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U.S. army teases girl and she grabs the D

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Jay Brown (5 months ago)
Pretty sure that’s the chairforce
Moto R6 (6 months ago)
You dumbass its airforce look at the boots and camo
YourDogMeowing Gaming (9 months ago)
Man the guy was chilling....
Yahaira Vazquez (10 months ago)
If I was that girl I would fight him to show that girls can be in the army
Aiden Hunter (3 months ago)
1. What kind of soldier would fight a brother in arms 2. She would lose the fight against an equally or better trained man with a lot more strength, resilience and speed than her 3. Women can already join the military, they are valuable assets. They shouldn't be in combat though, as in that field they are proven to be always a liability.
Shut up feminist
Dilsea (5 months ago)
But she would loose a fight...
Eat Ass (1 year ago)
I’m dead
Jobert Dema-ala (1 year ago)
I proud US army women
F15E Strike Eagle (1 year ago)
Air force,not army
XΣRXΣS (4 years ago)
Did he just say "Show me your anus"?
MR.Chickennuget 360 (2 years ago)
"show me your hands"

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