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How to Dress Well for Indian men | Ranveer's LifeHacks | BeerBiceps Fashion

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Subscribe to our HINDI YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/RanveerAllahbadia INSTAGRAM : @beerbiceps www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Lee Cooper Men's Leather Loafers: http://fas.st/dCu76B UCB Sneakers: http://fas.st/cx4Cm3 Roadster Boots: http://fas.st/vnVIT Levis Slim Fit Jeans: http://fas.st/RORDCq Jockey V-neck T-shirt: http://amzn.to/2hTRzcr Arrow Slim Fit Shirt: http://fas.st/JS0CG Roadster Slim Fit Chinos: http://fas.st/81T24 Watches: http://fas.st/UzniE http://fas.st/UJ1uTk http://amzn.to/2jOpjIN http://amzn.to/2hUfHMf How to MATCH COLOUR : https://youtu.be/qUzD_yVwQi8 Shoes 101 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvjM106ELQM Budget Dressing for Indian guys : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvjM106ELQM College dressing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyifubH5_Cg How to look FITTER for Fat, Thin & Muscular guys : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09qIMVcDOIM&t=221s Perfumes 101 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e--VmrLo2PU&t=27s Ranveer's LifeHacks : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5OvGhEWSZg&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTgpt_i52LCA3CoCVrGSRgCb Today's super special Ranveer's LifeHacks video is the first fashion video I'm putting up on BeerBiceps. Men's fashion in india is a complete mess, in most cases. Just like fitness, I believe that style can be taught to people in a series of steps. That's why today, I'm bringing you my first Men's fashion tips video. These are my top 5 tips on How to dress well for men, especially in india! Hope you like these style & fashion tips. Indian guys' fashion has never been simpler! ---------------------------------------------- BeerBiceps - YouTube's first India specific fitness and food channel Fitness, food and fitness-food. Like, comment, subscribe and share on facebook! Facebook: www.facebook.com/beerbiceps Instagram: @beerbiceps Twitter: @beerbicepsguy Zomato: @beerbiceps Snapchat: @ranveer.1693
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Text Comments (3082)
BeerBiceps (1 year ago)
Next up : https://youtu.be/qUzD_yVwQi8
Mayank pareek (2 months ago)
Bhai smart kese bne
Kavy joshi (3 months ago)
BeerBiceps. Do you think you are perfect
Rajinder Taneja (5 months ago)
Nevin madhukar ः।
Shivam Raj (5 months ago)
BeerBiceps hey bro can u make one video on suits, tuxedos n all that suit stuff. It would be a hell lot of help
Pavan Kadam (1 hour ago)
Plz .. make a video How to walk man's with confident .
AFTAB SAYYED (2 days ago)
Bhai great work subscribe zarur banta hai
pace lee (2 days ago)
Love you
pradeep Sahu (3 days ago)
bhai tu kon se jamane me hai abhi zara or mark n spenser ke konse chinoss 1500 me ate hai bhaiiii
Kiran Kumar (4 days ago)
Love u bro.superb ummmma
esteven gurung (5 days ago)
You cannot compare dressup with north eastern peoples they are way fashionable.
jhon jhoney (7 days ago)
before talking about Indians watch your fucking mouth jackass you look like a gay in style and in looks too first fix it after that you can talk about fashion
ThatJerk (9 days ago)
Spend 1500 and 30 wear? For those ugly UCB loafers? Or you could just as easily spend 2500 on a classic pair of Converse or Vans and they’d last about 3 years after everyday of casual use. Plus being they go on pretty much all outfits.
Rajkumar Diwakar (11 days ago)
You r worlds no.1 handsome man
Everything New (13 days ago)
😎 Royal look 😎 https://chat.whatsapp.com/Gs3cRo2xonbE7UZOdm2njZ
DARSH PATEL (14 days ago)
Do you know how to wear hip-hop dress 😕
Prateek Tehlan (15 days ago)
Hey! Would u Please suggest me something good to wear in my sister’ marriage Actually i need two or three dresses at all
OJ Channel (15 days ago)
Listen the first thing is your pants should ne in fitting overall then give all your tips...get it?
Suresh Kumar (16 days ago)
Sexy look and beautiful basically depends your face look and body without this 2 there is no use...
sai sumanth (16 days ago)
All r trash..U luk lyk handsome..U wear normal polo tshirt n jeans canvas 450rs shoes....looks like tom cruise.....😑😑😑
Aishwarya Raj (17 days ago)
Bahut style maarte ho be
Suyog Joshi (17 days ago)
Which shoes we can wear with cloths
Mainly Karma (17 days ago)
"Ugly ass piece of shoe" lol
gokul r (18 days ago)
Awesome bro awesome 🤓🤑😍😎
yash agarwal (19 days ago)
Bhaiya , i need to know all about dressing sense and i need a good page , i need a page which tells me every little thing about dressing sense to look impressive , so plz guide me with that nd reply me soon...
Kelvin Thounaojam (20 days ago)
You missed the most important tip; use fucking deodorant You guys stinks
karthik varma (21 days ago)
I am indian
karthik varma (21 days ago)
Bharat Mata ki jai
karthik varma (21 days ago)
we are indians
Vishal Pyati (21 days ago)
Please do a video on pimples
Vikram Rai (22 days ago)
His feet are so fair omg
Ankit Alive (22 days ago)
I'm shirtless, how do I get confidence ?
vinit siwach (22 days ago)
https://youtu.be/nWPyn-JH9Fg chek out this video for a healhy skin
hasanur rahaman (23 days ago)
cool t shirts for men … go check out .. https://skhasanur.wooplr.com/s/LcyKqVJQh?ref=cp.c.i.f
Gaurav Patil (23 days ago)
Any Buddy tell me the Loafer name and how to buy this flat leather loafer plz tell in comment..
hitender vashist (24 days ago)
bhai hindi bola kr km se km india me
pandurang patil (24 days ago)
Did you wash your clothes? Once you washed it then not thinking about it to buy. I washes my clothes and I had shopping four years ago. Its hurting man, thats why I didn't think about fashion before today I watched your video because I am going for shopping.
Ojas sss (26 days ago)
clean shave looks boish so make a beard u'll look more Manly.
Bharath Kumar (26 days ago)
do make a video for Tamil guys who are dusty mostly
Akshay Rajgure (26 days ago)
In previous video you tell about watches, how to wear and which will be chosen for different different combinations. But in this vlog you do same mistake , you wear metal belt watch with combination of black tshirt. 😀
Arya Gupta (21 days ago)
Aryan Joshi (26 days ago)
hey guy wear g shock
shubham kumar (29 days ago)
Kis dukaan par kaam kia tha ,
NITIN GANDHI (29 days ago)
samarth dhanawade (30 days ago)
Surjasarathi Adhya (1 month ago)
unclear instructions, ended up dying
Jeswanth Bhanu (1 month ago)
Hey bro if you want more views for your video then try not to objectify indain guys because there are a lot of reasons why we dress like that and not all guys in the world are perfect every guy have situations to do so Dont ever try to objectify my india
vinayaga moorthi (1 month ago)
Dark skin boys tips bro
mahesh maddileti (1 month ago)
where did u buy those brown loafers plz tell me i want to buy and send msg to me my no 9441573450
Vaibhav Raj (1 month ago)
Atif Afzal (1 month ago)
Iski ada vo hi wali lag rae he😂
craizy vins (1 month ago)
Ram Ias (1 month ago)
For brand imports you can join- https://chat.whatsapp.com/CyJBAqTKZWc3kczwQuTrrS
yadnesh shingan (1 month ago)
Bhai is bande hame jina sikhaya hai......
YouTuber SAAB (1 month ago)
My first fresher,s party is coming and I'm going to be a ANCHOR in ENGINEERING College Soo what should I wear...... I'm boy of 16 years
News Reporter Suraj (1 month ago)
surender sharma (1 month ago)
Aabe tu England se india se salle hindi bolne mai tujhe koi anpad nahi batayege
david johnson (1 month ago)
madhar chod
Manish Kumar (1 month ago)
You have really hit the 5 pillars of dress code for men....would really appreciate if you could make a video on dressing sense for darker completion Indian men
vijayabhaskar chinta (1 month ago)
U r very energetic person
Mohsin Hyder (1 month ago)
Nice one
JSR FUN ZONE (1 month ago)
What type of shirts and shoes wear with rip danim joggers
Sourabh Ghosh (1 month ago)
Bhai teenager dressing par bhi video bana do plzzzz
Bramhi Suji (1 month ago)
Clothes you will get with low cost hit https://youtu.be/55Ci3rfCgac
Prince Jatav (1 month ago)
Hindi bolne me Kya Sharma aati he Kya bhi
Rahul Raj (1 month ago)
sankeysanks.wooplr.com Latest trendy fashion store...
mujeeb Feroz (1 month ago)
Is full black shirt and black jean pant good for formal wear?
yoso das (1 month ago)
Boroloker beta tui ki bujhbi re
Shaim Yadav (1 month ago)
Hindi btaiye
Priyansh Parmar (1 month ago)
nice video bruh !! 👍👍🔥
Devin Talang (1 month ago)
Bro you're f*cking correct
Aman Singh (1 month ago)
Aate nahi ya bol nahi pate
Aman Singh (1 month ago)
Abe thode hindi bhi boliye karo
romio meena (1 month ago)
What u mean indain man
deeksha batra (1 month ago)
Visit and participate in Mr.and Miss India 2018 :-https://www.facebook.com/aleeclubteens/videos/1883811335028111/
Nabeel Saleem (1 month ago)
Please suggest me a perfect plain crew neck tshirt.
Sumit Sharma (1 month ago)
5.5 inch ka londa sikhayega ab fashion....
Sayaji Dinde (1 month ago)
Bhai Hindi me ek vedio banao
Ahamed Ahamed (1 month ago)
35+fashion man piles (Hindi )
TUSAR .BARJORA (1 month ago)
Sir ji hindi mai video banao.
Akash Chauhan (1 month ago)
Hindi m bol bhai
Nitin Sharma (1 month ago)
Hi Ranveer, what kind of sneakers suits best with chinos??
Somesh Sharma (2 months ago)
Bro!!! I just opened my mind😨😨😨
Httvnews Httvnews (2 months ago)
bade bhai saara khel paiiso ka hai
The Funky Gentlemen (2 months ago)
nahi bro you can dress sexy in a budget
ANI Vai (2 months ago)
sory vai es ka leya 😥😣vai thu bohot english marta hai ..vai ...huma kuch samaj nahi atta ......plzz english thora kam bola kar vai ...q ki huma acha sa samaj nahi ata vai😥😥😥😥😥😥
M Nawaz Qadri (2 months ago)
u might hv shoped it at Brandfactory cuz Levi's denim doesnt come under 1000-500 bucks!
Amaan Rashid (2 months ago)
Your trips really very good but one thing to say Why Indians try to copy Americans you can say 1000 rupees man what is bucks a slang word for dollars which may not have shown you more stylish. Don't lose your identity.
shubham athare (2 months ago)
Plz tell Which type of watch is good for small size wrist???
shubham athare (2 months ago)
+The Funky Gentlemen thank u bro
The Funky Gentlemen (2 months ago)
try darker colours and any watch will make you look awesome
subrat moharana (2 months ago)
Bro your pants style name
Vikram Dewasi (2 months ago)
Without a money 💱 evening is waste 😭 But desi is outfit
MEDIPALLI GOWTHAM (2 months ago)
Today's it's become fashion for Indians calling bucks instead of calling our own Indian rupees
Javid Juned (2 months ago)
Good but what kind of dress we were @the time marriage function & all
Prearit Jeitly (2 months ago)
Good one bro !
MiscellaneousHub (2 months ago)
abhishek sharma (2 months ago)
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status king (2 months ago)
Abyee lavdoo ......hum Garib log .....humara budget dekh mushkill say kabhi to thik say dressing Kartee hai
Sajeel Ahemad (2 months ago)
Gunit Sidhu (2 months ago)
AMAR KUMAR (2 months ago)
January time dressing sence please suggest
AMAR KUMAR (2 months ago)
Sir Chinos le ya jins please suggest cooman best colur jins for normal day
Rajeev Raysad (2 months ago)
U look short?!
Mithlesh Dhiman (2 months ago)
Loafer are the best 😍😍😍
Nikhil Singh (2 months ago)
Prakash R (2 months ago)
Bro I need tips for pant selection Can u help me
MANKESH MEENA (2 months ago)
Good real style of fitness to you.
muhammad ali (2 months ago)
Hello brother Ali from Lahore Pakistan. I really appreciate the way u guide and it is really helping me in formal as well as casual attire Thanks again
Shaikh Aijas (2 months ago)

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