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Cell Phone Holsters As Men's Style Accessories - Male Fashion Tips - Cellphone Accessory Style

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Furkan Turfanda (1 month ago)
So where should I stick my Note 9?
Bro Brian (2 months ago)
I'd still go with the cell phone holster. Would you? Maybe not during weddings and funerals, but for everyday use, sure. Why not?
Marc Field (4 months ago)
I carry a Note 8 and it is just too damn big to put in a pocket comfortably, so yes I have it in shoulder holster. I don't leave home without it.
DALE thebelldiver (9 months ago)
I just designed a new phone holster. It’s my own concept but I see a gun holster like it designed for conceal carry and quick access. I’m going to try to market this product in a limited venue. I can make them tough looking or dressed up using fine leathers to match fabrics or your belt or wallet. Since I’m a commercial diver; ease of single handed function and ergonomics is my primary focus and objective.
mujjuman (9 months ago)
ive used holsters for many many years... i need quick and easy access to my phone, and because i hateee things in my pockets. i've had everyone tell me, even just last night, that holsters are too old school and unfashionable. im like, idgaf
John Mcclane (2 months ago)
mujjuman is it good to use it while wearing shorts
lalythil (1 year ago)
This seems to be about the phone holsters that are to be worn along the belt, but I was wondering, what is your take on urban shoulder holsters that can hold phones and wallets (and keys in some cases). They are supposed to be worn under jackets/suits and the like to give a sleeker look and not add weight to the jackets making them hang crooked.
randytan01 (1 year ago)
OK, so if a mobile holster is out of the question, how do you carry your phone if you want your hands free but do not want to put it in your pants pocket either. And since it's too warm for a jacket in these parts, what is a guy to do?
kssd71 (2 years ago)
this was funny.. lol
LALOMAN MC (2 years ago)
Your reasons for a holster are pure garbage! This guy don't know shit was his talking about and his face looks dirty anyways! The person who asked the question has to be a dumb kid because REAL MEN use holster for their phones. phones are not to be wear inside pant pockets only Ur wallets are and stupid kids put shit inside their pockets. That's why their fucken phones don't last cause Fuckin' kids don't take care of their shit seems most of them don't pay for their shit!
Philip Goetz (2 years ago)
If you're wearing a suit jacket, it's not a problem--wear it in your jacket pocket. If you aren't wearing a suit jacket, the bigger question is, Where should you keep your wallet?
J W (2 years ago)
A wallet holster?
nr3rful (3 years ago)
Thank you, where can I get help, you don't address that.
New York (3 years ago)
Necessity and fashion does not always meet... If you're one who carries different gadgets for your trade or job; consider lightening your load when you can. Minimalist prevail here in this department. Carry what you need for your daily activities. If you are in real estate and you need to answer that phone regularly; the holster helps to keep your personal cellular on standby, your wallet out of the way since you get in and out of the car, office and field for 6-10 hours a day. Dedicate your pockets to the bear minimum and briefcase everything else. If you live in New York, Detroit or any other city with trigger happy public servants including cops with their booger hooks on the weapon, you may want to ask yourself whether it's practical, especially if you're non-white. The cops are bat shit crazy out here. Chose your accessories wisely. I'm white and in a suit all day; happily, I don't really have anything to worry about; other people may not be so fortunate. Just saying... be careful, American COPS need minimal intelligence to "just follow orders" whatever that means.
Jovan Soto (3 years ago)
I use my holster cause I hate having things In my pockets. My keys are enough. Thank you.
John Mcclane (2 months ago)
Real Men Real Style what about if I wear shorts can I have a phone holster
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+jovan soto glad to know that
Kaily Nguyen (3 years ago)
You know, I'm in the market of getting my bf a holster and he's pretty much made it clear that he's not a fan (so it'll be the "gift" that he doesn't always have to wear, haha!), but there is an increasing amount of literature that discusses how cell phone radiation can affect your body, including your brain and reproductive system. So I will try to find the most stylish one I can and hope he comes around. 
mujjuman (9 months ago)
great gf lol hes lucky
JB 6000 (3 years ago)
I have nothing against cell phones as mens accessories. One person commented about whether he puts it away or not but how morally different is it from a watch? Theyre both good in their ways and cellphones are a sign of being technically cool. Just don't let others take advantage of you 24/7 for it although you are responsible for who you give numbers out to. I don't give them to people who will always call me for silly reasons. I think black and metal cellphones are nice. I like the touchless screen ones. And for a man - a cellphone is much more gentlemanly than earrings or body piercings
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+John Bilsbury good point there
Riki .M (4 years ago)
Antonio what's your opinion on pocket knifes? I'm a knife guy, I think it's a very usefull tool even in todays age, I live in the contry side and work in the city, and I use it almost everyday for preping food, open letters and mail packages, and cutting rope sometimes. Is it possible to have one and complement your style like and acessorie and not give the wrong impression? Ricardo
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
+Riki .M I don't think it would give the wrong impression for people nowadays as owning one can help you especially for emergency situations. 
gold coin (5 years ago)
I wouldn't wear it with a with a well proper fitted suit because it might bluk.
Luke Adams (5 years ago)
or get a smaller phone genius
Luke Adams (5 years ago)
thank you for serving in the military sir
unpolarize (5 years ago)
I use mine because the case I have is kind of bulky and it has the silicone on the outside so it doesn't come out of my pocket very easily. When I want to use my phone, It literally only takes 1 second to get it rather than 5 seconds reaching into my pocket.
Handable Phone Grip (5 years ago)
I used holsters for a long time, but after a while the easiest way to hold my phone is in my pocket.
Jhdz02 (6 years ago)
What are acceptable men accessories for the night clubs?
Mikenopolis (6 years ago)
With the size of cellphones these days I rather have a holster so my pockets stay free and not look like I'm carrying a book
Derek Faust (6 years ago)
How do you feel about knife/multi-tool sheaths? It just feels a little bulky for a pocket, but I would like to have it on my person.
gwot (6 years ago)
informative and stuff but... stop it with the jokes and off topic stuff, first of all, i didn't find the jokes funny (no offence) and not to be too up tight, but it makes it seem a little unprofessional.
taurusking2012 (6 years ago)
well i don't think there's anything wrong with wearing your cellphone on your holster. The holster just makes things a lot easier. I feel more comfortable wearing my phone on my holster than wearing it in my pocket because I will have this big bulk in my pocket. So if i'm not going to wear my phone on my holster then i'll just leave it in the car. Pockets are for keys and wallets. Plus there's a good chance your cell phone might break if u keep it in ur pocket.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@BJMSJ Good points sir!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@AnomalyTea Excellent Comment!
AnomalyTea (6 years ago)
Holsters are for quick/easy access. If you're on and off your phone every few minutes, then go for the holster. If not, get rid of it. (in my opinion) I carried a holster for a long time, simply because it made me feel more professional. I got rid of it when I realized that it didn't make me look it. Plus, when combined with the pager I need to wear for work on the other side of my hip, it makes me look wider, which doesn't help a short man like me.
Bjmsj (6 years ago)
I also have a love/hate relationship with cellphone holsters. Pluses: With a blackberry, the phone goes into vibrate mode in the holster so I get quiet notification of my phone calls and email. The phone is always with me regardless if I take my jacket off. Negatives: The holster makes a ugly bulge under my suit/sport coat. Without a jacket it looks frankly nerdy....
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@fonz20088 Do a Google search for Concealed Carry with a suit - it's a hidden page I need to make easier to find ........
fonz20088 (6 years ago)
@RealMenRealStyle no I have not ill check it out
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@fonz20088 Have you read my article on concealed carry?
fonz20088 (6 years ago)
you should do one on gun holsters
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@plum413 You want to show off the phone or holster or both?
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@RSof08 Agreed, but there those who feel it messes up the lines of the suit or causes marking/wear over time. But then again I think that looks better than most cheap holsters......
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@samthefryingpan Good point - I forgot to mention the ole earpiece. For another vid I guess.......
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
@Alezobic See - I'm learning! Just think how god these things will be here in a few months!
plum413 (6 years ago)
Good thx I put it in the pocket but trust I want to show off..

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