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Secrets & Lies Season 2 Episode 1 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

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Hosts discuss Secrets & Lies for the episode "The Fall." Comment Below! AFTERBUZZ TV — Secrets And Lies is a weekly "after show" for fans of ABC's Secrets And Lies. In this show, hosts April Whisenhant, Lauren Salaun, and Whitney Vasquez discuss episode 1. RSS Feed: http://www.afterbuzztv.com/aftershows/secrets-and-lies-afterbuzz-tv-aftershow/feed/ ABOUT SECRETS & LIES: When Ben Crawford discovers the corpse of his neighbor's young son in the woods, people initially see him as a good Samaritan. Things begin to change as Detective Andrea Cornell's quest for the truth digs deeply into the case, when secrets and lies about the entire town begin to surface, leaving no one above suspicion -- including Ben himself. As he approaches the complicated task of establishing his innocence, the lives of his family members -- already privately in disarray -- are thrust into chaos. Follow us on http://www.Twitter.com/AfterBuzzTV "Like" Us on http://www.Facebook.com/AfterBuzzTV Buy Merch at http://shop.spreadshirt.com/AfterbuzzTV/ Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - http://youtube.com/afterbuzztv HELPFUL LINKS: Website - http://afterbuzztv.com Follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/afterbuzztv Merch - http://shop.spreadshirt.com/AfterbuzzTV/ ABOUT AFTERBUZZ: With over 20 million weekly downloads from over 150 countries, AfterBuzz TV is an online broadcast network created by E! host Maria Menounos and producer Keven Undergaro. Nicknamed the 'after-show' network, when viewers finish watching episodes of their favorite shows, they can go to afterbuzztv.com to watch or listen to a post-game 'after-show' for that series. On each AfterBuzz TV after-show an eclectic and knowledgeable mix of celebrities, personalities and industry professionals break down that night’s episode, take calls from fans and interview guests. The network produces over 60 after-shows per week. The network also produces "Spotlight On", an in depth, long-form interview series with stars and show runners. AfterBuzz TV had guests from shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Glee, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Big Brother, Survivor, The Fosters, The Bachelor, Teen Wolf, Orange Is The New Black. Notable celebs include Stone Cold, Weird Al, Mel B, Seth Green and others.
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Amina Bart (2 years ago)
I Loooooooooove Juliette Lewis in this role.  She rocks in this role and kicks ass. She plays it so good.
It’s Latasha (2 years ago)
i was thinking the bff but now with all the comments maybe t h e father isa strong suspect too.
Anny Martin (2 years ago)
My initial suspects are the best friend and the father
Anny Martin (2 years ago)
I'm loving the season. John and Cornell rub me the wrong way. I feel so bad for the brother you can see that he's just looking for love and attention from his father and is like the black sheep.
Cisne Pascal (2 years ago)
the father did it. he is the father of the mystery baby and maybe the one she died with. he killed her because she was cracking under the weight of the deception.
Renee Haa (2 years ago)
I think the father might of been sleeping with his sons wife and possibly fathered her first baby... but I think the show is going to make us think its either the bestfriend or the brothers gf/wife
mo_made_you_look (2 years ago)
i think the killer is the hubby bff that came into the office i can't remember his name.
raisingsouls (2 years ago)
His sister
raisingsouls (2 years ago)
called it 😞
capria30 Oh_So_Me (2 years ago)
My first impression of the killer is the father....He was acting strange every time Kate's name was mentioned. Great show!
Renee Haa (2 years ago)
I just predicted that lol
capria30 Oh_So_Me (2 years ago)
That would be crazy!

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