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Bill of Lading : Types of Bill of Lading & Bill of Lading Samples

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This video covers What is a Bill of Lading, The Types of Bill of Lading,Samples of Bill of Lading ------------ Methods of Payment in International Trade https://youtu.be/cIM5SdLI58g Bill of Lading Sample 1. Bill of Lading (Port to Port Shipment) 2. Multimodal Transport Shipment 3. Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill 4. Charter Party Bill of Lading http://tradelinks.com.my/bill-lading-samples/ -- Equipment Used : Laptop : https://amzn.to/2vfT0Yy Microphone Stand : https://amzn.to/2H0bzli Microphone : https://amzn.to/2IT3ob0 Audio Interface : https://amzn.to/2GTAcjn Earphones : https://amzn.to/2JGbipd Camera Stand : https://amzn.to/2JEHOIt Camera : https://amzn.to/2GVE4Ak Screen Prompt : https://amzn.to/2GVfhAF Once the contract is signed depending on the method of payment used. The Seller ultimately ships out the goods via the Shipping Agent. The Shipping Agent will then issue 2 sets of documents viz the Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading & Original Negotiable Bill of Lading. The Seller forwards the shipping documents & Bill of Lading to the Buyer. The Buyer forwarded the Bill of Lading to the Shipping Agent who issues the Delivery Order to the Port for the release of the goods. The Shipping Agent handed over the goods to the Buyer. So What is a Bill of Lading ? This video talks about the Bill of Lading definition according to 1907 Halsbury’s Laws of England Next, we will look at the function of the Bill of Lading 1. The bill of lading acts as a Receipt for Goods. 2. The bill of lading is an evidence of Contract of Carriage 3. The bill of lading is also a Document of Title to the Goods Questions addressed in this video includes 1. When a Bill of Lading is issued, normally in 3 original copies. So why is it that 3 Original Bill of Lading copies is being issued? 2. Who are the parties involved in the Bill of Lading? The parties covered are Carrier, Shipper, Consignee, Notify Party, Named Agent ,Master (Captain) . 3. Next, we look at to whom the Bill of Lading can be consigned to The UCP 600 outline the following types of sea transport 1. Bill of Lading (Port to Port Shipment) Article 20 UCP 600 2. Transport Document Covering at least Two Different Modes of Transport (Multi Modal Transport Document) Article 19 UCP 600 3. Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill Article 21 UCP 600 4. Charter Party Bill of Lading Article 22 UCP 600 Samples of Bill of Lading – Download the samples in the link below http://tradelinks.com.my/bill-lading-samples/ -------- ► Subscribe to my Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/TradelinksR... ► Follow My Website: https://tradelinks.com.my/ -------- This video was produced by 1. Mr. Billy Fong Goon Poy, ACIB, MITD, Master Trainer 2. Ms Sook Ling, Online Content Creator Tradelinks Resources conducts public training programs for the following International Trade courses in Malaysia 1. Incoterms 2010 2. Letters of Credit 3. Bills of Lading - Correct Preparation To Avoid Rejection by Banks
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Tradelinks Resources (10 months ago)
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Jack Steel (6 months ago)
Tradelinks Resources thank you soo much for all the information! Subscribed! I want to import a motorcycle from Thailand 🇹🇭 to USA 🇺🇸, do you have any information on , how to do that ? I would appreciate your help and also send a donation! Thank you ! Very good video! 😃👍
Ram Rahim (11 days ago)
Kathari Fernando (21 days ago)
everything excellent except the explanation of non nego.sea way bill and B/L as a doc of title
Jabar Salman (1 month ago)
Great explanation sister.... Now I totally understand of this
Flavio Pessato (1 month ago)
Nice video. Why not creating a similar video on Airway Bills?
Tsunauticus III (1 month ago)
10 our of 10 Could fap to again
thắng bùi (1 month ago)
Video's your very wonderful, I was undersand a little problem before the day dont understand. thanks you so much,
Bakhsees singh (3 months ago)
Very Important for every exporter👍
Phước Sang Trần (3 months ago)
thank you so much for this video!
Oddy Sansri (3 months ago)
Manjari Sharma (4 months ago)
Lieu Truong (4 months ago)
Thanks very much for your detail explanation.
Jackie Martinez-Kaufman (4 months ago)
Is a seller and an exporter the same?
Jackie Martinez (4 months ago)
Hi I have a question, is the seller the same as the exporter?
meya 26 (4 months ago)
thank you for the informations
Jackie Martinez (5 months ago)
Thank you for explaining the bill of lading it was excellent
Saad Ouakasse (5 months ago)
Hello, could you please explain transshipments and why they are not mentioned in the Bill of Lading. Also, how can one track the transshipments that goods went by.thank you
Gassim Elkhedir (10 days ago)
Good one.
jillu john (5 months ago)
i found it very informative.
krishna prasad (5 months ago)
Refer 8:12 and 7:19 timings in this video..In this article 20 defines port to port shipment and in 8:12 article 21 defines port to port.pls do clarify
krishna prasad (5 months ago)
Is the bill of lading defined under article 21 of ucp 600 or article 20 of ucp600 ,i mean port to port shipment
Mangaliso Masuku (5 months ago)
that was amazing, thank you very much
Interesting and most informative, thanks. Could you perhaps develop a video on the various other BLs such as HBL, MBL, SBL and their functions?
Joseph Wright (5 months ago)
This is an antiquated form of tracking freight and should be done away with. I think electronic tracking and signing by carriers is muck better because freight might pass through 5 different trucks and warehouses before delivery
Toby Copson (1 month ago)
Enter Block Chain
shibil yazz (5 months ago)
Good work 👍🏻
Mohan Kumar (5 months ago)
Grate work!
Mohan Kumar (5 months ago)
Ocean Bill of Lading also called as Master bill of Lading.
haruko ianhiranuma (5 months ago)
Shahzad Khawaja (6 months ago)
Mohammad Jamal (6 months ago)
You have explained Bill of Lading in simple way. The graphic flow of the process helped me to understand it easily. Samples further clarified the Bill of Lading.
Mazel Tov (6 months ago)
this video is very good and helpfull to understanding about cargo industry. but it's better if the host appears be vanished. this is just my opinion to make this channel more attractive to see. thank you :) like this channel
Eddy Gutierrez (4 months ago)
Mazel stop seeing the blak spot in the white sheet
Jackie Martinez-Kaufman (4 months ago)
What do you mean?
Tradelinks Resources (6 months ago)
thanks for your feedback.
Sajeev Sreenivasan (6 months ago)
thank you very much for this video
Tradelinks Resources (6 months ago)
thanks !
mandar revealed (7 months ago)
Thank You! Your Video was so simply informative, helpful and understandable keep it up, can you make an video on management aspects such as Fuel Economy & Bunker Management. I mean, how the purchasing of bunker is made? an also the Incoterms and types of it!!!
mandar revealed (6 months ago)
Thank you for those explanations, all your videos are awesome keep on making the videos and there's only one thing short, make your videos while having smile on your face, keep it up!!!!
Tradelinks Resources (6 months ago)
thanks for your comments, i have produced other incoterm videos on my youtube channel
James (7 months ago)
Very very good video
Tradelinks Resources (7 months ago)
thanks james !
I can't able to download non negotiable sea way bill sample. It is showing error. Can you please send it to my email. [email protected]
jamie (8 months ago)
very clear explanation .. thanks
Tradelinks Resources (6 months ago)
nice explanation BUT please change the map in the video NO country in the name of kashmir .kashmir is a part of INDIA..kindly change it
Vijay king (1 month ago)
+basit karim You are such a moron..you can keep it by yourself war and religious.. this is youtube. People are here to give or share free information about shipping documents.. What so great about Kashmir?? most of them who live in kashmir are morons..they get killed by India army or the Pakistan army for trespassing the border. First try to live as human. then you can bring in your religion matter.
Vijay king (1 month ago)
Rajendra you can keep your Kashmir in india..so whats wrong with map. Can't you know it's just an example or unofficial display purpose. Have you used Google map before?? If no, please goand try it out today to view your india land map.. person in the video is sharing useful information about shipping DOCUMENTS. When you mentioned this thing..there is one more idiots from Kashmir talking going to bombed in youtube comments below.. First you to set your brain to give and take policy..you got that...
Rex Galilae (4 months ago)
Welcome to YouTube, where you can have political flamewars in a video explaining the Bill of Lading
basit karim (5 months ago)
I am from Kashmir. A born Muslim Kashmiri. Kashmir a Muslim majority state, is a disputed territory, occupied by India through it military against the will of people of Kashmir since 1947. It is yet to be resolved according to the United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, which was adopted on 21 April 1948 and clearly instructed for a plebiscite to decide the fate of Indian Occupied Kashmir. The freedom struggle is in its full boom and Kashmiri Muslims are united for there just cause and that is Freedom From the Occupied 700,000 active troops stationed in Kashmir under the headquarters of three military corps. Long Live Kashmir Freedom Struggle, Long Live Brave Muslims of Kashmir, Long Live Muslim Countries in the World. Islam has bonded all Muslims in the world as One Great Umaah...... Islam Jindabad... Rok sako tuo Rok k Dikao,,,,, Cheen sako tuo cheen k Dikao...... Kashmir banay ga Pakistan. PAKISTAN say rishta kia? La ilaaah ill lal laah !!
Tradelinks Resources (8 months ago)
Rajendrakumar Ponniyin Selvan thanks for your feedback. Noted that there is no country by the name of Kashmir unfortunately a mistake we over look when we took the map image from google
Harbaksh s Uppal (9 months ago)
you are so cute and helpful, thanks.
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
Tousif Savanur Savanur (9 months ago)
Would be very thankful if you do it eagerly waiting for your response
Tousif Savanur Savanur (9 months ago)
Greetings team Can you please make one video on Container Freight Station and how the process is done once ship arrives at the destination port
sanjay kumar Das (1 month ago)
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
thanks for your comment, i'll add it to the list of videos to be produced
edmund amobi (9 months ago)
Excellent presentation!
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
Samuel Batarseh (9 months ago)
What a great video explains B/L thank you so much!
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
Samuel Batarseh thanks !
anil khambal (9 months ago)
very helpful... thnxxxx
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
thanks !
Abdul N (9 months ago)
Great job 👍
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
thanks !
Yasein Jamal (10 months ago)
If goods coming thru LC and bank is financing, How do u document bill of lading. In consignee should it be mention banks name and notify party the importer. Pl comment
JMLA EXT 111 (10 months ago)
Informative and credible. A simple university level lecture in BOL essentials
Tradelinks Resources (9 months ago)
thanks !
maf-idea Homework (10 months ago)
just awesome dear
Tradelinks Resources (10 months ago)
thanks for your comment
Gi Chan (10 months ago)
By any chance, you can please make a video to explain relationship between different consignee, like "to order of shipper, to order, to order of bank", what does that mean? I heard BOL travels between exporter and importer, and they endorse.. the importer's bank? But I am not 100% sure what does that mean... would be great if you can make a video about that.
Jawahar Venkat (10 months ago)
That was a superb and clear explanation regarding bill of lading..It will be much helpful for those who wish to know abt BL. Keep going...
Moiz Vajihi (6 months ago)
Very helpful....best channel...keep making more videos on import export
Tradelinks Resources (10 months ago)
thanks ! is there any other topics you would like to see me address on my youtube channel?
Tradelinks Resources (10 months ago)
Jawahar Venkat thanks for your kind comments

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