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Thrifting With Marla (Vintage Clothing Store)

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Thrifting With Marla (Vintage Clothing Store) 2018 hey guys! today's video is another video in my "thrift with me" series! i went to Vantage in SLC, Utah (https://www.instagram.com/vantageslc/) 10/10 recommend, if you're ever in town, or near by, be sure to check them out! let me know if you guys want a haul video on the items I bought! Intro music - https://soundcloud.com/ashleyhelal/pines ✧ follow me on INSTAGRAM ✧ http://www.instagram.com/marlacatherine ✧ WATCH MORE on my family vlog channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCurvyConversation ✧ add me on snapchat: marlacatherine follow me here too: ✧ snapchat: marlacatherine ✧ tumblr: http://probably-amillion.tumblr.com/ ✧ spotify: _marlacatherine (https://play.spotify.com/user/_marlacatherine) ✧ twitter: https://twitter.com/marlacatherine_ FAQ - Age: 14 Editing: My sister films + edits my videos, she uses the Canon 70D, Sigma 35 1.4 mm lens & Final Cut Pro! ✧ if you are a company interested in working with me, or want me to review your product, contact [email protected] This video is NOT sponsored
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Slimegurl 2006 (16 days ago)
I'm from England(Leeds) and our charity shops(thrifts stores) are not as nearly as good as the ones in America. And the only vintage thrift store we have in Leeds is not as good as the one in America. If ur British like or reply to my comment
hot tea (1 month ago)
yeah well where I live there’s no where I can be a successful thrifter
Emelie (1 month ago)
1:04 omg me
l i z a (2 months ago)
Ай эм итерестинг, рассиан пипл кушать?
Libby Grace (3 months ago)
Does anyone know any good thrift shops in England?? Please help meeee
Gala Jiménez (3 months ago)
dani (3 months ago)
kelsey bugeja (4 months ago)
southwest productions (4 months ago)
Love this series ! 💛✨
Michaella Gordon (5 months ago)
I love ur kanken backpack!!!!!
emilia& kat (5 months ago)
I'm lucky I live in Utah so its only minutes away yay
Helene Fjærgård (5 months ago)
Where I live I cab take a 10 minute walk and there is like 5 vintage thrift stores.
Adrija Burneikyte (5 months ago)
I love your style😍💖
Ella Goodrich (5 months ago)
when you pulled up the mets jersey i was like “hey! dylan obrien!” and then you said it😮 we love a dylan obrien stan
JessicaL (5 months ago)
Omg i wish in estonia could be these vintage shops.
You look like Chloe moretz
I'm dead (5 months ago)
Are the clothes at this store expensive?
Lori Glover (5 months ago)
“Dylan O’Brien likes the Mets *adds to pile*” LITERALLY ME
Abbie James (5 months ago)
Dylan o brien likes the Mets 🤣🤣🤣. Mood
נועה חדד (6 months ago)
Hey i want to ask if the clothes are expensive or cheap ..? Could you please send a location to the store ..? Thanks
Kate Robertson (6 months ago)
I need to go to Salt Lake City now
Ro isnt cool (6 months ago)
I’m about to go to Utah just for this thrift stores
Ella Mathews (6 months ago)
The had freaking tommy hill figure! I rly wanna go to that store now but I love all the way in Australia ☹️
autumn parsons (6 months ago)
i love your thrifting videos! i am going soon and you inspire me so much!
rachel. (6 months ago)
How expensive is this store? It looks like it has a ton of fAnTaStIc finds, but I'd imagine that since it's a specific vintage store, it might cost a lot.
Shaylee Penrod (6 months ago)
Hey Marla, idk why I just saw this video even though it's five months old, lol, but are the clothes at that store cheap?
LPS Pineapples (6 months ago)
Kaesie Dixon (6 months ago)
karmen elizabeth (7 months ago)
i loved marla so much but now that i know she also has an obsession with dylan o brien, my love for her increased by 20000%
Cherry is bored xD (7 months ago)
Tbh, u have a bad style
Aly Mariell (7 months ago)
Why have i not seen any thrift shops like these how-
wolfieangie (7 months ago)
literally everything in this store is soo good and branded. the thrift store where i live sucks ass
Judy Polanco (7 months ago)
Meg Brassington (7 months ago)
I live in Australia and I love your videos and your clothes. I like the HAWAIIAN shirt and I also like stripey shirts but I'm an XS or a S Depending on sizing in Australia but I love your channel so much!! Can you tell me where I can find good clothes in Australian stores??
Just look up 'op shops around me' and i TELL YOU there are so many! Im an aussie too, brissy, and i have ventured everywhere and there are sooooo many awesome places. I recommend salvos, lifeline, vinnies and the odd ones like foundation ones and little hole in the wall shops. If you seek, you will find.
Pau Alv (7 months ago)
I need a whole hour of thrift shopping
Hannah (7 months ago)
They were playing Kate Bush I’m quakingggggg
Scarlet Amber (8 months ago)
Savannah Carey (8 months ago)
you introduced me to bil
Lamby's myshörna (8 months ago)
rockyraquel (8 months ago)
I feel like thrift stores like this are more like vintage shops and are hella expensive...I’d rather just search for fabrics and make it myself. It keeps the bargain aspect of it...
briana & kaylin (8 months ago)
What do you use to edit your videos ? Btw I love you💘
gab (8 months ago)
When I saw you pick that Mets shirt I was like “DYLAN!”
Alize Ruiz (8 months ago)
Neyda Leave (8 months ago)
“Dylan O’Brien loves the Mets “ IM DEAD I LOVE DYLAN AND MARLA SM
chief (8 months ago)
I live like an hour away from scl but I’m going to go here anyways
Zootae _sunny (8 months ago)
Wait what is her backpack called again?
rielle asuncion (8 months ago)
Desiree Mc (5 months ago)
rielle asuncion if I didn’t care by ink spots
Upside enirahZ (8 months ago)
Ulya Maulida (8 months ago)
barbara palvin?
epac06 Pac (8 months ago)
Your thrift stores r soo nice mine r trash and seriously r so dirty and disgusting
ava_charlotte (8 months ago)
U can take any piece of clothing and make it look so cute and tumblr💛
Mar (9 months ago)
T. simone (9 months ago)
Outro sonnggg?
Akaisha Zagoridis (9 months ago)
*v i n t a g e*
L S (9 months ago)
why dont places like that exist in my state
Ingrid Cortes (9 months ago)
OMG when you said Dylan O’Brien likes the Mets i instantly love u!!😂💗I love Dylan
Amadea Qureta (9 months ago)
one move to describe me 1:32 - 1:34
Miranda Thomas (9 months ago)
I feel like she could b ryland’s sister or something, they sound so alike.
Jessie Johnson (9 months ago)
Can you do another thrifting videoo
スキコ*セー (9 months ago)
this thrift shop is goals
Chanelle Schram (9 months ago)
"Dylan O'Brien likes the Mets" HAHAHA THAT'S SO ME
Tia Rose (9 months ago)
Omg what apps do you use to edit I like be your videos 😻💗
Jessie Viau (9 months ago)
That store is absolute goals
Alexandra Ami (9 months ago)
1:34 i laughed so hard 😂
hello, happy (9 months ago)
I've always wondered how people who actually go to thrift stores because they can't afford good clothes feel about the hipster type going in
Libi and Neska (10 months ago)
i love you so much
studypoint (10 months ago)
Why is Marla so cute ?
Lisset Garcia Nava (10 months ago)
1:04 same 😂💀
Maria V (10 months ago)
1:04 *ME*
Grace Belle (10 months ago)
I wish I could find a store like that nearby!
M NS (10 months ago)
Bethany Mae (10 months ago)
was the stuff expensive? i’m trying to go there this friday haha. i live near slc.
Vani Daryani (10 months ago)
I saw so many things I wanted in the background
Alexa and Mikayla (10 months ago)
u like dylan o’brien omg another reason to subscribe to u
MaxRandom (10 months ago)
Lmao when she said, "Dylan O'Brien loves the Mets" I'm liKE YOU LIKE DYLAN O'BRIEN??? GIRL ME TOO
Rana (10 months ago)
when you said dylan obrien likes the mets i just fell in love with you even more
Krystal Mahoney (10 months ago)
‘dylan o’brien likes the mets’ mE
cuteness (10 months ago)
does anyone know what app she uses for the filtres?
alondra hernandez (10 months ago)
what were the prices of the clothes??
Mary Rush (10 months ago)
That is the cutest freaking store ever ejdjsja
Emma Claire (10 months ago)
“dylan o’brien likes the mets” lmao same i’m subscribing
Erica Hennessy (10 months ago)
WHERE ARE THESE STORES I want one near me
Flora 1 (10 months ago)
When you whipped I actually laughed so hard lmao
Emily b (11 months ago)
was it expensive
Bisma (11 months ago)
Hey guys! I was wondering if you could check out my channel. Im a small youtuber trying to grow and i make covers and mostly lifestyle videos. Thank you!
Kate Seuffert (11 months ago)
new jersey has like no good thrift stores
Personne _ (11 months ago)
I love your style !!
Maddie Geibelson (11 months ago)
you look amazing in everything!!
esthetique (11 months ago)
i hate how i have none of these stores near me
Izabella Mirza (11 months ago)
I literally liked right away when you said “Dylan O’Brien likes the Mets” and I was like same girl!!!!!!!!!!! I luv ur channel!!💜
cecilia (11 months ago)
anyone know how she filters her vids like this 😩😫
t r i s t y n (11 months ago)
tame impala at the end!
tatum elisha (11 months ago)
omg I'm gonna die this is like my dream store, I live in Salt Lake and I've never even heard of it. definitely going to be going there soon
ari (11 months ago)
Ooh! Next time I go to the valley I’ll visit this cute thrift store!
Charlize Brucelas (11 months ago)
once you pulled out the mets shirt I was like FLFLFLFLLFLF DLYANANDBSKSH GO METS!!!AHAHAH
I'm what you call swagger (11 months ago)
I’m obsessed with this omg she likes everything I like and I know all of the songs she plays on a lot of videos like wtf where have you been all my life !!!? Ahhh yesss
Elise Kalli (11 months ago)
love this video! what's the outro music?
Taylor Owens (11 months ago)
i’m so obsessed with dylan o brien omg
ellie joyce (11 months ago)
this store is amazing I want to go
Po Kwar Soe (11 months ago)
Where is this place

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