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That ain't my style - The main ingredient

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Del Albúm "A quiet storm"
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Marian Robinson (8 months ago)
I love this song. Main Ingredients are one of my all time favorites. Motown music is great. Back in the day when songs meant so much. Ole skool music makes you feel like you're in love and you don't have anyone.
Noodles8ify (9 months ago)
so hard!!!! wooooooooo
Sherry Hunter (1 year ago)
Mr. piano person , I love it
Keith H. Burgess (1 year ago)
RIP Cuba Gooding Sr.
Diamond Jackson (1 year ago)
I thought it was a woman singing this in the Tyrone remix
Recomeço a286
pode crer..
Trevor Watson (2 years ago)
I going 60 now but these guys know what they do its sounded like yesterday when I was 16 years old
Jason Louw (3 years ago)
Capetonians are still playing this music an it brings back good memories. Cape Town South Africa
one of the best song i've ever heard
Ariel Nocken (5 years ago)
no logré dar con la letra de este tema.. alguien que sea amable podría dejarla :)
ShahMat11 (5 years ago)
Claro! Sabias palabras de Rafael Lechowski. Buen día!!
El Nigel (5 years ago)
Solo envidio a los que no an nacido todavia Para ellos sera lo que tu y yo hicimos un dia Se refiere a su musica la cual sera escuchada por muchos anios mas y los k no an nacido todavia lo escucharan y fliparan con esta obra maestra
tomanovci (5 years ago)
Esperanto is great :-)
Ally Tuite (5 years ago)
Freundeskreis feat. Déborah - Esperanto DV Alias Khrist - Hitin' Every Angle
Kevin Scarpelli (6 years ago)
what a great sample.. invites to make a beat.. heeeeell music was damn better before......
KW (6 years ago)
Fuckin' love Mo-Town music with a passion, nice song here.
rg2027x (7 years ago)
happy to find this timeless jam on here! thank you :) I spent last nite listening to Quiet Storm vinyl, taken back in time...Great bringin in the morning with this vid
Petronio Lima (7 years ago)
Well guys, I am younger than this type of song, but it sounds very sweet to me. I like it a lot and gonna record it and enjoy this band. Realy great you Main ingredient. Recuerdos desde Brasil
Al Fastguy (8 years ago)
Wonderful Ingredient! I'm looking forward to hear "Baby change your mind" from the same album - A Quiet Storm.
HashAdams (8 years ago)
the anthem!!
ShahMat11 (8 years ago)
Music for my people!
Estefania Zarco (9 years ago)
Somos buen equipo Caray!!! La comunidad agradecera que rolas asi ciruculen en la Red... Amerita Cena con musica del estilo!! Beso!

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