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Priyanka Chopra for GUESS Holiday 2013

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Music: "Belly Shaker" by Marthin Gundersen This holiday season, GUESS will introduce its new advertising campaign featuring the multiple award-winning, Bollywood icon, Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka, a former Miss World, actor, and recording artist, is one of the most recognized and celebrated talents in India and International cinema.
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saiIor DOM (1 year ago)
She's stunning, I hope we will see more collabs between Priyanka and GUESS in the near future
Fiza Khan (3 years ago)
Amazing...Gorgeous Priyanka
Ann Nax (3 years ago)
Priyanka is amazing
Dulcie Martin (5 years ago)
She went for a Holiday with her Mother Madhu & Brother Siddharth
chai wali (5 years ago)
She is really pretty, but I feel like her facial features have changed a lot since she first started her career. I think she looked more naturally beautiful back then. Anyway, just a thought!
saiIor DOM (1 year ago)
tikag it's called Growing up, cause when she started her career she was only 17/18
finally yea 4 us desi's pc is awesome
luckyducky759 (5 years ago)
she's gorgeous!!! <3
Shravin Shenoy (5 years ago)
i wanna download this trance music can anyone suggest me its name pls.
everythingamelia (5 years ago)
When are we going to see adds with Jourdan in them? 
RajkumariMaahi (5 years ago)
PC is so freaking beautiful, and now she's taking over the world. Get it, girl. Make us proud.
shakejunt24 (5 years ago)
Nice to see that GUESS is starting to use a variety of women from different ethnic/racial groups..... Keep it up
iBunny ღ (5 years ago)
Luv you priyanka! You have the sweetest smile ever. #daddyslilgirl Luv U Always!
Nisarg Shukla (5 years ago)
I love you Priyanka
Sahra Abdi (5 years ago)
she look Beautiful Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 
Kshitij trace Mungekar (5 years ago)
em in Love with this Girl <3 beauty
iamgama (5 years ago)
Priyanka Winehouse? :D
iamgama (5 years ago)
Pride of Indian Gen X!
Vijay gupta (5 years ago)
my rockstar
wow best (5 years ago)
wow priyanka rocks she is so beautiful sexy hottest actress singer
kauthar salat (5 years ago)
Priynka sex awoseme

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