difference! I tried on some Levi's, one was a high waisted in a 31 and it fit like a glove, one was a mid size "curvy" cut, and I could fit my entire arm in the 31! They were so stretchy! But the 30 was suffocating! This was in one store too! Even if she did try on the incorrect size on her, it still proves her point; there's no consistency
Charlie Extra (7 months ago)
looks like sophie turner's sister.
GreysAnatmoy Mcdreamy (8 months ago)
I get my jeans from Charlotte Russe and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
Jasmin Al Mjali (8 months ago)
if shes size 6-8 then what are sizes 0-2,
Jessica Stevens (8 months ago)
This is why so many people have complexes about their size and weight cause there's no standard sizing. There should be a news article run on this somewhere, just so people are more informed
Person Bagel (8 months ago)
In Forever 21 I can wear a 23, 24, 25, and a 26 smh
PsychoKitty사랑 (8 months ago)
It should always go by IN/CM to keep things simple and accurate
Sadie Blackwell (8 months ago)
it's funny because those stores are all considered "popular" and i've never shopped at any of them
Alaina deGuzman (8 months ago)
*Here's the thing w/ Uniqlo* Uniqlo is a Japanese brand and as you said, caters to their demographic. In Japan, jeans are styled to have shirts tucked in. I recall you saying that you like your jeans tight and fit the waist almost exactly. And you also said the fit you tried on was too long, but you did not check that Uniqlo has a service that offers basic alterations for bottoms range from free to $10, which depends on the original garment price and desired alteration. I understand that you did not have this information or just chose not to put it in the video. Unfortunately jeans have the reputation of the fact it needs to tried on even when you think you know your size and because of this reputation companies likely do not care about being consistent with sizing charts.
Erica Filler (8 months ago)
You remind me a bit of Rebecca Ferguson from The Greatest Showman. Love your vids by the way ❤
Nick Cox (8 months ago)
Why is so life complicated
monster under the bed (8 months ago)
Who else thinks Chloe should become part of LadyLike???? Oh. Just me. I'll just go then...
amelia kitty (8 months ago)
I feel like I have body dysmorphia watching this video. I’m a size 6 and I’m definitely heavier than her... so either I need to size up or she needs to size down. Or we are both a size 6 and I just don’t see myself as thin as her, but to other people we would look the same size? So weird.
Sophie op Youtube (8 months ago)
Yes, this is so relateble! H&M: 34, Zara: 36, why? (I’m European, don’t judge me)
Chloe Lewis (8 months ago)
My name is Chloe knew
WalkingNarrow (8 months ago)
I loathe mid-rise and high-rise jeans. I'm sorry, they make any woman look short and awkward. Also, I like to breathe without my jeans pulled up to my bra. Hoard up your low-rise jeans, ladies. This Mom-Jean phase will pass. You're welcome.
Mo Ellis (8 months ago)
I know right I hate that too it's just because different Companies use different materials and God forbid it shrinks when it's shopping will one day be made better for us especially us thick ones
KittySnicker (8 months ago)
Maybe it’s because she’s tall but she looks way smaller than she claims
charlotte burn (8 months ago)
I’m 13 and 5’10 (ik lol) and I am size 29 in jeans I think that’s 8 or 10 in American does that make sense?
Not Alyssa (8 months ago)
Yeah girl maybe you lost weight. You should have measured your waist and used a size chart for comparison
Naomi Llewellyn (8 months ago)
We have h&m in the uk and we have waist sizes and uk sizes so it might just to be to convert them
Stephanie Nixon (8 months ago)
I wish you did american eagle. I work there and I know for sure that sizing runs very differently even within the store
Kailey Schwab (8 months ago)
Can we have another video like this but in a different woman in between skinny and plus size
Claudia Baldwin (8 months ago)
This is exactly why I don't wear jeans ;-)
Adriana Smith (8 months ago)
news flash: since the last time she got jeans, SHE GOT SKINNIER!!! 💥
LayLay Geddes (8 months ago)
umm like if you think this video is just for he to brag about being skinny!?
Shauni Shauni (8 months ago)
Honestly she looks a *0* but maybe it’s because she’s tall.
SomeAkward Girl (8 months ago)
I’m a size 6/28 I’m 13 years old
clare skates (8 months ago)
Damn my waist is 28 and I’m 13
Brianna Hammontree (8 months ago)
okay the "waist sizes" aren't actually the waist length it's just 0=25, 2=26, 4=27, 6=28, etc.
Rocio Cr (8 months ago)
As a European with a 38 size, I can tell she's definitely not a 38 as she's a lot skinnier than I am, she's probably a 34-36
Julie Simanski (8 months ago)
7:14 Thank you
musical theater nerd (8 months ago)
Ok all my jeans always are skinny in the leg but always always always are huge around the waist for me
N Rose (8 months ago)
I had a pair of size 5 pants that were HUGE on me, a pair of 0 pants that fit, and a pair of 6 pants that fit...
Jenn C (8 months ago)
I also find dark wash jeans run smaller than lighter colours of denim
Rusty Shackleford (8 months ago)
People always think they’re two sizes less than what they really are
Nat Stu (8 months ago)
All the ones she said were perfect were too big. I work in denim and you should never be able to pull the waist out at all. Should be tight right when you first buy them
bri marie (8 months ago)
I literally have given up on jeans because my size fluctuates all the time so I’ll buy a pair at the store that fit and a month later they won’t and I also have such bad luck at stores trying to find jeans that fit the only place I can find jeans is hollister and American eagle which is really annoying
Emilia Gillies (8 months ago)
Never have I ever had high rise jeans that go above my belly button. When I wear mid rise, I'm always a plumber's crack risk. I need 26x36 and no one ever sells that in stores. There's only one store that I can buy pants in, and that's only if I get lucky when I go there. The people who make pants are missing a lot of different demographics of consumers by only making "average" sizes available. In conclusion, I concur that shopping for jeans is the worst and someone needs to do something about it.
Jacqueline Giordano (8 months ago)
if your size is different in every store you don't have a size
thatsavykid. (8 months ago)
It’s not even just the waist that wrong with jean sizing in general but the waist to thigh ratio. For instance I am a 28 inch waist but I’ll never be able to buy a 28 inch waist because my thighs aren’t slim. So I shall always have jeans that are too big in one area but fit in another 😤
awkward sloth (8 months ago)
With h and m the 8 that dosent fit maby someone with a larger midsection tried them and they streched
Deyaneira Oyola (8 months ago)
That is why i go to Ross and get a size 5 and dont worry about it
alfie ralphie (8 months ago)
h&m has different departments, the ones that have inches as sizes are from denim department and they only have denim pants, like claims to be a real denim thats why they're more expensive. The ones that have normal sizes are from regular department like ladies or divided and they're usually not 100% denim that's why they're usually cheaper.
Darkhorse3211 (8 months ago)
I can't believe she's a size 8. No way!! I'd have put you as a size 2!!
Amy Cabral (8 months ago)
Should’ve done hollister
Soumaya B. (8 months ago)
Forever 21, literally can’t stand that store 😒
bookwoman53 (8 months ago)
I found one store that sells jeans and other clothes that fit me. It’s not always easy to find XS.
ilaria marcucci (8 months ago)
I hate jeans shopping. I like going to thrift stores like goodwill because different brands, size all in one place.
Mercy Rose (8 months ago)
I’m either a 00 or too small and have to go to Abercrombie kids..... I’m in high school
GwenniferSniff (8 months ago)
I don't think this girl knows what size she is... also goes to show that it's WAY easier for leaner women to shop than it is for us curvy gals!
Abby Kaczmarek (8 months ago)
Sis maybe your just a size four
Paige Bailey (8 months ago)
I think you are sized completely wrong. And its kind of offensive. As someone who is a size 6/28, I find it rude that you keep saying all of these are sized too large when you are obviously buying the wrong size.
goingcrazyoveru1 (8 months ago)
Hi rise jeans are definitely bigger in the waist for me. When I get 4s high rise there is always gapping in the back, but 4s low rise fit perfectly. I don't think they quite nailed the fact that the upper waist is smaller than your hips but they do have to accommodate for getting the waist over the butt. If it wasn't for my butt I'd be a size 2s in jeans.
coffeeaddict13 (8 months ago)
Thank you for doing this. Shopping in general is exhausting for me and I always feel like my body type is weird. I may break down and go to a tailor.
Bianca Antlea (8 months ago)
I work at an express here in So Cal and with the two types of jeans that you did try on were made of different jean blends. The high rise are meant to fit super skin tight but are really stretchy to curve to your body’s curves. I do agree that every jean in one store should be consistent but bodies aren’t consistent either. I definitely think you should’ve gone a size down in them, like a size 2, to have gotten them to fit better. The other ones I believe were stretch + so those are a lot more giving in the thigh area and probably should’ve gone down a size as well.
glorybox (8 months ago)
She’s definitely not a size 8, that’s a UK size 12 and I’m so confused lmao
Lol yeah that's why I don't have a size and I just try them on
Megan Phillips (8 months ago)
I hate jeans. They never seem to fit on me 😠😠👖👖
Lafalot54 (8 months ago)
Try jean shopping when you're SHORT. I'm 4'10" and the ONLY store and size i can find that fits in length is Aeropostal size 000Short!!! Otherwise I go to the kids section which fits in length but is too tight in the hips -.- #shortpeopleproblems
Dana May (8 months ago)
Women’s sizing is crazy inconsistent. Some places I wear a 2, some I go up to a 6. Some a 27 or a 28 idk lol. Pants shopping is a nightmare
Isabel Will (8 months ago)
I only shop for jeans at American Eagle so my size is always the same 😂🤔
Katka Vizdal (8 months ago)
I buy all my jeans from tally weijl
mia black (8 months ago)
H&M in the uk is the worst for jeans Im a size 14 Uk and Itried jeans on in H&M and even the size 18 didnt fit and wouldnt go past my ankles I was gutted because I really wanted them
Emma Garrard (8 months ago)
Uniqlo is super comfy and they do free hemming. Not to mention a good price.
Scuba Diver (8 months ago)
I had to find the smallest pair of jeans in the store for my uniform but they are supposed to be skinny jeans but they are SO BAGGY they are a size 0😒 what do I wear nowww
Scuba Diver (8 months ago)
Michelle Eckert thanks for the tips! I check it out see how they fit😊
Michelle Eckert (8 months ago)
American eagle has 00! They’re a little too big sometimes for my waist, but my butt and thighs fit perfectly!
Scuba Diver (8 months ago)
SarahhKristinn thank you! I’ll have to check those stores out😊
SarahhKristinn (8 months ago)
13지민 some stores sell 00 or even half sizes (like 1/4). Macy’s typically has smaller sizes, and I found that pacsun had jeans that ran a bit smaller. Been there, good luck!
Michelle (8 months ago)
Literally size 7 in jeans at Walmart , size 12 in their shorts
Mari L (8 months ago)
you should not feel sorry for having the body that god gave you, it is the store’s fault for not having your specific jean style
MAKEUP BY XIO (8 months ago)
I wish I was a size 8
Leanne Canty (8 months ago)
I can understand not having standard sizes for 6, 8, 10 etc. (even though it's a pain), but if the jeans are listed as a 27 waist, it should be 27 inches and that is a standard!!
Kimmie Braunthal (8 months ago)
Sizing isn't standardized in the US...but also she's clearly more a size 4 in most stores' jeans
Kia Mitchell (8 months ago)
H&M is my store.
I am Untraceable (8 months ago)
Whenever I go to forever 21 it runs huge
Offensive Username (8 months ago)
Blame fast fashion. Everything is produced in Asia (smaller bodies). These companies don't care about accurate sizing as long as they make profit.
CircleThinker (8 months ago)
I buy all my jeans online (plus size physical stores are non existent basically) and have consistently found that black jeans are 2-4 inches smaller than other colours even when they're the SAME PAIR OF JEANS from the SAME SHOP. It's infuriating because I now have so many navy jeans and NO black pairs because the sizing is just so f***ing off
Lucia Mutoko (8 months ago)
I have to get jeans that fit me right around my generous hips and derriere then have a tailor tack in the waist. The struggles of having a big booty.
That One Cat (8 months ago)
I used to work at express a couple years ago and normally I was a size 1 or 1/2 and when I bought jeans from there I ended up in a 00 or 0 and the hips were baggy until I washed them now they fit great and have held up amazing for 2 years of being my favorite jeans but if they have a stretch to them they're going to loosen up throughout the day so you have to size down a lot in that store but if you have the money and find a style you like they're great jeans
phantastic (8 months ago)
I have skinny legs and I am quite tall so my pants are almost always to short, and they also really tight in the waist.
A SRB (8 months ago)
“Maybe its a problem with me, and not the jeans” Sweetheart NOOO!! You are perfect, jeans are just demons Much love from Denmark❤️

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