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E T Soundtrack Remake (East West Hollywood Strings/Brass/Woodwinds/Percussion Test)

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Everything You hear in this track is from the hollywood series Except for the Harps and one of the clarinets and those where from their older symphonic series. This is the best 9 Minutes of Film Music Ever Made..The Last 9 Minutes from the Movie E.T were the reason why i ever wanted to be a Composer, John Williams's Genius will never come again nor will it be replicated so i decided to dissect those 329 Bars of Music in the hopes of understanding and learning some of his orchestrations and harmony Techniques. I know its not perfect and it probably needs more work on dynamics but i still hope you guys Enjoy it as i did Remaking it.. I can be reached at [email protected] for any music production work. https://www.facebook.com/Ashraf.Elziftawi.Music.Production/ https://soundcloud.com/ash-ebrahim
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Fangornmmc (4 days ago)
While I commend you for the effort (I know it must have been a lot of work), I know that the EW libraries can sound a lot better. The sound is very mechanical and quantized in parts plus it very much sounds like you slapped on a reverb and called it a day. That's not how real acoustics work. In fact, putting a reverb on a sound without additional processing will make it sound like the sound is being played through a speaker system in a hall. Don't get me wrong, I really do praise you for the effort to make this, but just know that you've got a ton of mileage left to get out of these libraries by deepening your understanding of acoustics and improving your mixing process. Good luck!
Fangornmmc (4 days ago)
+Ashraf El-ziftawi that's not what I was trying to say :)
Ashraf El-ziftawi (4 days ago)
+Fangornmmc ya i know i suck
Fangornmmc (4 days ago)
By the way I can also see this was posted ten months ago, which is almost a year and you've improved a great deal since
Great sound
Great sound
Leigh Barron (12 days ago)
Should have used more slides and vibratos on the strings. Sounds good but still too clinical just needs some editing to make each passage flow better. Just my 2 cents
WOW! This is outrageously good. Amazing! I had never even considered EWL... until today! I guess it's true that the tools don't necessarily make a craftsman. I've only been interested in scoring for about a month and am ingesting everything I can. I wish you'd consider posting a series on the analysis of these concepts for newbs. I've been crafting evolving chord qualities for years as a self taught accompanist, but interpreting them through orchestration while keeping them interesting and engaging is vastly different than cycling through them on an organ/piano.
Roman Pankonen (27 days ago)
How much RAM do you have installed? That's a lot of midi/VSTs at the same time.
Ashraf El-ziftawi (27 days ago)
Jan Skácelík (1 month ago)
Nice!!! This is a masterpiece of course and great source of composing and orchestrating tips. Would you mind sharing a midi file?
Ojay Ellis (1 month ago)
Genius idc what people say if it’s not perfect nigga your work is perfect 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
AlsterwebHH (3 months ago)
Mark G (3 months ago)
Brilliant! A lot of hard work gone into that. Thanks for doing it.
Kraflyn (4 months ago)
Hi. Very well done! How come the mix is heavy on high frequencies? Did you eq the master this way? Cheers!
Ashraf El-ziftawi (1 month ago)
ya , i felt it was getting way too muddy for my taste
John Kaufi (5 months ago)
Very well done, Ashraf - hats off to you!
thomas mcgill (5 months ago)
Wow, this is really good. Thanks
er XP (5 months ago)
do you using SSD for Storage of VSTi?
joseph guidry (5 months ago)
Very nice Ashraf!! You are definitely a professional. May I ask what the specs are on your computer? RAM, Hard drive (SSD) and processor, Mac or PC? Thank you.
Timo Engelvaart (5 months ago)
This is amazing!
神威コウジ (6 months ago)
ごいす・・・(・ω・ )EW
Wow that just blew me away! Great Job
Ham Suev (7 months ago)
hi great stuff! what's ur current system specs ie. cpu and RAM? thx!
Victor Ezell (8 months ago)
Ashraf this is absolutely awesome !!!
Mahmoud Altaf (8 months ago)
Well done Ashraf :) I'm sure you've learnt a lot from this exercise! Wishing you all the best buddy :)
Antonio Džeko (9 months ago)
If you did this by ear than you are one crazy dude :D it is very good! Are you satisfied with east west orchestra?
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
hey bud, it was a mix of both by ear and the sheets.. and the east west stuff is good for that classic orchestral sound but not so much for the more modern stuff
Ian Cris (9 months ago)
This is amazing which equipment you use to make your music?
Ian Cris (9 months ago)
Oh I see...thanks for the clarification and again you make awesome music.
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
its not about plugins, its about a good balanced orchestration most of the time... there is absolutely no plugins in the piece of music except reverb and some eq
Ian Cris (9 months ago)
And one more thing, which plugin you use for brass crescendo in Kontakt?
Ian Cris (9 months ago)
I see but how did you make it sound like it is made from a professional? Whenever I compose cinematic songs or do a cover of one of your songs, it sounds like not fully mixed no matter how many plugins/instruments I put in to make it sound professional. Any suggestions?
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
its all from east west hollywood series
2chrisward (9 months ago)
This is really impressive. Can I ask how long it to you to put this together between midi input, tweaking articulations, mixing, etc?
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
i only had the chance to work on it for a few a hours a day when i had the time so cant say how long it took me exactly but if i sat down and dedicated my self it could take me 2 weeks
zerny (9 months ago)
Amazing. Please do the tutorials. ❤️
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
will do
Wedge W (9 months ago)
Very nice. Do you use the Gold or Diamond edition of the Hollywood series?
Neil .Parker (4 days ago)
+Ashraf El-ziftawi Great arrangement, great showing what can be achieved from gold. I was curious about the mics as I noticed some of your instruments used main and others mid, are they both included with gold, i am guessing they are similar mic placements. I am looking at hw strings gold to compliment adagio violins and adagietto, not really looking at diamond as it will mostly be used in conjunction with other string libraries, just a case of seeing if it blends. I am not looking to double layer, will be using low strings on hw and violins from adagio, just curious on your thoughts after using the library for a while
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
Wedge W I'm.using the gold edition, they are dry enough for me.to use my own reverb
Jeremy Moss (10 months ago)
wow what an inspiration that you were able to pull this off and what an inspiring score. Great work!
Ashraf El-ziftawi (9 months ago)
Thank u so much, means the world to me that u liked this, but to be honest the credit goes to the one and only John Williams
Konvolution Sounds (10 months ago)
Great work bro.... How did you keep all the instruments in separate spaces in the mix and thereby making the mix full
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
thank uuuu.., well i actually didnt do much at all as the instruments in the  hollywood series were all recorded in the proper orchestral positions so the space and panning was already there.. i just used my own reverbs on each instrument bus to create a bit more of a distance between the groups.. and i had a minimal mastering chain at the end cause i didnt wanna kill the dynamics but i used a but of saturation and harmonic exciters subtley
okolekahuna (10 months ago)
awesome, Ashram…as always.
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
thank youuuu my friend as always
evan (10 months ago)
i wanna know where are you from
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
i was born in canada but i currently live in Egypt
evan (10 months ago)
how much did it took you to finish up this peace of art ?
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
it took me a few months but i was only working on it for a few hours a day when i had time.. i was doing this for my self to learn more about orchestrations and wasnt gonna share it actually but the wifey insisted that i share it.. haha
christian wieauchimmer (10 months ago)
What a great work.John would be proud of your.Now please the theme from indiana Jones with Tutorial. ;-)
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
you made my day.. u have no idea how much john inspires me .. goosebumps all thru when i was working on this
Eddy Bodié (10 months ago)
Hope you will teach this !
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
i can definitely show u how i mixed it and orchestrated it but couldnt tell u how to write like john.. i would die to write something like this
Kenneth Jackson (10 months ago)
Wow, wha a great inspiration to copy this great music by ear and get it down. My ear is not like yours, but I love what you set out to do and it gives me the determination to try anything to make this all happen in my work of creating music as you have, Ashraf! Thank you for sharing.
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
thank u so much, but u can always train ur ears, its not hard, plus i didnt get everything by ear, the lower brass and woodwinds were hard for me so thats why the sheet always comes in handy.. i honestly was afraid of tackling this but u can work on a small part everyday for a few hours ,
MKG (10 months ago)
Great work! :) Did you do it by ear or by transcribing the original composition?
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
id say 70% By ear and the remaining were from the score sheets, especially all the lower brass and winds harmonies
Davide Cirillo (10 months ago)
Pesh (10 months ago)
This sounds absolutely amazing! Well done Ashraf :)
Cameron Moody (10 months ago)
Where did you get the score? Please direct me! This is truly amazing work. I was always a bit wary about EW products because I have better samples, but this has opened my eyes. Excellent work. I love it!
Cameron Moody (10 months ago)
Ashraf El-ziftawi thanks! Great work again!
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
u will need to get the flying scene as well if u want the full complete chase scene
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
hey bud, here it is . https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/adventures-on-earth-deluxe-score-sheet-music/3979664
Ben Potts (10 months ago)
amazing ash! great work!
Life&GrowMus (10 months ago)
Great! Thanks for you job!
TheKnightimeProject (10 months ago)
Great work once again Ashraf! Did you do this by ear or by using the score? Brian
TheKnightimeProject (10 months ago)
Ashraf El-ziftawi Thanks for the heads up buddy - really appreciate it!
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
TheKnightimeProject thanks my friend, all the main lines I did with my ears as they were very simple but used the score for all the brass and woodwind harmonization, sometimes it was hard for me to separate the lower brass and winds using my ear .. close clustered brass and winds in this piece were so difficult for me
ImNotFlawless (10 months ago)
This is absolutely amazing
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
Hey bro, send me links of ur track to [email protected]
ImNotFlawless (10 months ago)
Please let me know what you think and how I can improve. I need guidance!
ImNotFlawless (10 months ago)
I was trying to figure out how to send you a message. But I cant figure it out. I was wondering if you could listen to some of my music on soundcloud? @adamvandegrift You inspired me years ago with your arrangement on Kal-El and I am dabbling into more and more orchestral/industrial song composition. I am not trained however. So if you find it repulsive I dont blame you haha
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
ImNotFlawless thank u my friend
El Moussaoui Anass (10 months ago)
Good job Ashraf I like it, hope you do a long tutoriels
evan (10 months ago)
you cooking it !!! great, i'm waiting
Ashraf El-ziftawi (10 months ago)
El Moussaoui Anass I'm making one right now my friend

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