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East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra DEMO - Original Compositions

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This little compilation of different tracks - and the use of different styles, could give you an idea what the Library is capable of. Not saying it can't be done even better. I know it can ;) I composed all tracks between 2015 and early 2016. I decided not to Upload them because I wasn't satisfied with the result at that time.
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Rogier van Gemert (9 days ago)
This seems more Hollywood orchestra combined with symphonic orchestra. Reason: i hear legato patches.
Rogier van Gemert (8 days ago)
Awesome job :) care to do some tutorials?
Tobias Scheel (9 days ago)
well, but its not... QLSO Gold only!
er XP (14 days ago)
i like this type music, plz keep going
Rodrigo Cardozo (23 days ago)
che loko ke peliukla era sea la mde aslm asd imagen?¡? abraso tambien
Yap Flip (1 month ago)
WOW ! sounds very realistic you are very professional in this kind of thing....bro do you know if EWQL gold edition also sound realistic or not ? and thank you for this beautiful masterpiece :)
Yap Flip (1 month ago)
Tobias Scheel I want to be professional like you but it seems impossible to reach your level :(
Tobias Scheel (1 month ago)
In fact, EWQLSO Gold is the only vst besides a free vst for the choir I Used in all the pieces! Trank you, feel free to listen to my newer pieces as well :)
VocalBruce (1 month ago)
WOW! I want to sound like you when I grow up! Outstanding!
cometogether420 (2 months ago)
awesome stuff!
Tobias Scheel (2 months ago)
thank you! :)
George Manakos (2 months ago)
You just persuaded me into buying the EWQLSO Gold. Thanks
George Manakos (2 months ago)
Sure thing. You obviously have talent
Tobias Scheel (2 months ago)
Haha, I'm glad you like what you hear! :) It's a pitty I'm not cooperating with EW :D So many tell me they buy it because of my music! I feel very honored :) Feel free to listen to my other pieces as well!
Ridwan Pangestu (3 months ago)
can I have the midi/ stems? i'd like to try it with my kontakt library
Tobias Scheel (3 months ago)
i dont have any midis unfortunately. Those pieces are old and i switched the pc several times and they got lost in the process... also, these pieces are just pieces i abandoned and never finished so the midis or project files were not even saved as backup files for my new setups.
David Brussard (3 months ago)
Are all of the instruments in this from Symphonic Orchestra? I really want to start into composing music and this seems like a really good vst for a fairly reasonable price. Nice job by the way, these are very good. Edit: nope, I seriously doubt that electronic guitar is in the vst pack haha. What other vsts are you using?
David Brussard (3 months ago)
Tobias Scheel Nice, thanks for replying my friend :)
Tobias Scheel (3 months ago)
David Brussard Hi, thank you for the Kind words :) You are right, the Guitar, the drumkit, some choir and the ethnic Flute are halion Instruments which are included in my cubase Version!
Marathanz (3 months ago)
Great job, Tobias!!
Broccoliboy ́ (4 months ago)
Fucking amazing i would love to suck your dick
Rathernot Disclose (4 months ago)
gold editions, platinum, or diamond?
Tobias Scheel (4 months ago)
Rathernot Disclose i havent had the Chance to lay hands on the platinum Edition :/ so i couldnt Compact the mic positions...
Rathernot Disclose (4 months ago)
Have you ever compared to plat or diamond editions with the 24-bit depth and extra mic positions?
Tobias Scheel (4 months ago)
Gold Edition :)
YuleGenesis (5 months ago)
You composed this and was not satisfied with the result? Reeeaalllly? The music kind of sounds like a god send. I especially love the mixing. It sounds so clean. Did you use gold?
Tobias Scheel (5 months ago)
YuleGenesis well, this is basically a Compilation of unfinished pieces i abandoned and later put together for the purpose of this Video. But thank you! Yes, i Used Gold! Make sure to listen to my other Tracks as well :) cheers
Chris Schmidt (6 months ago)
This is always my go-to link when people doubt that Symphonic Orchestra is still a viable sample library.
Tobias Scheel (5 months ago)
very nice! :) thx!
josue valdivieso (6 months ago)
Hey dude, which program did you use? It sounds AMAZING!
Tobias Scheel (6 months ago)
Im using cubase :) thank you very much!
John McPommeroy (6 months ago)
brilliant work ! who made those fantastic graphics ?
Very impressive! I have EWSO platinum but never managed this good sound... Very inspiring and instant subscribe!
Morten Malvik [] Composer He is impressive!
T-B SoysauceK (7 months ago)
There are so many people who don't understand orchestration, but you did a fine job on this piece!!
David Ysasi (8 months ago)
So you played these songs on a guitar using a TriplePlay?
Tobias Scheel (8 months ago)
I own the Gold Version! Don't worry I'm Glad i can help!
David Ysasi (8 months ago)
Tobias Scheel ahhh okay. Do you have the gold or platinum version? Sorry for all these questions btw
Tobias Scheel (8 months ago)
David Ysasi no, i used a MIDI Keyboard 👌🏻
This is an absolutely astounding use of EWQLSO. Honestly, the standard. Your use of the brass is especially effective, and it's almost surreal how samples recorded and programmed in the early 2000s could sound THIS realistic in 2018. What sort of hardware are you running this composition on?
Tobias Scheel (9 months ago)
Momo's Travelling Meowchestra Aaw! You are very Lucky dude! I Wish i could have an Orchestra Play one of my pieces... anyways, Im Glad You enjoy my pieces :) there will certainly be more Tracks coming!
I'm trying to get back in to orchestration after a two or three year break, and while I've been fortunate enough to work with real musicians on occasion (living near a fine arts university has its perks!) I've never gotten a sample library to sound quite how I want. It's very motivating to hear a comp by someone who's "figured it out," as it were :) Looking forward to hearing more from you.
Tobias Scheel (9 months ago)
thank you very much! :) i appreciate it! I'm using an ordinary pc setup nothing special. And you are right! I really like this library for its sound :)
Anthony Knight (9 months ago)
Absolutely breathtaking! It's just incredible. This is the sound I am striving for.
Anthony Knight This guy did amazing. I am learning more and more as I research. Big tip is to get a picture of an orchestra layout which tells you where to place your instruments and how to pan them like in a hall and also ambience reverb is your friend. :)
Cy Blade (10 months ago)
Mit welchem Programm wurde das gemacht? Das klingt echt gut, was ich da so höre. :)
Cy Blade (9 months ago)
Hmmm... Cool, bei der Silver sind ja sogar Chorstimmen dabei. Das liest sich ja mal richtig cool. Ich denk, ich lad mir dann mal so langsam die Trialversion von Cubase herunter.( Wenn ich das dann kapiert habe kommt dann wohl EastWest dran) Welche Versin hast du bei Cubase genutzt? Ich frage mich gerade, ob die Elements - Version da auch ausreichend ist, für Private Zwecke. Upgraden kann man ja später anscheinend immer noch. :)
Tobias Scheel (9 months ago)
vielen dank :) freut mich dass es dir gefällt! Also ich benutze für die Orchestersounds EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold das ist eine Soundlibrary bzw VST plugin. Das gibts auch in abgespeckt als Silver edition die ist recht günstig und gut für einsteiger!
Cy Blade (9 months ago)
Wow! Bind ja gerade echt am überlegen, ob ich mit dem LMMS nicht so langsam einsteige. Cubase würde momentan noch meinen Kostenrahgmen übersteigen, denke ich. Aber mal zum Einstieg LMMS denke ich wäre ganz gut. Naja, wie auch immer, das was du da aus Cubase herausbekommen hast ist echt unglaublich gut. welche Plugins hast du dafür genutzt? Würde mich umhauen, so einen Sound nur aus Cubase herauszubekommen. Echt gut. :) Falls du das nur aus Cubase herausbekommen hast, dann müsste ich mir echt überlegen, ob ich mir nicht doch Cubase zulege ^^... Ich sag einfach mal nur nochmal: Wow! Abo ist da. :)
Tobias Scheel (10 months ago)
Alles mit Cubase :)
David E. Harris (10 months ago)
What DAW you use or think is best?
David E. Harris Cubase 😎
KingPlay112 (10 months ago)
Just got bought it! Super keen to get to work with it! Very inspiring thank you!!
Mango D Sky (11 months ago)
how much time did you spend on each of these compositions...
Tobias Scheel (11 months ago)
some took weeks, some just a few days :) it depends on how much time ou spent per day on each track!
Silvervoice (1 year ago)
Hey man, thats some great work there. I wont lie, i just need someone to be honest with right now, ive been writing compositions for like 2 years now, never actually managed to get that "real" sound, you know like an impression of an orchestra playing, that kind of sound that can qualify to be played in a movie/animation. And im sitting here right now, listening to your music basically thinking: "HOOOW?" I'm sure im doing something wrong, i mean obviously i am, cause i dont really do too many adjustments to the instruments, i just go with what there is (I use EWQL Silver edition). Plus having no musical education, im kinda a beginner in orchestration. But i manage to create SOMETHING with my ear, but im not satisfied. Its just that, i love creating music, and i feel really down for not being able to keep improving, you know, i want to achieve that level of sound and quality, but i just dont know where to begin, what to do, what to learn. I don't know, is there anything i can do? I'm sure there is, i just need to be shown a way and im hoping that maybe you or someone else has achieved it can help...
Rathernot Disclose (5 months ago)
Have you ever bothered to do some actual research on rules of orchestration? There is a good bit of information out there about it. Like which instruments work well together, which instruments can realistically be used with different articulations/ornaments like legato, appregiation, etc.
Tobias Scheel (11 months ago)
Hi, sry for late response! The most important thing is that you understand how the orchestra "works"! You have to imagine there are 80 people sitting there, playing your piece! there are some "rules" you could follow that i mentioned beneath in the comments! Some like the flutes should sometimes double the 1st violins to make it more organic and warm, the oboe goes very well together with the trumpets and the bassoon with the cello! You don't have to hear every instrument loud and clear! sometimes its just for color! flutes in real live would never be louder than violins for example, same goes for oboe and trumpets! so let them play harmonies sometimes, so the woods can either add a little color in the melodie or they simply complement each other! I started of covering orchestral pieces to learn how different composers used certain instruments! As a musician myself i'm also lucky I get to play along a lot of real instruments so i know what suits them. if that makes sense :D But I am afraid you will not get around getting musical education! it makes composing music so much easier. I don't heavily master my tracks!
Sarin Dhoopati (1 year ago)
This is incredible! The quality of these pieces are outstanding. I could easily see these compositions being in a film score if they were recorded with a live orchestra. That being said, your use of East West practically sounds like a live orchestra already. You should seriously consider composing as a career.
Ernesto Fernandez (1 year ago)
Hey, congratulations! I would like to compose music like you in the future!!
UGANDA SCOUT (1 year ago)
How did you make the snap kind of beat effect at 4:50?
MultiMusic (10 months ago)
If it's what you mean, they are beats on bass strings I believe. They are in EWQL Symphonic Orchestra.
Wing Flanagan (1 year ago)
Nicely done. I'm researching various sound libraries/virtual instruments for my own compositions and it's very helpful to hear "real" music (as opposed to demos specifically engineered to play to a product's strengths). Thanks.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
your welcome :) and thank YOU!
derek jurovich (1 year ago)
This is terrific work. How long have you been composing? How did you get east west to sound so realistic
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
derek jurovich Thank You! Its not that difficult! You just Need to Know what the Instruments role is in an Orchestra and what goes and blends with another! Flutes and violins e.g. Are a very Nice match which creates a Full und warm Sound! And so on!
Karenna Reid (1 year ago)
Oh. my .GOD. PLEASE drop your life and pursue this!!!! You were BORN to write music scores !!!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Karenna Reid Thank You very much for your Kind words!! But i think it would End very Badly... :D
Prathamesh Chavan (1 year ago)
How did you create that "boom" effect at 6:47? Sounds amazing.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
:D you are very welcome!
Prathamesh Chavan (1 year ago)
Tobias Scheel Yes.. Thank you! 😃
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
you mean the organ?
Prathamesh Chavan (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply! Also what's that high pitched instrument at 4:50 in the back?
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
its an E-Bass witch a pitch-automation! I bent the note until it hit the new note. I wouldn't do it like this now a days! I found some better Samples included in cubase that sound better and have a much better effect :)
Marcus Stålhandske (1 year ago)
Do you have any background in music theory or composing by the way?
Nathaniel M (1 year ago)
Tobias Scheel, I congratulate you on this achievement in music. I myself attempted to take music theory from Berkeley. I agree that it is quite boring. I'd much rather make it than learn a set of rules to make music. I thank you for this demo,I was uncertain as to wether I should get this particular sample set.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I've been making music for over 15 years now. I had classical piano, trumpet and guitar lessons. I later studied music theory at university but I quit because it was way to boring...
Marcus Stålhandske (1 year ago)
This is simply amazing... Astounding work! Would love for some tutorials!
Avishay Berckovich (3 months ago)
Hello ! a tutorial on how to orchestrate every section would be amazing !! as in dynamic range of sections and how to orchestrate correctly !!!!
Tobias Scheel Tutorial please of arrangements and the use of articulations - your work is simply amazing!
Marcus Stålhandske (1 year ago)
Tobias Scheel Personaly I would like to know how you put together parts. Everything flows so good. And I would also like to know how to make things sound realistic.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Marcus Stålhandske thank you :) what would You like to See in a Tutorial? I thought about it, but im not sure what to show You guys...
Rice Sama (1 year ago)
Superb, Do you have a website?
Rice Sama (1 year ago)
I charge money for music, and your music is much better than mine.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I have never written a piece for money. in my opinion my music is not good enough yet to charge money for it. Maybe in the future!
Rice Sama (1 year ago)
Just out of curiosity, do you work professionally? What type of rates do you charge? (If you are at liberty to disclose) again just pure curiosity.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
thank you! No I dont... you can listen to all my tracks and get in touch with me via Soundcloud and Youtube :)
Jon Parker Simpson (1 year ago)
Very nice, Tobias!
Noah Bell (1 year ago)
Hey there! I'm a high school student looking to get more serious about composing, ran across this vid while researching EastWest and you have convinced me to get that and Cubase and to write more! You're awesome! Would you recommend me getting and particular version of cubase? I was thinking about Cubase 9 Essentials since I'm on a budget but will that have everything I need? I don't plan on doing many live studio recordings
Noah Bell (1 year ago)
Tobias Scheel thanks man! I really love your stuff, keep it up!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I am using Cubase Studio 5 so i guess 9 will be fine! :) For orchestral music only the Essentials' version will do! Glad i could help you making a decision :)
Mehran Mosaddeq (1 year ago)
wow man, ur composition is just great. I read on the comments that u mentioned you don't have career in this field, I wonder why. I hope u get a job in what you're doing awesome.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
the answer is simple, I'm not good enough! i don't have the equipment and the courage to risk it all and try :/ still, thank you very much! I'll keep making music :)
Ramon den Hartog (1 year ago)
Wow! Amazing compositions! Truly love it and want to hear more! :D
Sergy el Som (1 year ago)
Well done, man. I like it so much! I just bough the Library recently and now I just realized that it's Very good!!
John E (1 year ago)
Done better? I'll let you know if I hear better. Chances are you won't be hearing from me. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love your compositions.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
John E thank You very much for your Kind words!
Sully Orchestration (1 year ago)
1:38 sounds like something from the Star Wars prequels. THAT LAYERING IS AMAZING! Teach me master
movlightproduction (1 year ago)
Fantastic music! Many Thanks!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
than you! :)
Asa Dawson (1 year ago)
What version of ewql was the first piece?
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I was once looking for a professional musical career, but it is very hard to get a step into it... so right now, this is just for fun. I wont stop composing and maybe some time I'll get lucky :)
Asa Dawson (1 year ago)
Tobias Scheel I am currently 16 and would like to be full time in film/video game scoring. This sounds amazing, is this for fun or are you looking for a career in this field?
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Every piece in this was done using the Gold version :)
Logan Tau (1 year ago)
this is amazing dude
Ellis Elzie (1 year ago)
How did you achieve such a good mix? I am struggling to make this library sound realistic.
PANTA (10 months ago)
Think you can't teach someone a 'feeling'. All you have to do is listen to alot of classical music, and from that use that experience to create your own... To make instruments sound real in East West it's vital you also understand the concept of arrangement. In this case, classical arrangement. And there are universities teaching that, also lot's to be found on the internet.
Please do a tutorial!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I don't use EQ very much... i emphasize some frequencies here and there but mostly in terms of mastering. It is usually not necessary to heavily EQ an orchestral library. I also simply use the reverb feature from EastWest! It offers a lot of different reverb settings. I consider the work with the midi data part of the composing process and not really mixing... after you worked some time with your library you will learn what you can do and what sonds good :)
Ellis Elzie (1 year ago)
@tobias Scheel. What about when it comes to reverb, eq and manipulating midi data and things of that nature?
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
I think the mixing is "done by itself" as long as you pay attention to the character of an instrument! Horns are always louder than strings, flutes should never be louder than trumpets etc. pp. also to achieve a richer sound you should double certain instrument families! Flutes and 1st Strings go well together! Cello and Oboe or Oboe and Trumpet match really good as well, Bassoon and Cello is also very common :) In the end its up to you, don't hold on to rules but hear what instruments work together!
GabeCastro (1 year ago)
How incredible :D. From action stuff, to romantic Disney scoring, you cover so much breadth and it shows just how flexible this 'legacy' library is :D. I can hear it's not JUST EWQL, but you've still done an amazing job in showcasing so many different styles of music :D
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
thank you very much! :)
Lee Ahegg (1 year ago)
Nice music! Thank you!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
no, I thank you!
Brandon Schwab (1 year ago)
Do you use a DAW or a notation software? I currently use Sibelius, but was looking to upgrade to a DAW, and was just wondering which one you use. I use a Windows system so if you don't, which do you think would run EWQLSO the smoothest?
Brandon Schwab (1 year ago)
Thats perfect. Ive been looking for a decent DAW with a notation software built in. Thanks!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Brandon Schwab I'm Using Cubase 5! Its the Same DAW Hans Zimmer Uses! It contains everything You need including a notation feature
Paulo Rego (1 year ago)
very full of life - congratz man, great jobs!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
thank you :)
toobles (1 year ago)
wow these tracks were made entirely with the gold version of symphonic?
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Rob Benson DSK Choir and Symphonic Orchestra Gold
Rob Benson (1 year ago)
Which choir vst?!
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
almost! Some of the choir you can hear and some ethnic sounding instruments are from different VSTs...for the last track I also used some Cubase instruments like an E-Bass... But everything orchestral is from EW GOLD!
Norman Anderson (1 year ago)
AWESOME!!! I really like the way you compose music. Is there a reason you use Gold over Hollywood? I'm just curious as I have both and sometimes feel Gold just sounds better. Thanks for sharing the fantastic music with us.
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
oh and of course thank you very much! :)
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Well, i think the best way would be to mix those librarys and just use both. I only own Gold which I really enjoy working with! But it is, at some points, a little hard to achieve that particular Hollywood sound because Gold is intended to be a classical orchestra library (as its called Symphonic Orchestra GOLD)! Still, if you work long enough with it, you get to know all the tricks and ways to make the instruments and mix sound more realistic (if you dare to say). I still have a lot to learn in terms of mixing and mastering though...
Antonello Manca (1 year ago)
Emanuele Poto (1 year ago)
Bravissimo! I also do compose orchestral music and, as i listened to your compositions, i had to log in and congratulate you. I'm sure you got a GREAT gift. Well done dude, keep it up !
Tobias Scheel (1 year ago)
Thank you very much! I appreciate it! Keep on composing :)
SGSRRA _ (1 year ago)
Awesome Tobias. Well done
sdfsdf sdfsdsdfsf (1 year ago)
great work add tags like movie score movie theme so search will bring, also pltmake tutorial about using eaql to make these
Brunet Thomas (1 year ago)
Wow, bravo pour ces compositions très riches et nuancées.
Mellacus (1 year ago)
Great work there and excelent compositions! Helped me a lot and I would really like to thank you!
Jannis Ludwig (1 year ago)
Mächtig Diggah
khalil dady (2 years ago)
very nice job i like it
HellRehab (2 years ago)
Nice job. Should have more views.
HellRehab (2 years ago)
+Tobias Scheel Yes. If you just clip together some samples of Michael Jackson and add a drum beat you're an "artist". lol
Tobias Scheel (2 years ago)
thank you! well, unfortunately this kind of music is not very popular...
MLaumusic (2 years ago)
Very nice, a wide display of the a great library's capabilities
Hillside Synths (2 years ago)
Nice tunes and orchestrations.
Tobias Scheel (2 years ago)
Thank you!
aLoudSi1ence (2 years ago)
Very nice, keep it up. Is it gold, gold xp, platinum? Thanks for sharing.
Tobias Scheel (2 years ago)
I certainly will! I'm using the Gold Edition :)
FocusMrbjarke (2 years ago)
sound similar to john powell but still great job
Tobias Scheel (2 years ago)
Those tracks are very close to the styles of Hans Zimmer, John Williams and Jon Powell - good catch! :)

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