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How to Sell Your Product or Service - Product Inventory (2/11)

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Text Comments (148)
Muhammad Samar Gulzar (15 days ago)
Features Benefits Advantages Beautifully explained.
aya mohammed (2 months ago)
HI good and rich information, thanks so much
Kristian Hill (2 months ago)
I feel like the only advantage the marketing company I work for has to offer is bringing in more customers. Am i missing something?
damarcuswilson1 (3 months ago)
where is the worksheet
Godwin Osezuwa Ebhote (3 months ago)
Thanks Antonio, this is a practical guide on selling . I stumbled on these videos yesterday and have not stopped listening to them since. Thsnk you
Martin Bašták Ďurán (4 months ago)
thanks, clear, simple ...
Brian Lessly (4 months ago)
Your videos are all I need to go through before heading out to Market and sell. Pure Gold
Edward Chu (5 months ago)
Very clear and this is what i want. Thanks VA !!
Luis M Hernandez (5 months ago)
Thank you once again Víctor.. i had watched this already and now that i watched it again i even find it more useful.
ShivaSooraj g (6 months ago)
Sales made so simple by this video! This formula could also be helpful to sell oneself in interviews.
Stuart Clifford (7 months ago)
This has got to be one of the most informative videos on sales I have seen in a long time. I'm getting that list ready now. I will definitely be doing some of your courses on your website once I've finished here. Keep up the good work :-)
Stuart Clifford (6 months ago)
Thanks for your quick reply. I was wondering if you have any some suggestions that may help me. I have done a lot of marketing and selling. I travelled around the country for two years staying in hotels selling door to door when I was in my late teens, I have also done quite a bit of telemarketing. About 15 years ago I arrived in a new town with no job or money. My wife and I had $1000 available on a credit card and two kids to look after and to top it off Christmas was on the way. I went out and blew the lot on a lawnmower and a weedeater. My wife wasn't happy wanted to know how we were going to live. I told her not to worry and I picked up the phone book. I started calling in the "A "section. As soon as I got a quote for lawnmowing I went out and did the quote, cut the lawn and booked a regular mow. Then went home to start on the phone again. Within 3 months I was working full time and we never looked back. For the next 10 years, I built and sold lawnmowing businesses. Around 5 years ago I decided to keep the businesses so we started putting vans on the road. Last year we had five vans on the road but I was not enjoying the process. I couldn't get drivers and I was turning down jobs daily. I wanted a business I could grow. To make a long story short we sold the business. I am now setting up a property management business. There is nothing really available in New Zealand for training so I have spent the last 9 months teaching myself. I have studied the industry from top to bottom. The only real problem is that I have not been able to find anyone from within the industry who will let me follow them to learn how the initial landlord interview is done. I have a big marketing campaign set and the website and campaign go live next week on the 1st May. I am actually terrified of my first landlord meeting. I will be asking them to trust me with a half a million dollar asset and although I am very up to date on the theory I have no practical experience. I know I will be more than capable of doing the job and meetings will get easier. I have been working on your training on your website and that is really helping. Have you got any advice that might help me with my first meeting?
Victor Antonio (6 months ago)
Thank you Stuart VA
Andres Valdes (7 months ago)
What I learned: Create a product inventory: 1. List all the features of the product (list as many features as you can. Then identify the benefits of each feature. And finally write the advantage for each benefit).
Ratany TIM (7 months ago)
belal noor (11 months ago)
Hey that was simple and no bullshitting about behind the mind psychology Great!
johnieX (1 year ago)
Great video! just to verify, is product inventory part of the "research stage" of the sales process in the other videos that are part of this series?
Omar K (1 year ago)
That's really helpful, thank you I'm subscribed now
Victor Antonio (1 year ago)
Thanks Omar! VA
Joshua Maloisane (1 year ago)
Hi Victor, awesome lesson on the Product Inventory. I think the product inventory really helps one think of the important stuff, which is what the customer really needs to hear, Feature, Benefit and Advantage. Where can i find that Product Inventory Work Sheet?
Taylor Haley (1 year ago)
you respond to everyone that comments? so cool much Respect I'm new in sales and am doing OK, I need to know how to get over that anxiety in sales that I get like oh no what if I don't get any sales this week. I hate that feeling. is this normal and did you have the same feeling?
Victor Antonio (1 year ago)
First of all, thank you! Second, begin by focusing on the product knowledge and what customer's need. Your anxiety may be that you are unsure of yourself and that affects your close rate. Does that make sense? VA
John Johnston (1 year ago)
how would position a feature of 'a service ' and not a product. im starting my own online marketing biz. great tutorials by the way!
Victor Antonio (1 year ago)
No difference. You simply have to find a way to turn the 'service feature' into a tangible value for the client. VA
Parca Albeata (1 year ago)
Man, I went through all 11 parts of your course, I'm watching it for the 2nd time now and I must say I love your style. (Relatively) short videos, to the point and no bullshitting. You deserve more views.
KountryCuz1 (1 year ago)
OK Victor I Subscribed So far I like what you a Saying , and Wright to the Point Bingo Good for you !!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Victor Antonio (1 year ago)
Thank you KC1 :-) VA
Stellar Empires (1 year ago)
Victor Antonio (1 year ago)
You bet! VA
charbel haddad (2 years ago)
wawww. its very helpful ur video.. thanks 🍻
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
Thank you Charbel!! VA
stiler assaine (2 years ago)
my problem is the trust how can I get over that
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
The best way is to demonstrate (a) your knowledgable and (b) that you care about their success and NOT your sales success. VA
Nawreen Alam (2 years ago)
Words cannot express how great of a job you do explaining these key points. Thank you so much Victor, I hope you keep learning and sharing your wisdom with us.
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
Thank you Nawreen!
Yunhua Chaang (2 years ago)
Summary: 1) Highlight the FEATURE of product (Our product has...) 2) Link the feature to BENEFIT (Which will allow you to...) 3) Link the benefit to ADVANTAGE (And that means... ) - Better than what the customer currently have
Muhammad Samar Gulzar (15 days ago)
Najim Murray (5 months ago)
God bless you for this summary. Thanks so much.
MrArtiisan (1 year ago)
couldn't find the link to what he was featuring
Petar G. (2 years ago)
Thank you. Finally a Sales course that is not all about mindset & feel good selling. Please keep talking about the actual technique.
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+Petar G. Check out my other programs on http://www.SeminarsOnSelling.com (note: they're not free, but you might find one you like)
Tamara Pizzuto (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Victor !
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+Tamara Pizzuto Thanks for watching Tamara! VA
benjovi55 (2 years ago)
This is so helpful and simple. I appreciate this.
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+benjovi55 I'm glad it helped! VA
Mr. Redfield (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Victor for all this great advice it is definitely helping me in my sales :)
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+Flavio Redfield Thank you Flavio! VA
C K Gittens (2 years ago)
Hello Victor !!! Fantastic stuff...I love to sell...
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+Victor Antonio (Author- Speaker) Sorry CK, that las comment wasn't for you.
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+Victor Antonio (Author- Speaker) I have no idea what that means :-) VA
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+C K Gittens It's a great profession CK! VA
89DrFunk (2 years ago)
Thank you sir! I just subscribed to your channel and I don't know jack squat about sales but looking at the first 2 of 11 series I feel I'm on the right track Thanks for posting these videos series.
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+89DrFunk Good to hear! VA
kike Vtec (2 years ago)
Btw! I just subscribed!!!
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+kiketor Mechs Thank you....again! VA
kike Vtec (2 years ago)
Victor!!!!!! Omg!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! I currently run a small business and had no idea how to make my employees to see what I see everyday... Now thx to you am working with them the way I should have since the beginning and I got nothin else to say but thx!!!!
Victor Antonio (2 years ago)
+kiketor Mechs Thank you! I love hearing feedback like this! Wishing you the best KM! VA
Tom Sotthewes (3 years ago)
amazing lessons and knowledge. are you a entrepreneur Sales trainer? i would like to become a salesman and one day start a sales coaching and advising bussiness. any tips?
Brian Michaels (2 years ago)
+Tom Sotthewes You don't have to have a degree to get into sales; however, without a degree, you will need to learn professional writing skills. Even in your posts to Victor, it's either your lack of education or your laziness that caught my attention.   "i got good schooling" will keep you from ever becoming an outside salesperson. I don't care if you're texting your best friend, if you ever want to get into outside sales, you should start working on the way that you write sentences. You've got capitalization problems going both ways, you've created your own compound words and you've made a number of mistakes with spacing before and after punctuation. Outside sales is a great life and I hope that you do pursue it as a career. I was in retail sales for 15 years and have been in outside sales for 15 years. I completely agree with Victor - become good at retail sales first.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Tom Sotthewes Tip? Yes, become good at sales first...then one day you can advise others from a point of REAL experience. Best of luck! VA
amarjoshua almonte (3 years ago)
thank you victor for the effort and information, it's really help a lot.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+amarjoshua almonte I'm glad it helped :-) VA
Yosri Abdelmoula (3 years ago)
u r amazing..
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Yosri Abdelmoula Thank you Yosri :-) VA
Such a helpful training.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Nelson Andres Suero Nin Thank you! VA
mohamed moussa (3 years ago)
Thanks very very much for your great effort , well i have so many products to sell how can i manage this , thx in advance
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+mohamed moussa Focus on your product with the high profitability and shortest sales cycle! VA
Mohamed Salaheldin (3 years ago)
Hi Victor! Amazing and rich information , Thanks for your effort. I have a request for you, can you say something about selling software !
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Mohamed Salaheldin Thank you Mohamed! Here's one of my favorite books on selling software: Great Demo!: How To Create And Execute Stunning Software Demonstrations Paperback – April 5, 2005 by @01
Robert Lee (3 years ago)
Awesome! I cant wait to learn what I can and hopefully become a better consultant.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Robert Lee Thanks for watching! VA
Meera Jani (3 years ago)
Tomorrow I'm going to take a session on sales...and as I haven't done sales practically I was upset..but after watching this video I got confidence..Thank you :)
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Meera Jani You can do it Meera!!!! VA
Wahidur Rahman (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this knowledge this has helped me a lot.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Wahidur Rahman Thank you for watching! VA
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
@BenWebmoosh- I don't know who that is but...Thank you!
Maurice B (1 year ago)
Hello Victor I was wondering if you had a process or any ideas on how to go to market home security systems. it is a  very competitive market but I want to stay competitive yet not hurt my bottom line as well. Any ideas will help.
Ben Webmoosh (3 years ago)
I love this guy. He's even better than Eben.
Geoffrey Sagilai (3 years ago)
VA you is a sales genius! Cant get enough of your videos, Thank you for the great work you are doing of teaching us how to sell well. As an engineer in technical sales i am finding your tips on selling value so valuable! Thanks again. Keep up the good work.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Geoffrey Sagilai Thank you !!! I love hearing that type of feedback!
Serxhio Al (3 years ago)
You sir are amazing, you inspired me so much and I learned so much about everything. I have a little menagment software about gyms, and tomorrow I'll go and present it to some of the fitness clubs. Thank you so much from the heart!
YourBodyLab (3 years ago)
I just checked out your website. It is amazing. If people aren't using the FREE information that you have on your site they are losing out. Thank you for the wealth of information that you provide. I have my homework cut out for me.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+YourBodyLab Thank you! It's great information and very applicable to real-world selling! And, another thank you for appreciating the value of the material!
Vinika Winks (3 years ago)
Your videos are really informative. Can you guide me on how to do sales of a startup IT company. What are the strategies? I would be really thankful to you.
Vinika Winks (3 years ago)
Thnkuu.. i will watch and wil discuss more.
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Vinika Garg Watch my "Value Centric Selling" series and "Sales Presentation (free on YouTube or my site).  Vinika, create your "value message" presentation and then train salespeople to deliver it.  Good luck!
William Keefe (3 years ago)
Hi Victor, my names is william. i am a salesperson , your videos are amazing ! thank you so much ! if i have any questions i can just on here ?
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+William Keefe Sure :-)  Just keep them short and simple.
Krishnan Rajesh Kumar (3 years ago)
If it were service industry what could be the feature of it ?
Krishnan Rajesh Kumar (3 years ago)
Thank you victor
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+RAJESH KUMAR KRISHNAN   A service feature is what you offer the client; different services.  The more "personalized and specialize" the service is, the more customers will want to use your services. 
Grant Sanders (3 years ago)
Thank you Victor your presentations they are very useful and informative. It is just what I was looking for. Where can I get a copy of the product inventory worksheet you were talking about?
Syed Hussain (3 years ago)
Victor - bravo again - never thought of presenting the product with Features / Benefits and Advantages - We just make a presentation with Features - do not really outline the benefits and advantages.  The benefits and advantages are presented in a general manner but not really clearly. I will definitely sit down and apply this to our product
Victor Antonio (3 years ago)
+Syed Hussain Thanks for watching Syed!
Darlene Faith Cloma (4 years ago)
Hi sir, thank you so much for sharing your ideas about selling. I am licensed underwriter of a big company life insurance here in the philippines. I found out your video and it helps me a lot! There are certain things in life that whenever i got rejections i feel little frustrated as human but i'm lucky enough that my mindset is more motivated when there is rejection, i feel that it's like i need to push myself to the limit and practice more in dealing with selling. I am excited to do selling. Best regards!
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
+Darlene Faith Cloma   Remember, we salespeople are the engines of the economy! Be proud!
Laci4465 (4 years ago)
The play list is upside down :/...
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
It is now fixed @Laci4465  Thank you for letting me know!
Blog Designer (4 years ago)
great video
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Thank you JR!
Blair Wong (4 years ago)
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Thanks for watching!
Magic Gardens Ltd. (4 years ago)
Thank you for your step by step sales approach. I just need your work sheet to guide me now. Thanks God Bless
Leonardo Ochoa Miranda (4 years ago)
Great job VA, we are whatching you and your videos of course from colombia, keep doing.
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Leonarda, thank you....gracias!  Saludos!
Klemen Lorber (4 years ago)
Wow Great video  Thank you! But where is that work sheet? :)
rej bcdn (4 years ago)
Thank you sir! :)
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching Regine!
Ahmed360 (4 years ago)
THANK YOU, Very informative. Excited to complete the 11 training videos :D
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Go to it Ahmed! :-)
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Great job!
great....lesson sir....great job.!!!!!!
sir i neeed ur help more
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Trivedi, thank you!!
zaqa zico (4 years ago)
Many thanks for your videos.I have one doubt as far as the content of this lesson is concernd.You have talked about the Feature, benefit, and advantageMy question is the following:Are the benefit and advantage  diferent ?Thank very much
zaqa zico (4 years ago)
Thank you for clarifying my doubt .............
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Zaqa, great question. Ex: A box has a red button that lights up when too much heat is being used.  The feature (red light), the benefit (you'll be alerted right away), the advantage (you'll save on energy by X%).  Feature: what it is.  Benefit: what it does.  Advantage: Why it's important to you.  That said, you could equally argue that Benefit and Advantage are the same. It's just a matter of definitions.  
Adam Roy (4 years ago)
I just stumbled onto your videos tonight and after just watching a few of them I understanding selling so much more. Thank you Victor! I will make sure to watch all your videos to become more confident in my sales technique.
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Thank you Adam.  Also, go to my website, I have some free books on sales and motivation you can download.  Thanks for watching :-)
Claude S. Whitacre (4 years ago)
I can see using this as an elevator speech. Valuable sales training video.
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Very similar and thank you!
Adam Leonard (4 years ago)
Where can I find that worksheet?
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Adam, I'll have to repost it to my website...thanks for pointing that out.
benaglobal (4 years ago)
Do you have a book that I can buy or any material on your sales coaching? I think it has value. I am sold... lol
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Yes.  Go to my website; you can download my books for free (no email required).
SyntheticSoul (4 years ago)
One important thing to mention, which I believe was left out of this presentation, is the most fundamental of all. Know what you have IN inventory! Nothing is more frustrating than closing a sale on a product you don't have in stock.
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Your point is well taken!  Don't sell what you don't have :-)
Tony Lorns (4 years ago)
Is your Product Inventory  almost a Elevator Speech come Value Proposition Victor or is there a fundamental difference ? Thanks Tony
Victor Antonio (4 years ago)
Yes, you could use it as an elevator pitch (EP).
Victor Antonio (5 years ago)
Phil, I haven't posted them yet; stay tuned.
Phil Leigh (5 years ago)
Hi Victor loving the videos, where can I find the worksheet for this part?
Victor Antonio (5 years ago)
Thank you!
bradpittyay (5 years ago)
Love this format of training victor theres no other sales trainer online who presents training in this format ! brilliant, hope you can continue with this in other areas of sales. Tony
bradpittyay (5 years ago)
cheers victor very much
Victor Antonio (5 years ago)
They'll be available in a week or so...I'll post a link.
bradpittyay (5 years ago)
where can i get the worksheet victor please ? tony
bradpittyay (5 years ago)
you have a advantage over the other sales trainers lol Why you create more value and awareness simples victor. Tony

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