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Urban lighting design and art improve public space.

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Lighting design improves public space. Broken Light is the name of a permanent light and art installation as public lighting. The experience of light design is space defined by light. Tall columns rise up along facades. Static and tight, the beams are balanced by pools of light reflecting on the ground. What looks like graffiti from above, pedestrians experience as light and dark. Renewed in 2014, the public lighting project has transformed the look and feel of Atjehstraat, creating an interior, cathedral-like space that covers a 4.000 m2 projection area. The light sculpture has rejuvenated a street. For the street's residents, who literally and figuratively speaking welcomed a little light into their neighborhood. http://www.iald.org/About/Lighting-Design-Awards/2012-Award-Winners Technique & vision. What we show is that you can redefine identity of space by light and illuminate the area, adding contrasts without visual obstruction, unnecessary light reflection and even improve social safety. When we started this light concept, we intended to experience public space as one whole space. Often road lighting obstructs the experiences of public space and or creates therefore social unsafe feelings. Unlimited sight meant a glare free side and no form of light pollution. Uniform road lighting became part of the total scheme and we developed our own contrast scheme as main lighting. Lighting the whole facades becomes friendly by the poles projections between the windows. What looks like graffiti from far are just natural shadows of light. All these facts have catalyzed the experience and presentation of the street. Most people experience this as a summer walk in a wood. This design is related to our vision to improve public space by lighting. Creating identity, encourage social needs or functions by lighting design. Our light systems can be applied independently from or in combination with functional street lighting. We created different modules for lighting retail area, parks and or high light monuments or streets. Streets can be redefined in atmosphere and become spots of interest. We therefore design a solution in vision and develop lighting designs in cooperation with international respected brands. Our light systems are tools for lighting- and urban designers to improve urban experience. Project Details Broken Light, Lighting Design: Daglicht & Vorm. Contact: [email protected] Project Address: Atjehstraat, Rotterdam, Netherlands Broken Light Awards - IALD Radiance of Excellence Las Vegas. - Prix "ESPACE PUBLIC" remis par la ville Lyon. - LAMP Solution Award for Urban and landscape Lighting. Barcelona. - LUCI Philips City People Light Award (2e place) Gothenburg Sweden. - LDA awards foreign projects London. What they say about us "This is the light we want in future" is what most people and urban designers say. http://www.iald.org/About/Lighting-Design-Awards/2012-Award-Winners Thanks to: Design team: Marinus van der Voorden (lightsystems). Max design Thomas Linders. DSPS de Player Peter Fengler. Commissioner: Center of Art (C.B.K.) Rotterdam. Commune Feijenoord, Rotterdam & Mondriaan stichting. Credits: Modernista , Philippe Stegmüller. Alanod. Foto: H Wilschut, Video thanks to : Lieselot IJsendoorn and see her website www.ijsendoorn.com
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Paul Miller (6 years ago)
Shows what can be done with 'street lighting' when you consider people's needs for a change. Glare is reduced (notice how the lights carefully do NOT shine into any property windows) and downlit patterns (or diffusers) combine with 'ambient' darkness. to further reduce contrast. Public lighting should never be 'blinding'.

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