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Beethoven's 5 Secrets - OneRepublic - The Piano Guys

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Text Comments (26435)
Pham Quyet (15 hours ago)
26/4/2019 !!!
Alissar (4 hours ago)
sp gaming p (23 hours ago)
exacatly my tast of musi
Elizete Dg (1 day ago)
Show ... A Música é Maravilhosa !!!!
Viscount Biscuit (1 day ago)
I love this composition. I get shivers just sublime.
RichardK WA (1 day ago)
How can anyone NOT like this??? Beyond me... Even seven years after recording still as sweeping as ever! 107+ million views. Wow.
Mariana Carol (1 day ago)
Excelente!! Sin palabras
Maria Raquel Ferreira (2 days ago)
Maravilhoso!!! 🙏
Norma Estevez (2 days ago)
Hay un único idioma que todos podemos entender y es la música 😍💞
Olga Alegría Cruz (2 days ago)
Dios mio, esto me toco muy fondo, bello, felicidades por su brillante talento.
EMS- Project (2 days ago)
Just amazing.
Bianca Antunes (2 days ago)
Sasha Carter (2 days ago)
literally the first 2 minutes im already in tears!! The notes immediately hit my soul💞💞💞💞
I Love OneRepublic, And I Love This version of that song ❤
Joel Cardoso (4 days ago)
Que musica linda .
Camile Dücker (4 days ago)
Elainne Ourives... técnica Hertz💚💚💚
maiarG 24 (4 days ago)
Why the ....are there 11k dslikes? Anyway we love u guys!!
Alan Alves (4 days ago)
Very good! 🇧🇷
valeria liz (4 days ago)
Chega arrepia....
Sergio Alvarez (5 days ago)
This melody it takes me to another dimension, I could fly in the universe without wings
Bruna Silva (5 days ago)
Quem veio até essa música pela Elainne Ourives dá um like aí rsss!!! Amo essa música, medito com ela!
Francesco Muscolino (6 days ago)
Simon Lovett (7 days ago)
This piece gets me everytime I listen to it, absolutely stunning.
Brennan Pizer (7 days ago)
Is this anyone else's favorite thing on all of Youtube, years after it first appeared? The quote before the video truly explains what's happening here...
Conceição Nunes (7 days ago)
Rishi Sharma (7 days ago)
Where is this place??? So beautiful
Al Troisi (7 days ago)
Beautiful, stunning
MydogisNotReal Greg (7 days ago)
This musician looks like ben Shapiro's musically gifted identical twin
lisuya (8 days ago)
Never get tired of this master piece.
Richard Lee (8 days ago)
11K complete and utter retards with no taste. This is beautiful!! Also it's great to see those young musicians in the making in there :)
Mell Porto (9 days ago)
Que coisa mais que perfeita! Toca a alma ❤️
A&J Lerma (9 days ago)
This is beatiful really👍💓
Mr. X (10 days ago)
My ringtone on my iPhone Xs Max😊
Iliana Walters (10 days ago)
anyone else here in 2052?
jacobo gamer (10 days ago)
Amo thepianoguys
Colleen Turnage (10 days ago)
Love this!
Paatty CCieslickkk (12 days ago)
Cinthia Veloso (12 days ago)
Quem consegue dar um deslike? 😱
Arely Sánchez mont (12 days ago)
Hermoso te hace imaginar solo con cerrar los ojos,bella música
Lucas Antunes (12 days ago)
Como podem existir pessoas que não gostam de uma música tão linda como essa! ❤👏
Mah Nani (12 days ago)
B Porter (12 days ago)
I'm a new listener and watching you guys enjoying your music so much makes me enjoy it even more. I love to see when the music is produced by people who love what they are doing. Plus I'd have to say you do sound amazing
In God's Service (13 days ago)
Absolutely beautiful!
Nida Ilmi F (13 days ago)
It's so beautiful 😊
Char Lewis (13 days ago)
和美梶本 (13 days ago)
Carlos Brannan (13 days ago)
Love this, the ending gave me goosebumps
GamePilot (14 days ago)
There aren't that many songs that could compete with this. :) (I was wondering what to comment and this came to my mind)
Jane Medina (14 days ago)
i hope one day ,they come here in d Philippines and watch them live, performing
Brennan Pizer (7 days ago)
If you are a fan and get a chance, you won't be disappointed. Worth every penny and more when I was fortunate enough for them to appear locally for me. I would travel a few hours to see it for the first time knowing how great it was. They are coming near me again (within a couple hours) this winter and I'm seriously considering going back!
vanessa solis (15 days ago)
Algun hablante de español? casi todos los comentarios son en ingles y no entiendoo que es3
Stella Buitenhuis (15 days ago)
ontdek wat tui met je doet
Araceli Ferreira (16 days ago)
Hermoso ❤
Daniel Perroni (16 days ago)
Would anyone like to donate a model student cello to an autodidact musician with financial difficulties in Brazil? God Bless Your Heart,,,
QUELLI Carvalho (16 days ago)
Esta música, esta orquestra...uau! Que sintonia...mexe com todos os ossos do meu corpo até tocar a minha alma. 2019 and i'm here.somebody else?Mais alguém?...🇧🇷😍
Meu Deus!!!! Sem palavras!!!!
Patrick Casey (16 days ago)
This reminds me of my loving girlfriend when I am not with her.
Alenha_ Herrera (17 days ago)
I love everithing in this video . I love the piano guys, speciali cello &piano. This is amazing.
Silvia Flores (17 days ago)
I love it , the song is perfect
Valter Julio (18 days ago)
Totally in ecstasy, so beautiful!
Rosana Moreira (18 days ago)
Irma Broodryk (19 days ago)
Deirdre Stewart (19 days ago)
Beautiful and amazing. Thank you so much ☺️
Inga Grahl (20 days ago)
Perfect 😻👏👏
Richard Boots (20 days ago)
Love this!!❤️🙌
amalia (20 days ago)
I am always coming back from time to time to listen to this one. 💜
Miza Naathe Amaro (20 days ago)
Sempre me emociono quando ouço. É mais que uma musica é arte, que te tira por uns instantes desse plano e te faz viajar nos sentimentos, que toca a pele, a alma . 💕
tiago fidelis galvão (20 days ago)
Cadê os BRs? Alguém?
Fernanda Botelho (21 days ago)
Simplismente maravilhoso..... Essa musica toca a essencia Do ser....
Igor Silva (21 days ago)
Todos os sentimentos em uma música só
Berlin, eres tu???
DeDe Broker (23 days ago)
This song as well as other instrumental songs and Lindsey sterling... Has helped me overcome pain/depression/anxiety.... All...i just close my eyes and listen...
Davi Kawano (23 days ago)
Se não for é identico
Davi Kawano (23 days ago)
Vc não é americano , vc é do Brasil e é irmão da Ccb
ScreamingChemeleon (23 days ago)
This inspired me to make a return to music.
wandering wolf (23 days ago)
"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets. For it and knowledge can raise men to the divine." Don't stop practicing or doing what you love just because some thinks you can't do it. I didn't stop playing the cello because "my hands were too small", I didn't stop writing my soon to be books because they were "wasting homework time" and because books about dragons are "childish". Live your dreams, and if someone comes up to you and tells you you can't, you have two options: Give up and show them they were right, or keep practicing your passions, work out the secrets and show them just how amazing and perfect you truly are.
Doggone Dean (23 days ago)
If only the whole world was as civilized.💖
Cliff Patric (23 days ago)
This song brings back my childhood😍😍
landa437 (24 days ago)
landa437 (24 days ago)
bruno oliveira (25 days ago)
I hear this song every morning.
Coral Roper (25 days ago)
The best part about the Piano Guys is how they genuinely love playing their music. Look at how blissed out Mr. Nelson is on that cello.
bonjour je suis désolé mais merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme et je vous aime beaucoup merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse merci beaucoup pour votre soutien
je suis désolé mais merci bcp pour votre professionnalisme merci 😅 bonne annee merci bcp pour votre réponse
Celeste F (26 days ago)
This is my favourite song❤️ I can listen to this song everyday.. And I still love it!
When will the concert be in Russia?
Jimmy10081 (27 days ago)
I love it!
Pascoal Lima (27 days ago)
Simplesmente Maravilhoso!
TrueMan v3 (27 days ago)
Beautiful! Forever!!
Mille Souza (28 days ago)
Musica muito boa parabéns 😍👍🏾
GioVani BRuNo (28 days ago)
4:15 😍😍😍
Chris Killingbeck (28 days ago)
Hi, would it be possible to use your music in a student short film?
Peng Pauschert (28 days ago)
They have a whole Orchestra...NANI??
Peng Pauschert (28 days ago)
Jam Tracks (29 days ago)
Epic cover!
shadowxneo (29 days ago)
my old roomie, who is no longer with us, introduced culture into my life. variety. art. i remember when you guys first released this piece, he sent it to me over steam chat as he always did with things i hadnt listened to, or watched. this was the very first piece of music to invoke an emotional response in me. that first note for the 2nd act hit and suddenly i was crying. i had never been moved to tears over something beautiful. it was as if that note just bore into my soul and tugged the emotions right out. ive since added classical to my playlists and have not looked back. nowadays i get emotional and moved to tears fairly easily. i hadnt listened to this in a number of years and i happened to be on a feels train today of reaction videos to nightwish songs, and decided to head back here, after reccomending it to some youtubers. you know something is special when ppl are still commenting on a SEVEN year old video.
Ezequiel Serafim (29 days ago)
Isso sim é música show
Maria Joseph (29 days ago)
Divina canção! 💎💎💎💎
Lady Glamour (29 days ago)
Nonostante fosse sordo è stato capace di realizzare questa meraviglia...tocca il cuore ❣...veramente bella
Inka Sahimaa (29 days ago)
Oh, I love this and other Piano Guys songs;)
Dadaji Mahajan (30 days ago)
VERONICA N. (30 days ago)

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