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Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official)

4286677 ratings | 687644104 views
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Text Comments (166888)
Mann Shah (1 hour ago)
0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:56 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
Sienna Hill (2 hours ago)
2019 for tyler
The Dear Leader (2 hours ago)
Ahhh.. That warm 2013 summer breeze😊
hasib fahim (3 hours ago)
Tuyet Le (3 hours ago)
When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It's where my demons hide
Oshan Chamika (5 hours ago)
2019 any one i know u gonna thumbs up
Myles432 (6 hours ago)
I love this song! They don’t make music like this anymore :(
Myles432 (6 hours ago)
I remember when this song was popular! So many memories <3
Mou Sheeran (6 hours ago)
To anyone suffering from depression, "You are not alone. We all feel depressed, we all have our own demons inside us. But you can't lose to them. It's okay to break down... But don't even think of ending your life. Your life is more than just existing and death. Life is worth living."
Tahani Jashim (6 hours ago)
I still wonder how this *'2019?'* type comments gets this much likes!
Brando Bronk (7 hours ago)
such a sad song
un fan del zombah (7 hours ago)
Mia Bella (8 hours ago)
it's sad it made me cry 😢😢😢😢😢😢
blake knapp (8 hours ago)
No one knows what hides behind people's closed eyes......
Martonツ (9 hours ago)
2019 feb. 18 I687m viewsI
Emily Avalos (9 hours ago)
Dan Reynolds me and my friends went to your concert on August 2 2018 in Austin,Texas when we touched you it was the happiest day of our lives we started to cry you inspired us to follow dreams and we hope to see you again.Btw my friend Caili and me (Emily) are saving up for a VIP concert of yours.STAY A DRAGON.never stop being the amazing person you are.
Rewat Chaichanan (10 hours ago)
Alexandre Plourde (10 hours ago)
Whats the song of the end of video
tracy kelleybrew (10 hours ago)
ILove it
Jedrick Malaubang (10 hours ago)
1 like Please!
Frankie Darkk (10 hours ago)
Music of *Imagine Dragons* = my life ❤❤❤ love you
Linh Đỗ (12 hours ago)
Hello. I am from Vietnam🇻🇳🇻🇳 .
Aiden awesome (13 hours ago)
AlexN12 (13 hours ago)
Esto es musica de verdad
Raul Zavala (13 hours ago)
Georgia Greece_9 (13 hours ago)
How did he not cry when he was recording it? Damn this song is so.........
Raul Zavala (13 hours ago)
Alondra’s Gacha world (14 hours ago)
Meh I’m 2019
El Bulldog Sexi (14 hours ago)
Hey, random person! Have a good L I F E!
ESLAMWZ : avakin life (14 hours ago)
2019 !
Maria Eduarda (15 hours ago)
Minha música favorita ❤️😍
Lis Cardoso (15 hours ago)
I wanted to meet him! I love passion!
Nurhada Uzma (16 hours ago)
cat : Meow meow dog : Woff Woff idiot : 2019? 2019?
Gustavo Soares (16 hours ago)
tomáš járka (16 hours ago)
Glen Herrera (16 hours ago)
This is so deep ❤️🌹 it the first time I hear this song it made happy and sad the same time so many memories
иван баранов (17 hours ago)
What is the song at 3:15
Jamie Burke (17 hours ago)
Imagine Dragons are the best!
Shrenik Khinvasara (17 hours ago)
2019 Feb😅
Alexis FXAZ (18 hours ago)
zuzi blockstarplanet (18 hours ago)
XD skąd wiecie że to anglik
3045 ?
Juraj Sinsky (18 hours ago)
Juraj Sinsky (18 hours ago)
Juraj Sinsky (18 hours ago)
Hello from 2019th!
Shistar - (19 hours ago)
This deserve even more views.
Ocean Williams (19 hours ago)
Eres el mejor imagine dragons
Sousou Wyatt Gibson (20 hours ago)
February 2019?
Nikoss 11 (20 hours ago)
Perfect song🔊
RehPrandi (20 hours ago)
Sau’Ron (21 hours ago)
Underated asf
Oliwia Romańska (21 hours ago)
Davi Victor (21 hours ago)
Juju Ganha Silva Br (21 hours ago)
Quem é brasileiro da like
Carlos vilela (21 hours ago)
Top top
jarreau forney (22 hours ago)
This song is like Lay's potatoe chips u can't just listen once
Bonny Yap (22 hours ago)
guy awsome (23 hours ago)
The song ever!!
Tara Stefanescu (23 hours ago)
Big like 👏👏👌👌
Shubham Bhakuni (23 hours ago)
like who are agree that imagineDragons are the best
Emerteq Lukarskyy (23 hours ago)
Nostalgic song !
Shimene Tine (1 day ago)
hello RockRio 2019 i love !!!!
Happy oopp (1 day ago)
Merle Kold (1 day ago)
Is good
2019? 💙
Hoang Linh Nguyen (1 day ago)
00:40 She is so beautiful, in the right rhythm!
Maria Clara (1 day ago)
I prefer this song over 7 rings to be honest
я одна российская?
я одна российская?
я одна российская?
я одна российская?
я одна российская?
я одна российская?
Tatyana Firsova (23 hours ago)
Dr. Gorachand Saha (1 day ago)
I need to let u go, your eyes they shine so bright,i want to save that light,i can't just escape now unless you show me how.......... This hit hard and deep
Miguel Lamban (1 day ago)
If you read the lyrics, it's somehow depressing because its human nature, greed, and all of that.
Genesis Valeriano F (1 day ago)
Yo hablo español y ingles :v
Кто переслушевает эту песню где то больше 300 один (будто я)😅
Amanda Aletto (1 day ago)
Yana Doronina (1 day ago)
Я здесь одна российская?) ❤
Anna Gigobaw (1 day ago)
XxtdtxX (1 day ago)
This song has helped me thro so many things you in life
HAZAEL Hazael (1 day ago)
So emeizing
Zebanya Plays (1 day ago)
Dj Mixer (1 day ago)
🔪💔Thanks for this song
Melina YU91 (1 day ago)
Dj Mixer No problem 🔪😂
CarlosEEM17 17 (1 day ago)
Leonardo Maldonado (1 day ago)
one of my favorite videos on youtube
DadanKun Hime Hime (1 day ago)
Brooklyn Alayna (1 day ago)
David Ogg (1 day ago)
One of my favorite songs 💕
TheJuiceMan (1 day ago)
we all have demons
RÔMULO SM (1 day ago)
Quem está em 4505 vendo essa música da like que cada like é uma batata e um hambúrguer para o Mcdonald's

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