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How to Install and Use a Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer

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http://www.4wheelparts.com/Hypertech-Max-Energy-Power-Programmer.aspx?t_c=74&t_s=33&t_pt=3169&t_pl=6634 - Chuck Moya, one of our employees at 4 Wheel Parts, is here to show you how to install and use a Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer on his Ford F-150 5.4L. This is a great tool if you have larger tires and different gear ratios as a way to boost up your power. Plus, it only takes about 5 minutes to install. Get a Hypertech programmer for your Jeep, truck, or SUV at www.4WheelParts.com.
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TV Show (2 years ago)
I spent $330 at my local auto parts store for this same "mod" over a year ago & returned it the same day I bought it. Why? I followed the instructions but once I hooked it up to my Jeep, which was AFTER I did my PC updates, etc, my options for changing things wasn't very broad & the ONLY thing related to "tuning" or what I was really looking for was timing advancement for more power gains wasn't available. Tire sizes & gear ratio stuff was useless. Gas type being upgraded was/is useless on a 4.7 since regular gas is recommended. I SUPPOSE I could've tried 89 octane but honestly, WTF is the point? This part was obviously for my SUV's year/make/model/engine size but I was extremely dissatisfied with how very few options existed for a VERY EXPENSIVE price of $330 before tax! That is all information I verified before spending that ton of cash. The reviews I read online about the Hypertech Max Energy were mostly all reassuring from fellow Jeeper's who used it (for my Jeep) & they had claimed it improved their performance gains (and tires/gear ratio changes too for the few who had messed with that stuff as well) on their STOCK 4.7 & even V6 WK's. Well, maybe I'll buy it 1 more time this coming year & give it another shot or perhaps, I'll go with Superchips next time.
Shane Gunn (2 years ago)
Great device and nice little tutorial thanks but surely they can build it with a larger screen to give more information instantly instead of waiting for the information to scroll across the screen.
HGM GMA (3 years ago)
My car Hummer h2 2009
HGM GMA (3 years ago)
i got K&N intake, Borla catback, would this programer can help with tuning for that?
Mark S (3 years ago)
Hypertech box boosts your compression??... With software?? Pretty sure it advances the timing not boost the compression..
Ski Flipper (4 years ago)
I love how it "boost's compression" lol.  A few facts were a little off, but other wise a decent video.
MNicehole (4 years ago)
I put on bigger tires. Can I change that so my speed-o will match,. True speed. Should I put on a K&N filter system on before or after or does it matter.
Brandon Dyke (4 years ago)
It changes the speedo. You select what size tires you put on(if bigger or smaller). I did this for my 1999 5.3l Silverado.
steven warren (5 years ago)
This is just what my avalanche needs lol it shuts out at 100 mph it's very slow
SPNFENDER (7 years ago)
Love the ed hardy air freshener :)
MCP2002 (8 years ago)
The dealer CAN tell when you have used a tuner, this tuner included. Whether they care or not depends on the dealer. ;)
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@eSripper Hypertech has made it easy with three selectable power levels which are pre-programmed into their units. 87- Which is minimal power gain but optimum gas mileage 97- This will give you the maximum amount of horsepower and Torque Towing- Allows Horsepower increase but more torque.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@leetruck2 Please call James Grossaint at 800-337-9005 ext: 5139. He should be able to give you advice.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@Kimboplayer On the bottom of your dash there in a plug called (OBD2) and it looks like the plug on the programmer, Those two will connect and allows access to your computer.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@ltucker9 The cd is for your computer, it will allow you to connect to hypertech update site and download the most current software available.
ltucker9 (8 years ago)
I noticed that programmer comes with a cd. What if my truck doesn’t have a CD player?
kim m (8 years ago)
where do you plug it in?
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@KLUG336 You can only use one or the other. Using both could result in major engine damage.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@fabr6r6 It basically means that it engages the clutches faster in between gear shifts. It will make it feel like it's shifting faster, but it's really just engaging what would have slipped a bit from the OEM settings.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@irob32 The most common parts are an intake, exhaust, and programmer. I would start there and see how it affects performance for you. Then you can start digging into the motor if you feel you need to.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@ZBruteForce750i For more power you can start from any direction, but throttle response will be addressed in the programmer. The vehicle has a delay built into the computer from Ford and it can be made smaller with the programmer.
90s Kid (8 years ago)
Ive got a 2010 Ford raptor with the 5.4l and i want to get more power and better throttle response. I was wondering if i should get this or a cold air intake first. thanks in advance
90s Kid (8 years ago)
I have a 2010 F150 raptor with the 5.4l and i want some more power and a little more throttle response. I only run premium in it and i was wondering if this thing will help me get the power i need and want or should i get a cold air intake first? As of right now my truck is completely stock. Thanks in advance
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@ptown7113 Honestly, we don't deal too much in the car market so we don't feel qualified to answer that. Sorry we can't be more help.
ptown7113 (8 years ago)
im running a 97 integra, what would be the best performance chip? anyone know?
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@FutureMarine246 To be honest, I think both are great but I personally lean towards Hypertech. I hate to say that one is better than the other and I can't find any horsepower rating anywhere for that vehicle from either company. Sorry to be so vague but the truth is they are pretty equally matched, but I have the Hypertech in stock at this moment.
Gilbert (8 years ago)
guys, i need some help, I have a 2001 buick regal LS and I have found two programmers for it. the Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer - Part #32002 and the Jet Chips Power Programmer - V-force Plus 1996-2004 Buick Regal. I want to know which one is better for my vehicle and which one will produce more power. any help will be appreciated.
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@bravoballer2 If your interests lie with gas mileage over performance, I would suggest the Hypertech Max Energy E-CON tuner. It's geared towards fuel economy and will still increase engine efficiency, yielding a horsepower bump.
bravoballer2 (8 years ago)
@4WHEELPARTS if you were not interested in perfomace could you get good gas mileage
4 Wheel Parts (8 years ago)
@bravoballer2 That should be possible. The Max Energy unit allows you to adjust the shift points for every gear in 100 rpm increments so you should be able to get down to 1000. I'm wondering why you would want your vehicle to shift at such a low rpm? Most vehicles idle around 5-750 rpm so you would be getting very slow acceleration and losing efficiency doing this.
bravoballer2 (8 years ago)
can you actual have it shift at 1000

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