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Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds - Video and Demo by Nick Phoenix

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Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds - Video and Demo by Nick Phoenix
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gershom urizar (2 years ago)
anybody know the difference between the gold edition and the diamond edition
Francesco Barbera (2 years ago)
Yep, but the diamond editions ship on their own hard drive, vs the gold that can be downloaded through the internet
FinallyitsDecember (2 years ago)
Can you upgrade from the gold to the diamond?
gershom urizar (2 years ago)
+Chris Brocato thanks man, I might need to save money for that since their so expensive
Chris Brocato (2 years ago)
the amount of mic positions you get, and with hollywood strings diamond you get bow change legato. tbh the gold version works just fine in most scenarios with the one stage mic position, however if you can afford the diamond edition, having those extra mic positions (close, mid, mix, and surround) is extremely useful in honing into a specific timbre and sound dynamic you are looking for. I happen to own the diamond edition because I have their composer cloud plus subscription and I have to say the detail is absolutely incredible. it takes a pretty damn powerful computer to get the most out of it (I recommend atleast something with 32 gb of ram, SSD's and a quad core intel processor) but it is worth it if you are very serious about having the most realistic and expansive orchestral library on the market. very good deal too compared to what other companies offer (spitfire, cinesamples, etc.)
cgoodinsociety (3 years ago)
If I had a lot of money and a lot of time, I'd love to spend my life composing.  Sigh.  Although the Composer Cloud does look like a good deal.  Still, in Heaven I am sure God has a worship section where we can all be creative.
The Versatile Artist (3 years ago)
+cgoodinsociety If not in this life then in the next, enjoy with what God gave you in this one :)
Sergio Rodríguez (4 years ago)
Hi! What DAW did you use for make this?
Joe Lloyd-allen (2 years ago)
+Sergio Rodríguez (Sercophony) It's logic
Tempest - (4 years ago)
Looks like Logic Pro X
Searinox Navras (4 years ago)
Hi Nick! Love the work you and Thomas do! <3
Michael Reese (4 years ago)
Reminded me of The Lord of Rings Score. Really good! 
Luke N (4 years ago)
Bravo :D!
davidjgurney (4 years ago)
I was going to ask the same, are the string tracks each playing multiple lines? (divisi)
Stefano Lanzavecchia (4 years ago)
Are those 4 and even 5 parts divisi in the violas? And 4 parts divisi in the celli?
Carrick Secorski (4 years ago)
Looks like it. Not necessarily ideal for an actual orchestra if you ask me, but you get a nice rich sound for software libraries. 
Pyroific (4 years ago)
Sounds great! Was this song made just for the video or is it available for download somewhere?
+FocusMrbjarke I agree with your sentiment, but you're not helping this person.  Most people aren't even aware there's a distinction, so old Pyro there may, potentially, have no idea why you said that.  Besides, if you're going to be that particular, you probably oughtn't call adhesive bandages elastoplast or band-aids, and be sure not to refer to your mobile phone as a 'cell phone' if you're American, because that doesn't really make sense.  And if you're sending a picture, it's no longer a text message or SMS, so be careful with that.  And when you write an e-mail, be careful not to damage your screen, unless you're actually *typing* it, which makes more sense.  And Mendelssohn obviously didn't now what he was on about when he wrote his eight volumes of Lieder ohne Worte.  Because words' meanings can never evolve and grow to encompass more than they did before. 
FocusMrbjarke (4 years ago)

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