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10 Pepsi Drinks That Embarrassed The Company

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Here's a list of 10 Pepsi Drinks That Embarrassed The Company. As much as we love Pepsi products, today we are counting down the top 10 Pepsi product fails of all time. ➡️ Subscribe to BabbleTop: https://bit.ly/2Uu3HPe Throughout its many years of existence, Pepsi has released dozens of different variants of its classic beverages, including many limited edition flavors and international products. With such a large amount of options, there’s bound to be some drinks that weren’t well received with the public. That's why we're here to give you this soda review of these Pepsi fails that we can't forget. Here are the Top 10 Pepsi drinks that embarrassed the company. If you enjoyed this Pepsi cola soda review list of 10 Pepsi products failures that embarrassed the company, then comment: #Pepsi #Soda #Fails TIMESTAMPS: 0:21 Crystal Pepsi 1:55 Pepsi Blue 3:23 Josta 4:51 Slice 6:25 Pepsi Holiday Spice 7:43 Pepsi Fire 8:52 Salted Caramel Pepsi 10:08 Pepsi X 11:17 Pepsi Next 12:40 Pepsi White SUMMARIES: - In the early 1990s, clear household products and drinks were all the craze. People liked the idea of no artificial dyes or flavors in their drinks and clear sodas were meant to be healthier and purer than their traditional counterparts. Pepsi hopped on to the trend in the early 90s by releasing a clear soda called Crystal Pepsi. - After the success of Mountain Dew Code Red in the early 2000s, Pepsi wanted to create even more flavor varieties within its products to gain more sales, so Pepsi Blue was released in 2002. The soda was bright blue in color and was marketed as tasting like some sort of berries. - Pepsi was a little ahead of its time when it became the US’s first major drink company to release an energy drink in 1995. The drink was called Josta and it was a slightly spicy fruit flavored energy drink that used guarana and caffeine as its energy providers. - Pepsi Co released a line of fruity sodas called Slice. From its release in 1984 until 1994, the drink actually contained 10% fruit juice, making it seem like a healthier alternative to artificially flavored drinks. There were 15 flavors available throughout the years the product existed such as grape, fruit punch, apple, cherry cola, peach, and many more. - Starting in 2004, Pepsi released a limited edition holiday soda, called the Pepsi Holiday Spice, which was a variation of classic Pepsi including various spices. The 2004 version of the drink included only cinnamon. - Even though some of the feedback was awful for the holiday drink, in 2017, Pepsi stepped it up a notch further and created the Pepsi Fire drink, a cinnamon-infused soda that was on sale for a limited amount of time. - Another strange holiday themed Pepsi drink that someone really thought was necessary was the Salted Caramel Pepsi, released for a limited time in 2017. Another member of the holiday food group, salted caramel is definitely great on its own, but is it really the right thing to be flavoring a carbonated beverage with? - n 2012, in collaboration with the singing competition reality show, The X Factor, Pepsi released the limited edition Pepsi X, a dragon fruit flavored cola. The unique flavor of the drink was chosen by an X Factor-inspired “Flavor Audition Tour” to over 20 locations in 15 cities around the country. - Pepsi next was released in 2012 as a sort of in-between diet and normal soda, specifically marketed towards people who wanted a healthier alternative but disliked the taste of diet Pepsi. Pepsi Next was marketed as having much less sugar than normal Pepsi and using artificial sweeteners instead, containing high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, along with just regular sugar. - One of the most daring flavors released to the Japanese market was Pepsi White, a yogurt-flavored cola. Luckily, the white drink didn’t actually contain any yogurt, so the texture was that of a normal Pepsi, but the flavor combination still sounds a little too wild for most people. ➡️ SUBSCRIBE to BabbleTop! https://bit.ly/2Uu3HPe 🥳 JOIN and become a BabbleTop member! https://bit.ly/2DCl21k 👕 Check out our MERCH! http://bit.ly/2SWDkQM 🔥 Our Most Popular VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/2T02a24 10 Coca-Cola Drinks That Embarrassed The Company http://bit.ly/2T8awZL 10 Costco Cult Favorite Food Items http://bit.ly/2YrP6GT 10 Secrets You Didn't Know About IKEA Food Court http://bit.ly/2Yqqi1N Top 10 Untold Truths of the Heart Attack Grill http://bit.ly/2H2LLYe Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss (Part 1) http://bit.ly/2IyUJ1Y Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss (Part 2) http://bit.ly/2TpKahK Top 10 Discontinued Food Items We Miss (Part 3) http://bit.ly/2YrUABe All clips used for fair use commentary, criticism, and educational purposes. See Hosseinzadeh v. Klein, 276 F.Supp.3d 34 (S.D.N.Y. 2017); Equals Three, LLC v. Jukin Media, Inc., 139 F. Supp. 3d 1094 (C.D. Cal. 2015).
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BabbleTop (1 month ago)
10 Coca-Cola Drinks That Embarrassed The Company http://bit.ly/2T8awZ ➡️ SUBSCRIBE to BabbleTop! https://bit.ly/2Uu3HPe 🥳 JOIN and become a BabbleTop member! https://bit.ly/2DCl21k 🔥 Our Most Popular VIDEOS! http://bit.ly/2T02a24
Growlie26 (14 days ago)
I really liked the Salted Caramel Pepsi, dammit I want it back. Same with Pepsi Fire, I liked it too.
aDg 2k18 (1 month ago)
+Joshua Thebeau release*
Joshua Thebeau (1 month ago)
Me personally I think Pepsi should relief Pepsi white in the United States I would love to try that here in the US
aDg 2k18 (1 month ago)
@BabbleTop How do you personally feel about Pepsi Twist? JW. I loved it.
Pheezy420 REEFER (2 days ago)
How do I get a job at Pepsi?.. cause these flavors are wacky
Pheezy420 REEFER (2 days ago)
Yeah I remember the orange slice along time ago lol
Ceanne Mercado (2 days ago)
why pepsi blue banned in countries i like pepsi blue more mmm and a philippine commerchials any pilipinos?
BabbleTop (2 days ago)
Anyone Filipino?
Catalina Victorino (3 days ago)
Si cardo
belle mcellis (4 days ago)
How about a COCA COLA BLAK vid😋
Caffeinated Caffeine (5 days ago)
I want to try every drink on the list
Caffeinated Caffeine (2 days ago)
Yes I did like the video
BabbleTop (4 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Caffeinated Caffeine! 😄 Did you like the video?
Joshua MERCADAL (6 days ago)
PEPSI BLUE IS MY FAV DRINK even though i wasnt born when it came it its available in indonesia
Jay Jones (6 days ago)
I remember PepsiKona. I really liked it.
SilverDiscord (7 days ago)
I actually liked the pepsi fire
Paige Marie (9 days ago)
We need Pepsi blue again
Hey its_me_ althea (10 days ago)
I miss Pepsi blue here in the philippines
Ginger Pepsi sounds FUCKING GREAT
ii conquistor (10 days ago)
Man. I am not that proud that The first Pepsi I drank is Blue pepsi
Aj Orciada (11 days ago)
Lol here in the Philippines...I NEVER heard of Pepsi blue, until now🤣 i should find one tho😂
BabbleTop (11 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Aj Orciada! 😄 Let me know what you think about it once you've tried it. Did you like the video Aj Orciada? 😄
will _serpa (12 days ago)
These drinks embarrassed the company, but half of them actually went well, we just wanted a better title
BabbleTop (11 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback william serpa! 😄 Did you like the video?
City of Abscissæ (12 days ago)
Only a few people mentioned Slice and its various flavors, but it was one of the best sodas ever. I never knew it was produced by the makers of Pepsi, nor that it contained some fruit juice (maybe that's why it was so delicious). It defined what was right with the '80s soda market and people bemoaned the loss of such a variety of flavors as various ones were discontinued over the years. Slice should definitely be reintroduced.
Berry Benson (12 days ago)
Pepsi fire is fucking delicious
BabbleTop (12 days ago)
ItsJacob T (13 days ago)
Pepsi,coke Meh just nether 😒
BabbleTop (12 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback ItsJacob T! 😄 What do you like to drink?
papa wumbus (13 days ago)
The whole fuck thing nigga
burningphoenix36 (13 days ago)
I gotta go get Crystal Pepsi at the backroom of spencers gifts!
BabbleTop (12 days ago)
Ok. Did you like the video burningphoenix36? 😄
Street (13 days ago)
hmmm i'm weird I know and I don't drink cola these days but Pepsi White actually sounds like something worth trying.
BabbleTop (12 days ago)
Try it and let me know if you like it. Did you like the video Street? 😄
Morning (13 days ago)
I prefer Coca Cola. It has a lighter taste.
Morning (13 days ago)
+BabbleTop I did. I like the lady's voice, very nice to listen to.
BabbleTop (13 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Morning! 😄 Did you like the video?
Nothanks Nopenoname (13 days ago)
The energy one sounds really good. Spicy fruity flavor sounds delicious 😋.
BabbleTop (13 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Nothanks Nopenoname! 😄 Did you like the video?
Sweet Ambitions (13 days ago)
Pepsi tastes like watered down coke. Coke leaves a rusty aftertaste. Stick with fruit flavor
BabbleTop (13 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Sweet Ambitions! 😄 Did you like the video?
Sam Labo (13 days ago)
Weird Stuff comes and goes. I buy what ever I remember slice. I have Tropicana twister in my fridge Pepsi spice is nasty
BabbleTop (13 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this Sam Labo! 😄 Did you like the video?
Scy them (14 days ago)
Omg the noises that go up and down are so annoying I'm disliking
Naga Min (14 days ago)
Josta was popular.
A-Fandom- A-Minute (15 days ago)
I'm from the Philippines and pepsi blue is still hard to find sksksks
Overwhelmingly (15 days ago)
I remember paying 10-12x of the normal price for the holiday spice thing plus a bunch of import tax etc. Worth every penny, the very best thing I had in my mouth.
Tom Cat (15 days ago)
Pepsi should discontinue the Ginger flavour and gives us Pepsi Blue back.
SG Clan (16 days ago)
Pepsi Blue is still in the UK btw
BabbleTop (16 days ago)
Fleurbc (16 days ago)
I really want to try the cristal soda drinks
BabbleTop (16 days ago)
maybe one day!
Actiminium (16 days ago)
Pepsi blue got in Indonesia and Philippines But now in malaysia and singapore. Wtf pepsi walao
Oof Oof (16 days ago)
They released bepsi in 2067
The Real Android Hacks (17 days ago)
Coke owns Pepsi
Lyons Shrimpy (18 days ago)
I went to Japan last summer, and I went to a corner store. (My dad and I were in Japan cuz he had a business trip) I saw a clear coke, I was surprised to see something like that. I bought it, then tried it. I didn’t really like it.
FBI (18 days ago)
Cobra4lyfe😂😂 I always buy this in the Philippines along with the blue Pepsi...
BabbleTop (18 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this FBI! 😄
Pay Elizabeth (19 days ago)
Pepsi Fire was pretty decent
BabbleTop (19 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Pay Elizabeth! 😄
Juan Valladares (20 days ago)
I want to try Pepsi Blue
alpha gaming (21 days ago)
Theres a lime and vanilla to you know
Michael Williamson (21 days ago)
I enjoyed Crystal Pepsi.
Ari Jónsson (22 days ago)
not only does pepsi support tseries but its also racist
Josh play ang 2 (22 days ago)
Pepsi or cola.if you choose cola then the Pepsi man is going to kill you 🥤
Chewy Teddy (22 days ago)
I remember getting crystal pepsi last year next to yankee stadium
Angie_Chan XoX (22 days ago)
**gets a Pepsi ad**
Pip Borebor (22 days ago)
We have blue coloured Mountain dew and red coloured Mountain dew here in my country
BabbleTop (22 days ago)
What country are you from?
Arvid Lindhagen (23 days ago)
Finnaly crystal met...... I mean crystal pepsi
BabbleTop (23 days ago)
Did you like the video?
1 2 3 Four Five (23 days ago)
I bet all of these are better than Coffee flavour coke
I live in oh but I did not about pepsi blue
aiden_ doglover (24 days ago)
Why does this sound like inside edition 😂
SuperManuel27 (25 days ago)
Pepsi white was good, crystal pepsi was good, Pepsi blue was good, and Pepsi x was good
Peeekaa Joestar (25 days ago)
Your wrong there is no Pepsi blue in the Philippines
valle x (25 days ago)
The only one that I liked was the Pepsi with lime,the other ones are not in Spain
BabbleTop (25 days ago)
¡Gracias por tu respuesta! ¡Hasta luego! 😄
M Goode (25 days ago)
BRING BACK CRYSTAL PEPSI. Was around bout 6 months ago, now it's gone again.
Garry (25 days ago)
Pepsi is more exotic for me and coke for me is more *meh*
Garry (25 days ago)
And no i'm not reffering to the drug the drug is *soo* much better than pepsi
Garry (25 days ago)
Still like coke but it's just *soo* basic for me
vex cent (26 days ago)
i loved pepsi blue when i was in 3rd grade taste good af
BabbleTop (26 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback vex cent! 😄
Yotam G.H (26 days ago)
thats cool but why are you yelling at me
tristan 123455 (26 days ago)
They should make durian Pepsi for April 1st next year
tristan 123455 (26 days ago)
I can't tell the difference between Pepsi blue and regular Pepsi (I'm Indonesian so I can still buy them)
Mizzy The Mermaid (8 days ago)
Moira Hirst (27 days ago)
I wish I had Pepsi blue
Michael Kaczmarczyk (27 days ago)
Orange Slice was my shit in Highschool
HauntedMemories (27 days ago)
I love crystal pepsi
CreepypastaCentralYT (27 days ago)
Anyone else get a Pepsi commercial before the video?
CreepypastaCentralYT (27 days ago)
BabbleTop lol I got one. My mouth is watering after this video for a Pepsi, even though some of the products in the video were gross 😂
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
BraveScorpion (27 days ago)
Got a Pepsi ad
BraveScorpion (26 days ago)
BabbleTop btw ill ever your channel
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
LOL MadManCK 😂😜
Rave (27 days ago)
I can get crystal pepsi down the road lol
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
Thanks Rave You Rock! 🎸😃 Please show your love by subscribing to us! 😍😜 https://goo.gl/Grh1Wg Clicking that notification bell 🔔👍
Rave (27 days ago)
+BabbleTop oh yes! Great video and very professional!
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Rave! 😄 Did you like the video?
Rave (27 days ago)
+BabbleTop i was there with my brother and he wanted a drink and got Crystal Pepsi
Rave (27 days ago)
+BabbleTop I live in canada :D Saint John, NB, Canada to be exact, and just a corner/convenience store.
B35T -_-B345T (27 days ago)
My japanese friend sent me 2 pepsi whites and it was welllll nice
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this B35T -_-B345T! 😄
Flares Pone (27 days ago)
We had Pepsi Ginger here in Canada and it tasted like shit.
BabbleTop (27 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Flares Pone! 😄
DAKOTA GRIMES (28 days ago)
Wow pepsi blue made in 2002 i can rap or lyric just like u
xXGaming MasterXx (28 days ago)
I wish i could drink them all
Mybutt Ishumoungous (28 days ago)
Natalya Taylor (28 days ago)
When the video started I thought it was a Pepsi ad XD
Eve Sawangansi (28 days ago)
BabbleTop (28 days ago)
Triggered Potato (28 days ago)
12:30 is that the alexa mum
BabbleTop (28 days ago)
I do not know????? 🤔🤔
Triggered Potato (28 days ago)
1:26 what!! I just finished watching this movie like an hour ago
BabbleTop (28 days ago)
LOL Triggered Potato 😂😜 Did you like the video?
Mason Capen (28 days ago)
It's Sprite cranberry
BabbleTop (28 days ago)
What about Sprite cranberry?
BeatlezYT (28 days ago)
Ahhhh pepsi x cost 1000 dollars, curved display and.. wait wheres the notch?
Rawa the villain (28 days ago)
.... why am I even watching this? I stopped drinking All kinds of soda more than a month 😂😂😂
Rawa the villain (27 days ago)
+BabbleTop I did like the video but nah I dont miss drinking soda I've decided to stop by myself
BabbleTop (28 days ago)
I guess you miss drinking soda, that is why you are watching this video Rawa the villain. Did you like the video?
X blu (28 days ago)
i loved pepsifire tho 😥
ΛΑΖΑΡΟΣ ΣΑ (28 days ago)
I like Pepsi and Coca Cola
A Nerd (28 days ago)
At least they didn’t call the second one Crystal Pepsi
Michael Hall (28 days ago)
The Josta part just made me remember how much I miss the giant cans of BooKoo.
Hi, I’m shore (28 days ago)
8:45 lmao do you see the Nintendo switch logo at the top right? 😂😂😂
Aivija Ulanaviciute (28 days ago)
Wasn't pepsi made by coke?
Rawa the villain (28 days ago)
Wait.... WOT?
?? (28 days ago)
I love Hotdog Water Pepsi. anyone else tried it?
JLBRIXYPLAYZ (28 days ago)
4:14 Ricardo Dalisay In real life Coco martin
mini moo (29 days ago)
Who's over here secretly wishing they could try all the flavors
Karen Hew (29 days ago)
I tried Pepsi blue in china
Mac (29 days ago)
I actually got to try Pepsi fire. It was. Interesting. And tasted exactly how I would think Fireball would probably taste.
Monado6 (29 days ago)
why not just release it a coffee infused soda?
Monado6 (29 days ago)
wow Coca Cola company is genius... and ruthless
Josh Domfree (29 days ago)
pepsi is not ok
Zackman92 (29 days ago)
I was really happy when Crystal Pepsi returned
slycordinator (29 days ago)
"negative reviews of the dragonfruit flavor product described it as tasting fruity" Hmm...
Brandon_pig Thepig (29 days ago)
Caeser Bennett (29 days ago)
I liked Pepsi Blue. Pepsi Ginger till I die!!
BabbleTop (29 days ago)
Thanks for sharing this Caeser Bennett! 😄
cake girl (29 days ago)
My name is Sierra. Lmao Sierra Mist
BabbleTop (29 days ago)
LOL cake girl 😂😜
Super Savage Gaming (29 days ago)
Crystal Pepsi tastes exactly like Pepsi
Super Savage Gaming (29 days ago)
BabbleTop Thanks for responding! Earned a subscriber!
BabbleTop (29 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback Super Savage Gaming! 😄
savage boy 1295 (29 days ago)
Slice is still famous in india
BabbleTop (29 days ago)
Thanks for your feedback savage boy 1295! 😄
yukii de guzman (29 days ago)
Pepsi blue is just like normal pepsi im a filipino

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