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Cubase template setup for EastWest/Soundsonline Hollywood Orchestra

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This video demonstrates how to setup a basic Cubase template for the EastWest/Soundsonline Hollywood Orchestra instrument library. The template uses the "multi instance" approach in which basically each instrument of the orchestra runs its own instance of the play_VST_x64 instrument. Expression maps are being used to switch from midi channel when a different instrument articulation is needed. You can download the created template, presets and expression maps from this location: http://www.hamicast.nl/hans/ytresources/EWHWOrchestra_TemplateForCubase75.zip
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Text Comments (62)
Jerzy Wujczyk (8 days ago)
What does do your midi in/out track to and from of your m-audio interface? And what for the audio 6/7 (SPDIF) track is?
RETROMAN GAME (22 days ago)
thank you how to creating template composing score?
Hans Oosterkamp (22 days ago)
Generally producing a good score is a different ball game, making midi look readable on paper doesn't improve rendering/sound realism. However, you could use this project as a scoring template, you will be running into details like scoring for percussion and drums for instance. Cubase pro still has a good score editor built in. (Although they're pushing the Dorico notation application nowadays)
Carlos Vallejo (1 month ago)
Rellay nice! How many midi tracks have? Someone knows If I will I able to have it in Cubase 9.5 Elements?
Alberto Valério (2 months ago)
Fantástico!!!!! Simplesmente Fantástico! Agradecido
Davaakhuu G (3 months ago)
Hello... Thanks for sharing... I prepared my own orchestral template using "Hollywood Orchestra Diamond" on Cubase 9.5 Pro. I used 19 articulations on 1st Violins to use expression maps, and i opened close & surround microphones. Then I opened almost all of HW orchestra articulations like my 1st vlins. Is that too many? I set buffer size at normal 512. But When i working on my orchestral template i heard lot of clicks & laggy sounds... When I set buffer size at 2048 it was ok. But now i have lattency issues. I tried a lot to fix it. Changed between Play software's vst3 & vst2 version, checked my hardware's latest drivers. But When I opened Play software my task manager showing me cpu throttling enabled result. My computer spec is enough for open all of them. i9 7900x cpu, 128gb RAM, 4tb Raid0 m.2 ssd, windows 10 pro. What should i do? Maybe am i stop using expression maps? Or maybe am i opened too many articulations on one Play software?
Hans Oosterkamp (3 months ago)
Wow, some machine you've got there! Unfortunately it is still hard to say what could be causing your issues, soundcard, SATA data throughput bus, USB and whatnot. I would think that having that many articulations ready and loaded in a single preset just would eat up RAM, but as long as you do not use all 19 articulations at the same time it would not not eat realtime performance. I would suspect that working with high sample rates (192kHz) could do something with system performance too. That said whenever I've a big fat orchestral piece with many plugins, effects and instruments playing at the same time, sooner or later I will be running into a glitch at some point. But, If you do not need the realtime performance you can indeed trade off with latency - you're in control. You can also choose to pre-render to audio some indiviudal tracks or sections. For rendering the total thing I would use the "export audio mixdown" instead of some realtime process.
Marathanz (4 months ago)
Hi Hans, Would this template also work with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra? Hans
Marathanz (4 months ago)
And perhaps I could download and import it anyway and use it as a starting point! 😃
Marathanz (4 months ago)
Hans, thank you for your reply. Well, nevertheless it’s still a great tutorial on how to make an expression map. Thanks!
Hans Oosterkamp (4 months ago)
I don't think so, unfortenately
Ed s (4 months ago)
Learned more from this vid in 10 min then I did searching lose tutorials for half a year. Thanks Hans!
Home of Creation (8 months ago)
Nice work Hans. Tip: In the Play preferences you can set the channels to auto-update so you don't have to do that manually each time.
Adam Tuck (9 months ago)
This was the most useful Cubase video I've seen in years. I had no idea about expression maps and I've been using Cubase for 13 years. I feel so dumb. Thank you.
Lionel Millon (10 months ago)
Un grand grand merci pour ce tutoriel qui change tout ! Thanks a lot
Photo Moco (10 months ago)
Thank you Hans! This is great stuff! So helpful to new composer-would-be.
Stanislav Snajberg (11 months ago)
It sounds really great. I downloaded your template and presets and cannot see any preset on my mac in Cubase 9.5. I have created my preset, found the directory, copied there your presets and I can see only my preset and none of yours. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance Stan
Stanislav Snajberg (11 months ago)
thank you for a quick respond. I found the directory, this is not a problem, but none of imported vstprest is visible. I use Play 6 and I also have tried it with Play 6 (VST3 64 bit). Your work is so good that I am willing to have it :)
Hans Oosterkamp (11 months ago)
I started on Atari ST, (Steinberg pro 24 -> haha) after that to a Mac II and then to Windows. So i'm afraid i'm not a good Mac trouble shooter anymore. But have you taken a close look at this one? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=12402 (from vic_france - always helpful, something to do with hidden folders.) Also be aware that at least on my machine the .vstpreset files end up in a vendor specific folder : <..mydocs..>\VST3 Presets\East West\play_VST_x64\
Lincoln Miller (1 year ago)
Could you create a template for East West Hollywood or Symphonic Gold?
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
Unfortenately no, but following the steps from the video you can easily have the pleasure developing your own "gold" template :-)
Troy Marshall (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I've been trying to do. Thankyou!
Jacob Zufall (1 year ago)
You really should cover how you got the sounds into the editor. I'm doing everything the readme says to do and it doesn't work.
Jacob Zufall (1 year ago)
Sorry, but after watching it even more I couldn't figure it out. As soon as it gets to the point where you say "load in the instruments and expression maps" they don't show up where you add them in. I've put them where your readme.txt says to, but it doesn't help.
Jacob Zufall (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply and your comment on my piece. I'm actually try to do this with a piece for string orchestra too though so I'm not completely out of luck! :) I'll try to watch the video more thoroughly and see if I have any success.
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
Hi Jacob, I don't know exactly how your setup has been configured, but if the template I've provided for convenience does not work for you, then the video will explain how to create such a template yourself and get a jump start with future projects. Turbulence, nice piece by the way - unfortunately there's no saxophone section in the classic Hollywood brass/woodwinds
Rémi Orts (1 year ago)
Hi Hans, first I thank you for sharing templates and cubase projects, it's a very good idea and help us. After downloading your projects with your templates, i've got some problems on some midi tracks (each channel one of each instruments) when I push the button recording, I don't hear the sound. I've checked the mix console and there is no outputs connecting, even if the setting is correct, so curious no ? I saw on a comment that we had to check the outputs midi setting and the midi thru in the cubase preferences. Nevertheless, I've got the same problem. Do you thing it's a bug of Cubase or I miss something ? Thanks for your help and thanks again.
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
There is also a 2nd midi thru setting enabled here: under preferences -> record -> MIDI -> "Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru"
Rémi Orts (1 year ago)
starting with a new cubase project, we've got the same problem
Rémi Orts (1 year ago)
Yes, correct I 've found this solution. Create a blank track, and before recording put the modulation cc1 at more than70, but I think it's not the right one. I continue searching :)
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
Another thing might be: When recording strings with your keyboard, you will normally record with "Modulation CC1 value zero" and since that makes the violins ppppppianissismo you will not here anything, please give the modulation wheel a try when recording.
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
Hmm, apparently you're not the only one indeed, there must be something in my midi setup that is incompatible for you guys. Anyway, did you manage to get it to work by correcting the midi output device like Freddy did? You could start with an empty cubase project template and just load one of my preset files and its expression map, see of that works correctly. Anyway I'll have a look in my setup.
Rémi Orts (1 year ago)
Very good idea Hans, thanks for sharing
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
I've uploaded a new version for the template (Cubase 8.5 and up), play_64 presets with their expression maps: - Improved s/n ratio - Cut off some annoying low noise in 2nd violins and glockenspiel - Added slightly more bass in double bass and tuba - Slightly less surround on wood winds group - Added HW Harp presets and channel. (separate instrument I believe) - Note: you probably need to insert your own reverb on the effect channel. Download link still is te same :-) enjoy
Paul Brown (8 days ago)
Greetings Hans. Hoping you can help me. I downloaded your brilliant Template (Thanks so much!) and recently received a Native Instruments Maschine Jam. According to composer David Earl in this EastWest YouTube Vid at around 20:40 https://youtu.be/Wqunl61_QyM?t=1237 I can use the Maschine Jams 'Fader strips to help control articulation. I can't seem to find the right way of going about accurately making this happen. Might you possibly be able to shed some light on this for me please? Best Wishes and Many Thanks! Paul
Emil Westin Skogh (1 year ago)
Is it possible to apply this to Gold edition?
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
I wouldn't know, just try to load a single instrument preset patch I created and see what that does. If it loads, the entire template will probably load too. I believe there is a difference in the available instrument sound microphone positions, so you might need to create your own instrument presets anyway. Expression maps could probably stay the same.
Freddy McLennon (1 year ago)
Hi Hans, I downloaded your template and 'installed' it. Almost everything seems to be working, but since a few days I try to figure out something bizar and I can't seem to find a solution... When I play the instruments, eg. violin 1, I can hear the instrument. But when I push the record button to record something, the sound is gone. I can see in the midi editor that the notes I play are being recorded and when I play back after recording, the sound is there. So only when I'm recording there's no sound. I use Cubase 9 Pro. I checked my device settings, my audio settings, etc. but I'm clearly missing something here. I've been googeling, but everything I found didn't had the solution. Maybe you can help? Tnx
Rémi Orts (1 year ago)
CUBASE PRO9 don't accept 32 bits plugins, but with a bridger, you can transform your 32bits plugins into 64bits dll
Freddy McLennon (1 year ago)
Like I said, probably there's something not connected correctly... And guess what... The midi output was not connected to the correct device. Several times I've been checking your whole setup... And every time I overlooked the MIDI out connection. So... now it works! So once again, thanks for your reply, it made me think twice and check everything again ;o) EUREKA !!
Freddy McLennon (1 year ago)
well, so far no luck. I checked everything but it remains like before. The preferences are all set, but just to be sure, I double checked. Updates of all my software is installed (as I usually always do) If I start a new project and load a VST instrument, then everything works. I'm sure I'm overlooking something. So I'll try to build your template from scratch (it's a great template to start from) Probably something in Cubase 9 Pro is slightly different and something might be not connected correctly. I'm also pretty new to the software. Working with midi is not that new for me, but I'm new to Cubase 9. Thanks for your answer and I'm sure I'll figure it out. Your tutorials are great and will help me, no doubt there ;o)
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
Hmmm Some googling here... ".... () If you’re trying to record MIDI in Cubase but can’t hear any sound from the instrument track even though monitoring is turned on, it’s probably because you don’t have MIDI Thru enabled in preferences. To enable MIDI Thru: Open Cubase Preferences from the File menuChoose MIDICheck MIDI Thru Active ...()" So make sure monitoring is on and also MIDI thru does that help? If not, try narrowing the problem down e.g. by loading a single play_64 instrument in a default empty template from Cubase, does the issue still occur? In any case make sure you updated to the latest version of play_64 and all instrument sounds, and Cubase 9. I've decided to stick to Cubase 8.5.30 for a while, still some 32 bit plugins that I need to replace.
KEN Sham (1 year ago)
Hello , is this template also work for Cakewalk Sonar 5 ?
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
I do not think so, unfortunately
p.p Taehoon (1 year ago)
Thanks, I know a lot about it. There's one thing I'm curious about. In east west, there are many patches of musical instruments. Can you tell me how to use it and how to use it?
Tony ODoherty (1 year ago)
Sorry my email is [email protected]
Daniel Williams (1 year ago)
very informative. I only have 16 Gb of RAM and no solid state drive, so.....i will have to play around with what I got. How did you get the strings to sound so good because straight out the box, they don't sound so great
Galinho Cdo (1 year ago)
OMG This is so helpful thank you so much!!!
GrumpyOldMan (1 year ago)
Why does there need to be a MIDI output channel for each instrument articulation? Aren't the sequencer (CuBase) and the sound bank (EW) on the same device (PC)?
Hans Oosterkamp (1 year ago)
This method it is like having a multitimbral VST synth for each orchestral instrument, putting each articulation in a separate slot (instrument midi channel). Alternatively you could setup things using key-switched presets too, which would allow you to stick to just one midi channel per orchestral instrument, but the demonstrated method has the advantage of you being in control of which sounds and samples exactly are loaded.
Frederico Silveira (1 year ago)
Great!! Do you have any video how to do in Logic Pro X?
Shiyu Rai (1 year ago)
Thanks! How helpful this video is!
Gary Dugan (1 year ago)
Thank you. That was very helpful. And the music was lovely too! :-)
Ruud Jansen (1 year ago)
great work!...thanks!
Chaz Charlton (1 year ago)
All good stuff! Kudos for providing the downloads too. Keep up the great work!
Very useful thanks
oskararnarson (1 year ago)
Thanks. Hope you make more videos.
Hoi Hans, bedankt voor de super uitleg, ik gebruik zelf ook EW Strings, Woodwind en Brass maar dan de gold version.
Hans Leonhardt (1 year ago)
really great.... thanks a lot for posting.....
Alexandru Tanasa (1 year ago)
A thousand thanks for including the template download!
Marathanz (1 year ago)
Great work, excellent!!!
Bryce Francis (1 year ago)
This is the single best tutorial video for template setup on youtube .....well done !

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