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BTS (방탄소년단) 'No More Dream' Official MV

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방탄소년단 데뷔 싱글 -2 COOL 4 SKOOL- 6월 12일 발매 BTS Debut single -2 COOL 4 SKOOL- will be released on 12.June Official Homepage : http://bts.ibighit.com BTS Blog : http://btsblog.ibighit.com Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bangtan.official Official twitter : https://twitter.com/bts_bighit iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/2-cool-4-skool/id660164564
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Text Comments (129314)
Lucy Kim (7 minutes ago)
Jungkook is so fucking cute
Lucy Kim (11 minutes ago)
Miss this area
Kpopchannel BtsxArmy (12 minutes ago)
who watch this in 2019 ? 😊😘
Bts Suga
듀뉸 (42 minutes ago)
옛날부터 노래랑 뮤비가 고퀄이였던 방탄소년단💜 BTS=great people
Suyaiba Samah (47 minutes ago)
I wanna look for the really old comments that were like "they're so immature" and "ew that dude with the caterpillar hair" but I can't cuz it's so deep down
sans the skele-ton (1 hour ago)
Ioanna Alexopoulou (1 hour ago)
Jungkook and Jimin 💖💖💖💖💖Since 2013 I must have seen this video clip 100 times
Jungkook lookalike my schoolmate boy jayr 🤔
I like boy with love so😘😍😘 much but i dont like this song😔😔
ارمي بجدارة (1 hour ago)
بتس الاطفال فديتهم 💖💖💖
benny mitra (1 hour ago)
I love jimin his abs
Carolay Oropeza Rebaza (2 hours ago)
Recordando sus inicios los amo💗💗💗
선반야라 (2 hours ago)
NETFELIX (2 hours ago)
they had no idea that they will pave the way for kpop
Melanie catty meaw (3 hours ago)
Amin ZK (3 hours ago)
Bighit Clickbait us in the thumbnail theres nothing but in the video theres everthing
seeun xxx (3 hours ago)
The begging of the legend
BiaPisicuta RO. (3 hours ago)
i still love this music :3
Tran Bao (4 hours ago)
Bố con ngày xưa đây ế hả đẹp
The Foodie (4 hours ago)
Their first music video and Jimin's already showing his abs of
Chini Bhini (5 hours ago)
My bias 1 Jimin 2 jungkook 3 rm 4 v 5 jin 6 suga 7 j. Hope
Dora Lay (5 hours ago)
I still can't believe this they grew up so well , our boys <3
Priyono SE (5 hours ago)
I love jungkook 😍😍😍😙😚
Jenievhie Rambunay (5 hours ago)
The origin of lalalalalala lyrics in most of their songs and Hobi is like Kaneki Ken in this mv
YeetxSkeet (5 hours ago)
Ok now that I think of it, I like how jin just casually crashes into a bunch of random boxes, and that leads them to literally making a song
Monserrat Rivas Pablo (5 hours ago)
Recordando viejos tiempos like si eres army desde que debutaron
xxmalia YT (5 hours ago)
Still watching 2019??
Andrea Del Angel (5 hours ago)
Andrea Del Angel (5 hours ago)
Llamame con buen mole
Andrea Del Angel (5 hours ago)
Chicos malos
realrisa 2eight (6 hours ago)
Winter summer (6 hours ago)
They were all fetuses
Binibining Ness (6 hours ago)
the time jungkook used to rap
Binibining Ness (6 hours ago)
ghad i still can't believe.. im so proud of you bts♥
Salsabila Nazilda (7 hours ago)
And now, them is a biggest boyband in the world. Im crying 😭😭😭😭
Veda Vikram (7 hours ago)
How did J-hope go from the most dangerous person in the world to like such a nice person
Sjane Luna (8 hours ago)
Jimin with abs,, ohmygod.. I'm dying😂😂
TaeTae Tata (8 hours ago)
Hell no one can stop me coming back here 💜
CNCOwner De Camacho (8 hours ago)
No More Dream 😴😴
Mrs. Kookie (8 hours ago)
i fall for the fetus kookie when i first saw this Mv. He is so damn cute, now he is so damn hot. Keep on slayin BTS Babies.
PlayerlGG (8 hours ago)
*2013* No More Dream: La La La La La *2016* Burning Up (Fire): La La La La La *2018* Idol: Ohohoh *2019* Boy With Luv: Wowowowowowo (and Oh my my my)
Hannah Shores (8 hours ago)
I didn't know fetuses could rap and have wash board abs
Frances Rapiz (8 hours ago)
2013: who tf are those kids? 2019: who tf doesn't know who BTS are?
Sunny :v (8 hours ago)
Que recuerdos no :’DD
chaca 1112 (8 hours ago)
i let my cat watch this. and now he became a tiger
Zoey Turner (8 hours ago)
Jhope and his exposed forehead..... Wow..... I must stay loyal to Jimin, must stay loyal to Jimin, must stay loyal to Jimin.. --------
Erick Lascano (9 hours ago)
1:29 He said the n word hehehehehh3he3h3h3h3heehebh33h
Naruto (8 hours ago)
They are korean dummy they are speaking Korean they dont speak to much English stupid
BTS Taehyung (9 hours ago)
ARMY is so proud of y'all 😭 Y'all grown up so much I love y'all I'm praying that y'all win the award on May 1 I LOVE YALL GOOD LUCK BTS 😘
Lourdes Verdesoto (9 hours ago)
Kaori :3 (9 hours ago)
This might get you mad but, this is my first time hearing this song. AND BTW, ITS AASSSEEEESSSOOOMMMEEEE!!!!!!
Génesis Guillén (9 hours ago)
Estoy confundida, cuál es la fecha exacta de su debut???
WONDERland_of HOPE (9 hours ago)
Hoseok changed so much from here!!!! but he still looks handsome here and now :) he’s honestly a PERFECT HUMAN BEING
Fujoshi Loves BTS (9 hours ago)
80M ✔ 90M ••• 100M ••• _Let's go, ARMY!_ *WE ARE A FAMILY, do it for them.*
WONDERland_of HOPE (9 hours ago)
Fujoshi Loves BTS (9 hours ago)
Estos chicos se merecen todo lo bueno que les está pasando ahora. Su esfuerzo dió frutos. *I'm proud of them.* _purple heart_
Kookie the Kok (9 hours ago)
O my god jungkookie was so little he was only 16 holy heck
tammy brewer (10 hours ago)
At least Jimin isn't singing "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know."
Fariha Hyder (10 hours ago)
No More Dream - Reaches 84M In 6 years Boy With Luv - Reaches 212M In 3 weeks Me: Well OK
Mialani Cosio (10 hours ago)
if u a og army u would know that jungkook used to rap
Olini Lania (10 hours ago)
2019 anyone?? Just wanted too see jungkook height when he was 15
Nathaniel Hurtado (10 hours ago)
MontrUaso los quoero tal como son con ese tono o no
Arley Ricketts (10 hours ago)
Wow, it truly is amazing how they've grown through the years. 💜
Wellington Leite (10 hours ago)
ignacio ledesma (10 hours ago)
At now you re the biggest boy band in the world.
王俞翎 (10 hours ago)
That's make this MV to 1 billion💜🎉🎉🎉🎉
Tatiana Torrez (10 hours ago)
Jahzeel Gaskin (10 hours ago)
Did anyone reconiced the music on the bus? It's exactly like we're bulletproof pt 2
ZARA VLOGS (10 hours ago)
Sydney Mathis (11 hours ago)
Jungkook is over here spitting bars and has the voice of an angel........i am JUNGSHOOK
Sydney Mathis (11 hours ago)
who's here in 2019.......just me.........ok
GABY VITÓRIA (11 hours ago)
Aly corredor (11 hours ago)
ok but if you watch this then Boy With Luv... it's literally polar opposites lol, this one is all dark and BWL is all fruity haha
노각오이요리사 (11 hours ago)
Triten (11 hours ago)
So let me get this straight. BTS was whipping, dabbing and hitting the folks before anyone else??
Jaz paradizo (9 hours ago)
lunaplays gacha (11 hours ago)
3:42 good
Sarah Viana (12 hours ago)
Reis da porra toda Amoooo
Cutie Pie (12 hours ago)
3:28 im here to bless you with jimin u ready? Here we go... Edit: im trying to upload this why cant i bless army cmonn Edit 2: yesss i blessed you army
flashi :3 (12 hours ago)
Jiminnn que hermoso eres🔥♥♥♥
Jiminie Pabo (12 hours ago)
we’ve come a long way boys <3
AlannaLeigh (12 hours ago)
bruh... when BTS thought they were soooo bad! lol!!
Pusheen Cat (12 hours ago)
Back when rap monster was still a rapper and still he is
Maja 19 (12 hours ago)
I just wanted to see one of the first comments,but I scrolled 5 minutes and was by 4 days...so I gave up :(
Shan and Gin (13 hours ago)
Did you came here to realize that from this BTS is now the BANGTAN we look up to? I know you are getting emotional and proud.
Erafg Tfryh (13 hours ago)
I can't just stop laughing because of rm 😂😂
Maja 19 (12 hours ago)
but its not his fold it were the stylists
kamila marquez (13 hours ago)
Kim Namjoon.RM(santa Ramona) Kim Seokjin.Jin Min Yoongi.Suga Jung Hoseok.J Hope Park Jimin.Jimin Kim Taehyung.V (mi bias) Jeon Jungkook.Jungkook BTS 👆PARA LAS NUEVAS A.R.M.Y. ESE ES EL "FANCHAT" Es cantandolo en ese orden😊
Esra Yoldaş (13 hours ago)
Doğum günümde çıkış yapmışlar bu ne güzel bir hediye 😍😍
Eka FebriP (13 hours ago)
luv rm
A.R.M.Y avacado (13 hours ago)
He's mine ❤
HypeWolves Studio (13 hours ago)
Me in 2013: woah they really are some bad boys Me in 2019: aww look at my little cuties trying to be some little bad bunnies !!!!! Ima just like my own comment since no one will
Fe Fi (13 hours ago)
I am from the era 'Boy with Love', probably in a few years I will see my comment in the top... I'm just here to listen to this wonderful piece and relive the wonderful moments I've had with these 7 wonderful people ❤️❤️❤️
Raquel Vargas (13 hours ago)
My sisters Friend in korea knows them
Ignacio Ledesma (13 hours ago)
Príncipes del pop♡
Raquel Vargas (13 hours ago)
Hey are all súper coool
Kitty soda gacha (13 hours ago)
Them showing there abs has not changed at all😂
Peachy Cream (13 hours ago)
YouTube? Are you drunk? Why is this in my recommended again?
Jin (13 hours ago)
Back when Jin ACTUALLY had lines and Jungkook used to rap.

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