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Mito 2 Max - for energy!

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The perfect energy supplement (that's clean, pure, and natural) to help you combat those afternoon slumps and give you the stamina to do your tasks. Sugar free, caffeine free, GMO free, gluten free. My go-to to help chase after my 6 kiddos, home school, and try to get the exercising done! ;) And no "come downs", head tension, shakes/jitters, nothing. Zip. Nada. Score!
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Mark Irlbeck (4 months ago)
So do you still use it? Any updates ?
Heather Huerta (4 months ago)
Yep, still use it! I have some in the cupboard right now. ;) Still works great, good clean energy with no come down. It fuels the cells, so the energy is from the cellular level and great for your body, including the endocrine system. I only take 1 but you can take more. I just have a sensitive system....that's why I can't drink coffee or handle caffeine.
Jillian Joy (2 years ago)
great video :) would love to hear an update after taking regularly (most days) to see if you noticed more permanent diference even when not taking it, or is it just on days you take it? have you noticed an acumulative effect? any difference when you do take it, like, works quicker or longer to kick in, how long til you feel the difference if you feel it at all, how long do you feel the energizing effects? so just a bit more details about your experience so far. I love hearing about who you are and what demands you need from your body everyday being that you homeschool your kids and clearly require alot of energy for your busy life :) Have you noticed it helping with mental fatuge at all or with any type of emotional stress? I have alot of emotional stress dealing with being sole caretaker for my alzhimers with dementia mother at home with me, so I have a particular interest in this topic of emotional stress. I'm looking for things to help me deal and cope with major stress and trauma situations that currently cause daily intense migraines (ive had 3 diferent MRI's and see doctors but nothing helps) and would love to be supporting my body with things to help my head deal better instead of crippling me instantly, making me useless until migraines pass. so frustrating! ! have you noticed help with stress? thank you :)
Heather Huerta (2 years ago)
Jillian Joy ...wow! I'd love to tell you more about my personal experience, etc. Can I email or call you? You can email me at [email protected] 😊

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